September Tunes


2k Indie is all about spotlighting new indie music from smaller bands, and last month was full of good new tunes. So as part of a new monthly series, I want to highlight some of these new releases. These tracks all come from late August through September, and a full  playlist can be found at the end. 

  1. Messing With My Head by Smoothiboi Ezra // This artist has definitely caught my attention in the last few weeks. Her voice is so smooth and her lyrics are interesting to me because she kind of just says what’s on her mind but makes it sound so much smoother than just talking. This song’s theme is definitely something a lot of people can relate to, feeling as if someone’s messing with your head. The guitars in the track are also simple enough to let the lyrics stand out but accompany nice because the tone isn’t quite angry or sad, but somewhere right between.

  1. Gettin’ Older by Balue // Now this track stood out to me at first lesson because the artist has a very unique tang to his voice and he sings as if he’s speaking to someone. But the lyrics get me the most because I think everyone in college can relate to feeling like they’re getting older. The chorus is pretty catchy and the music is interesting throughout, the texture of the piece is pretty full and thick feeling. There is a smooth guitar solo around the end that pushes past all the backing instruments and it really keeps this track flowing. ‘Gettin’ older, still feeling pretty cool’ ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

  1. Pheromones by Your Neighbors // The music got me on this one right away, its very funky in a way. The vocals have a nice drag to them and the music isn’t the traditional vibe I get from a lot of indie music (whatever that is). The track is catchy enough to groove along to but it also has a few layers and it’s pretty interesting to listen back and really try and hear everything. The guitars are also light and super catchy, and the electronic elements throw in really keep this piece interesting.

– DJ Psyched

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