Studio Rental

WKNC 88.1 FM offers two production studios for basic voice recording. Each studio is equipped with four Electro-Voice RE20 microphones, an Axia IQ console and Adobe Audition recording software. Recordings are made as Windows PCM .wav files with a 44100 sample rate, stereo channels and 16-bit resolution unless otherwise specified.

WKNC does not have an ISDN line, but we do have a Comrex ACCESS rackmount for high-quality recording. We also maintain an Axia iQ6 Six-Line Telco Gateway for tape sync interviews.

Rental rates are $60 per hour, billable in 15-minute increments. That price includes a trained production assistant to work with you on your project. We can upload files at your request, but you may also bring your own USB flash drive for file transfer.

When using the WKNC production studio, you retain full copyright of all material recorded.

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