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WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1/HD-2 is a non-commercial educational radio station charged with serving the public interest of the North Carolina State University campus and Raleigh-Durham community. As such, WKNC commits unsold sponsorship inventory to airing public service announcements (PSAs) regarding the programs, activities or services of federal, state or local governments and the programs, activities of services of registered local, state and national non-profit organizations.

PSAs are accepted for both general informational announcements about an organization and for one-time or short-run events. The 30-second pre-recorded announcements can run up to five times per day and can be in regular rotation for 30-90 days. WKNC is unable to guarantee when or if any announcement will run on the radio station. If an organization needs an announcement to run according to a specific schedule, they are encouraged to purchase an underwriting package through our business and marketing office.

Complete the PSA request form.

Scripts should be 90 words or fewer and should not include qualitative or comparative language, price information, calls to action, first-person and second-person language, or inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease. See below for examples of prohibited language.

Please read over the following guidelines before submitting your script.

  • All scripts should end with “This announcement is a public service of WKNC 88.1.” If you add it yourself we would very much appreciate it.
  • The requesting organization MUST be non-profit and no for-profit organization can benefit from the organization or event. Announcements for fundraisers at for-profit establishments will not be accepted, even if a portion of the funds are donated to charity.
  • Information or events should have obvious appeal and value to the NC State and/or Raleigh-Durham community. Events should be located in or around Wake, Durham or Orange County.
  • A PSA cannot be used for political purposes; if PSAs have political slants for or against a controversial issue, they will be rejected.
  • Event PSAs should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • Do not send a press release, brochure, calendar or flier in lieu of a script.
  • Please provide pronunciation (pro-NUN-see-A-shun) for any difficult words or names.

Script Guidance

PSA scripts should not contain any of the following:

  • Qualitative or comparative language. Descriptions of products, services and other information must be value-neutral. Examples of prohibited language include once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, beautiful exhibits and fun for the whole family.
  • Price information. This includes specific references to price and discount information. Mentioning something is free is also providing price information. Examples of prohibited language include discounted student tickets and free entry.
  • Calls to action. Examples of prohibited language include visit their website, sign up online and call. We suggest “More information is available at …” instead.
  • First-person and second-person language. Although not specifically prohibited by the FCC, WKNC policy asserts announcements including words like “you” and “our” may suggest an endorsement of the product or service and are therefore impermissible. As WKNC will be providing the vocal talent for the majority of PSAs, “our” would also mean WKNC instead of your organization.
  • Inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease, such as including information in the form of a question or asking about specific needs the sponsoring organization can fulfill. Examples of prohibited language include planning a special occasion, how about doing something fun, do you need some relaxation or if you’re looking for a family kind of place.

Example PSAs

Second Chance Pet Adoptions is a non-profit animal rescue organization serving the Triangle since 1989. Second Chance helps place dogs, puppies, cats and kittens in adoptive or foster homes. Second Chance Pet Adoptions is located one mile west of the state fairgrounds on Chapel Hill Road. Second Chance N-C dot org has photos of prospective pets, adoption applications and information on upcoming adoption events. This announcement is a public service of WKNC 88.1.

Girls Rock N-C is hosting their 6th annual Rock Roulette fundraiser at P-S-37 in Durham on Saturday, April 23rd, at 7:30 p.m. 8 brand-new bands will perform original songs and covers to fundraise for Girls Rock N-C, an organization that builds power among girls, trans youth, and gender-expansive youth through creative expression, collaboration, and education. More information is at girls rock N-C dot org slash rock hyphen roulette. This announcement is a public service of WKNC 88.1.


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