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As of January 2022, WKNC no longer accepts emailed submissions for airplay consideration. This change is to ensure your music gets to the right music director more easily and isn’t lost in a crowded inbox.

Please use our music submission form to share digital music files with the appropriate music directors. The form requires you to provide a Dropbox or Google Drive link with your music attached. WAV files are preferred, but MP3s are acceptable. Make sure permissions are shareable. Links to YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify cannot be downloaded by the music directors and will not be considered. You will also need to note which songs, if any, have FCC violations. While we don’t want to limit your creative freedom, we do want to keep our FCC license. Submitting music already edited will greatly increase your chances of the music being added for airplay, so please view our list of prohibited lyrics.

Complete music submission form.

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