Do you like music? AND driving?

For those of us that enjoy driving, one of the most liberating sensations of our lives is to roll the windows down, turn the bass up, belt out the lyrics to our favorite song and… drive the speed limit, of course.

I’ve compiled a varied list of songs that are great for your car ride karaoke sessions as well as some tunes to get you in the mood for wherever you’re going. Buckle up, folks.

1. Secrets – Tiesto

Turn your car into the club with this electronic composition that’ll have you tempted to fist pump all the way to supermarket. I’d suggest you keep your hands on the wheel, though. Honestly, this is just a great feel good song that will leave you feeling energized on the way to your destination. Take a listen!

 2. Daydreaming – Radiohead

We’re shifting the gear all the way down for this haunted lullaby. Great for a drive on a rainy day, this piece may cause you to become increasingly introspective. Soft piano mixed with strange electronic sounds pair beautifully in creating a song that will relax you, but will also keep you alert while waiting for what weird sound is going to pop up next.

 3. City Club – The Growlers

Beach trip! The Growlers always know how to take us to the beach no matter where we actually are. This song accompanies a scenic drive very well, and you can’t get more scenic than waves crashing on soft sand.

 4. Where Did That Go – Zed’s Dead

As one of my all time favorite songs, I know for sure that this is what you turn on when you’re out for a night drive. The combo of quieter electronic sounds and an incredible chorus breakdown set a mood that’s perfect for the coasting and twists and turns that make for a great night drive. It’s just perfect for pretending you’re in one of those car commercials where they drive around in a dark, empty New York City or something like that.

 5. SimpsonWave1995 – FrankJavCee

This is another cool song for driving at night, but beware! It has a psychedelic trance style, so don’t let your mind wander off too far. You might miss your exit and if Siri doesn’t want to cooperate, you’re in trouble. Seriously though, this is a really cool song that doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before. It’s a song that becomes an experience, and if that’s really confusing or too deep for you, just listen for yourself!

I have a few more songs for you all, but these are just three favorites that I found on Spotify’s Night Rider playlist, which if you haven’t heard of before and are interested, will be linked below.

 1. Nightwalk – Spencer Brown

Electronic, upbeat and perfectly embodies the experience of night driving. I love this song so much, I listen to it while I drive to work, which isn’t a very fun drive as you can imagine.

 2. Dream with Somebody – Tinlicker

Another electronic song with an uplifting mood. It’s a good, solid choice for any driving playlist.

 3. Cut the Strings – Booka Shade, Troels Abrahamsen

This is also an electronic song, but a very unique one at that. It kind of has a similar sound to Gorillaz in their album Humanz. That’s just my opinion, though.

Here’s the link for Spotify’s Night Rider playlist: 

I hope you picked up a few new additions to your playlist. Safe driving and happy listening!

Written by Angela Fluett


Genre Highlight – Lo Fi

Lo-Fi is getting increasingly popular right now, but I’ve noticed that there seems to be just as many people who don’t know what this genre is as those who do. As a fan myself, I’d like to introduce you! I strongly believe that this type of music has proved itself necessary to our lives, especially as college students.

Lo-Fi is best accompanied with pretty much all of the things that are vital to us in college, but are usually not completed adequately – sleep, studying and relaxation. Due to the softness and repetitiveness of these songs, they are great for canceling out noise and enhancing focus on studying, although I would personally recommend the Lo-Fi songs that do not include vocals for academic related activities. However, the entirety of this genre allows for an extremely relaxing experience. You can think of it like a bunch of lullabies, except you won’t get relentlessly made fun of for listening to them. Sleep always comes quicker for me when listening to Lo-fi, and I’m able to get into a calmer state of mind before taking a big test or after getting off of work.   

Typically, these songs contain a soothing, repetitive melody accompanied with a soft, slow-paced beat. They can include spoken word, non-verbal or verbal vocals, either by themselves or all together. Some have no vocals at all. Sound effects (like rain, crashing waves, footsteps etc.) can be used in the background and create a themed experience. The tracks are primarily on the shorter side, about one to three minutes in length. They are unique and diverse, and in my opinion, add a greater aesthetic and introspective experience to anything you’re doing.

I’m sure you’re tired of reading this and just want to get to the music, so I’ve linked a Lo-Fi playlist that I listen to on Spotify frequently. A few of my favorites are:

  1. Ecstacy (Pay the Price) – Flamingosis
  2. Flugdank – Flughand
  3. Tropics – med monk
  4. how many stars are there – Idealism
  5. Hydrate – SwuM

Playlist – Low-Fi, Fly High


Written by Angela Fluett


DJ Iron Mic’s SXSW 2016 playlist

Missed out on SX this year? Made it to SX, but already miss the heck out of it? Don’t worry, DJ Iron Mic’s got you!

Click here to listen!

Chill Moody – November Funk
$ave Dat Money – Lil Dicky feat. Fetty Wap
Ready – Chaz French feat. Goldlink
The Pessimist – Wale feat. J. Cole
Shards – GRRL
Antidote – Travis Scott
Clearest Blue – CHVRCHES
L$D – A$AP Rocky
New Level – A$AP Ferg feat. Future
The Waters – Anderson .Paak feat. BJ the Chicago Kid
Who Dey Rockin Wit – Trae tha Truth feat. Yo Gotti
Law – Yo Gotti feat. E-40
Top – Lil Uzi Vert
Bounce – Flatbush Zombies
Victory Laps – Doomstarks
Ready or Not – Fugees
Where U Been? – 2 Chainz feat. Cap 1
Live at the Barbecue – Main Source feat. Nas
We Takin Over – DJ Khaled feat. T.I., Fat Joe, Akon, Lil Wayne, & Birdman
N.Y. State of Mind – Nas
Lonely Cities – Tigertown
I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
Changes – Charles Bradley
2 Phones – Kevin Gates
The Seed 2.0 – The Roots feat. Cody Chestnut
O.P.P. – Naughty by Nature
Lights On – Big Grams
ATLiens – Outkast
Blow the Whistle – Too $hort
Ready – Joey Bada$$
Knock Tha Hustle – Cozz feat. J. Cole
Fire – Vince Staples
Sanity – Boulevards
Go – Domo Genesis
Bust it Open – Scotty ATL feat. B.o.B.
Boom Clap – Charli XCX
Cherchez LaGhost – Ghostface Killah feat. U-God
It G Ma (Remix) – Keith Ape feat. A$AP Ferg, Father, Wacka Flocka Flame, and Dumbfounded
All The Way Up – Fat Joe feat. French Monatana
Good Knight – Kirk Knight feat. Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, & Dizzy Wright
Talib Kweli – Get By


Hopscotch Hip Hop Playlist

Already wanting to relive last weekend’s rap showcases? Stand in front of a subwoofer and turn this playlist up!

Falcons ft. Goldlink & Chaz French – Aquafina
Le1f – Hey
Father – Young Hot Ebony
Pusha T – Millions
Goldlink – Dance On Me
Lizzo – Lizzie Borden
Moonbase Commander & Cakes Da Killa – Serve It Up
Skyblew – Pucture That

Listen to Hip Hopscotch 2015 by Charles on @AppleMusic.


All Summer No Bummer: A Radio K / WKNC Tune Trade

This past week, we collaborated with our friends from Radio K for a summery song swap compilation. All Summer No Bummer highlights new and exclusive hits handpicked by each station to represent the North Carolina and Minnesota music scenes. 

WKNC’s contribution includes new songs by Ghostt Bllonde, Naked Naps, Sunshine Faces, and GRRL, plus previously unreleased songs by Body Games and Docking, and hits by Family Bike, Lonnie Walker, Astro Cowboy, and Less Western.

The full 20-track mix of summertime vibes can be downloaded here for free!


Playlist: A Guide to Double Barrel Benefit 11

Double Barrel Benefit 11 is quickly approaching. If you haven’t had time to check out the bands yet, here’s a Spotify playlist that includes a couple of songs from each of the bands (except for GHOSTT BLLONDE who are not on Spotify). So please check them out so you can sing along with us at DBB11. As always, tune in to 88.1 WKNC to hear these artists as well as other great artists all day.

Check out the playlist here and the tracklisting below!

Night 1- Friday, February 7th, 8pm, Cat’s Cradle
Beach Glass Comedown by GHOSTT BLLONDE
Bounty by T0W3RS
Scandles by T0W3RS
Blue Blazer by Hammer No More the Fingers
Pink Worm by Hammer No More the Fingers
Lalita by The Love Language
Brittany’s Back by The Love Language

Night 2- Friday, February 14th, 8pm, Lincoln Theatre
Sun Over Old Rag by Daniel Bachman
Sarah Anne by Daniel Bachman
Another Reason by Loamlands
Scottsboro by Loamlands
Honeymoon by Bombadil
Angeline by Bombadil
Social Wedding Rings by Mount Moriah
Bright Light by Mount Moriah


Playlist: A Guide to Hopscotch 2013

Hopscotch Music Festival is quickly approaching. If you haven’t had time to check out all of the bands yet, I have made a comprehensive Spotify playlist that includes a couple of songs from each of the Hopscotch artists that are currently on Spotify to help you out. Check out the playlist to help you decide which artists you absolutely must see at this year’s festival. As always, tune in to 88.1 WKNC Raleigh to hear these artists as well as other great artists all day. We’ll see you there!!!!!

Check out the playlist here!


Playlist: A Guide to DBBX

Double Barrel Benefit 10 is quickly approaching. If you haven’t had time to check out the bands yet, I have made a Spotify playlist that includes a couple of my favorite songs from each band (except for The Lollipops and Some Army who are not on Spotify). So please check them out so you can sing along with us at Double Barrel this weekend. As always, tune in to 88.1 WKNC to hear these artists as well as other great artists all day.

Check out the playlist here!

Here are the songs in the playlist in addition to some songs you should check out by the artists who are not on Spotify.

Night 1
Wolves by The Lollipops
I Love You by The Lollipops
Teenage Lions by Jenny Besetzt
Always by Jenny Besetzt
Rise by Lilac Shadows
Bloodworth by Lilac Shadows
I’ll Survive by JKutchma and the Five Fifths
There’s a Light on by JKutchma and the the Five Fifths

Night 2
Open Wide by Oulipo
Build It Up by Oulipo
Servant Tires by Some Army
We’ve Been Lucky by Some Army
Crying Only Counts the First Time by Wesley Wolfe
Crying/Laughing by Wesley Wolfe
Friday Night by Spider Bags
Simona La Ramona


Crystal Beth’s Halloween Playlist: “BOO-yah!”

Here are my top five songs to start off a Halloween playlist. Some of the first albums mentioned have several other spooky songs that are more than appropriate so be sure to check them out!


1.      They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh! – Sufjan Stevens. Here’s a song from “Come on feel the Illinoise” while Stevens’ was toying with the concept of a 50 states project. During this project, Stevens’ did actual research on the state of Illinois to use as song material. Many songs on this album make references to some of the scary but true things he found such as UFO sightings, serial killers, and ghost towns.

2.      Cemetery Lawn- The Rosebuds. This song is pulled from the album “Night of the Furies” that is made up entirely of dark fantastical stories. “The Furies” are mythological creatures of torment and evil. “In the dead of night, better hold on tight to your loved ones. The rumor is the truth: the Furies are here upon us.”

3.       The Killing Moon- Echo & the Bunnymen.  A great song from the post-punk English band with an impressive cult following. One day Ian McCulloch woke up with the soon to be lyrics “fate up against your will” stuck in his head. This song, in my opinion, is David Bowie meets The Doors in the best and most haunting way possible.

4.       Lose Your Soul- Dead Man’s Bones. First of all, it is scary how hott Ryan Gosling is and how his band just adds even more to his appeal. Sometimes it’s overkill for celebrities to take on more projects but Gosling’s band is a very cool and unique venture for him. For the album, he invited the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir to sing with him. Their chants about monsters, werewolves, graveyards, etc. make it even creepier.

5.       The Monster and the Count- The Extraordinaires. This band turns all sorts of stories into songs. They went so far as to release two albums in hardback handmade and fully illustrated books.


Everyone expects you to have Thriller and The Monster Mash so throw those in IF YOU MUST and then here are 10 more songs to make your playlist last roughly about an hour! Sip on some Beetle Juice or a Bloody Mary and get yo dance on!

6.       Black River Killer- Blitzen Trapper

7.       Dance for the Dead- Cloud Cult

8.       Satin in a Coffin- Modest Mouse

9.       Walking with a Ghost- Tegan and Sara

10.   Phantom Limb- The Shins

11.   Vampire- Dr. Dog

12.   Shape Shifter- Local Natives

13.   Animal Backwards- Minus the Bear

14.   Psycho Killer- Talking Heads

15.   The Ghost of you Lingers- Spoon


Happy Halloween from WKNC!




Pre-Debate Jamz

As the second presidential debate is on the brink of beginning, America is watching the pre-show coverage on their preferred news channels and prepping their last-minute rules for drinking games. Meanwhile, the candidates are likely getting a locker-room style pep talk and listening to songs to get them pumped.

WKNC DJs took some guesses at what those songs may be (other than Nicki Minaj):


  • Three Six Mafia “Good Googly Moogly”
  • The Shaggs “My Pal Foot Foot”
  • Rage Against the Machine “Sleep Now in the Fire”
  • Kate Nash “Pumpkin Soup”
  • Generationals “When They Fight, They Fight”


  • Harlem Shakes “Sunlight”
  • DMX “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem”
  • The Hives “Walk, Idiot, Walk”
  • Survivor “Eye of the Tiger”
  • “99 Problems but the Mitt ain’t One”