Top 10 Led Zeppelin Deep Cuts

I try not to write *too* much about Zeppelin, considering they’re the biggest, greatest rock band in history, and there are about 1,000,000 other blogs out there dedicated to them. Then again, they are the BIGGEST, GREATEST rock band in history. It would be shameful of me not to give my favorite group a little love every once in a while.

“Stairway to Heaven” is one of the most played songs of all time. To this day, it’s on constant repeat on nearly all commercial rock radio stations. You’re sure to have heard the screeching “Immigrant Song” (even just from “School of Rock”) or the thundering “Kashmir.” Tracks like “Whole Lotta Love” and “Black Dog” fall in the same category: wildly popular and played millions of times.

But what about the songs in between their hits? To me, these are the tracks that made Led Zeppelin so great. From their early bluesy rock to soft acoustics, there are tons of gems throughout their discography that receive little recognition today. Here are some of my favorite that I just can’t let fall through the cracks:

1. How Many More Times – Led Zeppelin

This is the last track on their first album and my all-time favorite song. Ever. It takes so many twists and turns that it keeps you on your toes throughout the entire eight minutes.

2. Out On The Tiles – Led Zeppelin III

You’d never guess this song is off their “acoustic” album. Featuring a heavy, upbeat riff, it’s some of Jimmy Page’s best guitar work. Something I love about this song is how you can hear him saying “Stop!” in the background (1:23), which was accidentally left in during one of their takes.

3. The Rover – Physical Grafitti

The riff in this song is INSANE. It was a favorite concert performance for the band but didn’t get much recognition beyond that. The last minute of the track takes a crazy turn as Jimmy Page switches rhythms.

4. When The Levee Breaks – Untitled (Led Zeppelin IV)

For most fans of Zeppelin, this isn’t so much of a “deep cut” per se, but it definitely wasn’t performed live very often due to its highly produced nature. Using layering and the natural acoustics of the old house it was recorded in, it’s one of the most atmospheric tracks they’ve ever produced.

5. Trampled Under Foot – Physical Grafitti

This is one of the funkiest songs on their discography. Pulling inspiration from Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” bassist and organist John Paul Jones really shows off his skills on the Clavinet.

6. Boogie With Stu – Physical Grafitti

This song was recorded as a jam session with Rolling Stones road manager, Ian Stewart, who happened to stop by the country home Zeppelin was staying at to record their album. There was an old piano in the house, which Page tuned his guitar to while Stewart played.

7. Tea For One – Presence

“Presence” was one of Led Zeppelin’s least celebrated albums, but released at a very difficult and harrowing time for the band. The emotional intensity of the album really speaks to this, especially in “Tea For One.”

8. I Can’t Quit You Baby – Led Zeppelin

Back from their bluesier days, this cover of Willie Dixon’s “I Can’t Quit You, Baby” was included on their original performance lineup. It’s a fantastic song that highlights their ability to take the blues to new levels.

9. I’m Gonna Crawl – In Through the Out Door

“I’m Gonna Crawl” is the last song on their last album (excluding “CODA,” which was a collection of archived tracks released after the band broke up). It’s a melancholy yet beautiful track.

10. Travelling Riverside Blues (29/6/69 Top Gear) – BBC Sessions (Live)

If only there were more live albums like this. Though it was recorded in 1969, this song didn’t make it onto any studio albums until “CODA.” It’s a great, romantic little blues track 100% worth taking a listen to.

Image courtesy of Tony Morelli, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.


Local Coffeeshop Soundtrack: Sir Walter Coffee

I’ve recently started making playlists inspired by all the coffee shops I go to in Raleigh, NC. This one is dedicated to Sir Walter Coffee. Sir Walter Coffee is a coffee shop located in Downtown Raleigh that serves coffee, tea and cocktails offered with or without alcohol. I’m used to going there mostly in the late afternoon and at night. Before one of my friends asked me to hang out there and do homework one night, I had never heard of a coffee shop that closes at 12 a.m. It only applies to Fridays and Saturdays, but still. I usually go there with a friend on Friday nights to catch up on everything we’ve been up to during the week, and the oat latte we order at 5 p.m. turns into a glass of wine around 8:30 p.m.

The music that plays at Sir Walter Coffee is often…random. Not in a bad way, but in a way that makes you ask, “Wait, they’re playing rock ‘n roll now?” after they’ve played Soundcloud electronica music for an hour. It’s at best funny, at worst a little confusing, but if I genuinely didn’t like the music that plays there, I wouldn’t be making this playlist. I’ve decided to compile my own version of their late-night playlist, featuring neo-soul, chill electronica and French indietronica. Here are five songs that illustrate their electronic playlist (when they decide they’re in the mood for this genre) most accurately. You can listen to the full Sir Walter Coffee playlist I made here.

Fatal Fantasies” by Gold Fir

The mysterious duo from London released their EP “Prelude” in 2019 and “Fatal Fantasies” is the first song on it. Its afrobeats percussions and dark neo-soul vibes make the erotic lyrics come to life flawlessly. This song has me completely hooked and I’ve been listening to it on repeat, to the point where I think it’s going to make it to my Spotify 2021 Wrapped. I just know it.

PATTERNS” by NASAYA Feat. Sara Diamond

NASAYA is a young French producer from the Reunion Island and he takes inspiration from a vast spectrum of genres. “PATTERNS” is a rhythmic yet heartbreaking electronic collaboration with vocalist Sara Diamond. I still can’t tell if this song is more on the sad side or the chill side of things, but it reflects perfectly the kind of electronic music that plays in the late afternoon/early evening at Sir Walter. The drop is slow enough to fit the mood of the song, but dynamic enough to release perfectly all the tension built up in the first minute of the song.

quand j’entends les gens” by Mélodie Lauret

I discovered Mélodie Lauret a while back at a live session of one of my favorite French podcasts, “À Bientôt de te Revoir” (a French neologism made up by the host’s grandma which means “see you soon”). Mélodie played this song live with just her synthesizer and her computer, and she was so good that I looked her up on Spotify the very same night. I would describe her style as typical French indietronica: addictive beat, mellow voice and obscure yet poetic lyrics. All you’d ever want to hear when you’re drinking wine at a coffee shop at 8 p.m.

“One Evening” by Blank & Jones Feat. Zoe Durrant

Another electronic beat, another collaboration with a female singer, another song with romantic lyrics. I know, not really surprising. The difference between Blank & Jones and the rest of the artists mentioned above is that 1) they’re German producers 2) their style is more Ambient and Lounge. Every single one of their songs has a powerful relaxing effect. This song in particular is about the first encounter between the narrator and a stranger one night, and I love the mysterious story hidden in the lyrics.

Toi Et Moi” by Paradis

Paradis is a French music duo consisting of Simon Mény and Pierre Rousseau. Their album “Recto Verso” was released in 2016, but its sounds and lyrics are so cohesive with the current French indietronica scene that I can’t help but think that they’re literal visionaries. You guessed it, the lyrics are poetic, the melodic beat is on point and the overall vibe is sensual and romantic. As it should be.


Underground Discoveries: Four Songs to Add to Your Rotation Pt. 4

$200 Haircuts – Rio Da Yung Og (2020)

Flint, Michigan rapper Rio Da Yung Og gives fans a high energy and chest rocking track with “$200 Haircuts.” He is known for clever bars and sharp punch-ins that will make a listener stand out of their seat. The above track is great for a heavy workout playlist.

It’s A Scene – Joey Fatts (2020)

Joey Fatts gives fans a smooth and classy record with his song “It’s A Scene.” The song gives reminiscent feelings of coming from struggle to success. This track is good for a car ride on a warm day.

Quick – KMB Remix  – Duckwrth, KIAN, KMB (2021)

Duckwrth teams up with artists KIAN and KMB to deliver a groovy and bounce-filled remix to his song “Quick.” This track is full of joy and soul that makes you want to dance at your desk. This remix is perfect for both high energy and relaxed settings.

Rider – Mereba (2021)

Mereba gives fans a beautiful new single for the summer with the track “Rider.” With soft island-inspired elements, Mereba’s voice gently glides over the instrumentation in a perfect way. This track is perfect for a very relaxed day filled with peace and joy.


Miranda’s Must Listens

Written by Miranda

Today is my last day of college and my last day working at WKNC. Writing that is intense. I’ve made so many great memories throughout the past few years and enjoyed almost every second of it. I’ve learned a lot about myself and changed in many ways. My music taste has evolved and grown especially during my time at WKNC. I decided to compile a playlist of the songs I probably could not have survived college without and the ones I think any person should hear at least once. If you’re not into reading lists, check out the Spotify playlist here. Hope you enjoy.

  1. Hello by Erykah Badu
  2. lovers’ carvings by Bibio
  3. Harold’s by Freddie Gibbs
  4. Dark & Handsome by Blood Orange
  5. Savannah by Flipturn
  6. Chicago (acoustic version) by Sufjan Stevens
  7. Golden Girls by Devendra Banhart
  8. Getting It On by SALES
  9. Cut Your Bangs by Radiator Hospital
  10. Fake I.D. by Joyce Manor
  11. East Harlem by Beirut
  12. Tessellate by alt-J
  13. Compromise. by Phony Ppl
  14. We Don’t Care by Kanye West
  15. Dry Bones by Alvin Band
  16. let’s relate by of Montreal
  17. Francis Forever by Mitski
  18. When Doves Cry by Sarah Jarosz
  19. Good Friday by CocoRosie
  20. Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second by STRFKR
  21. Easy Easy by King Krule
  22. Not In Love by Crystal Castles
  23. LEAVE ME ALONE by Amaarae


Local Coffeeshop Soundtrack: Heirloom Coffeeshop

If there’s one thing I love doing around Raleigh, NC, it’s going to coffeeshops alone to drink good tea or coffee. Even if I usually wear my earphones to focus on what I’m reading or working on, if good music is playing, there’s a great chance my drink is going to taste better. I can’t help it. I’m just sensitive to the music playing around me. Since I’m that sensitive, I thought it’d be fun to make playlists inspired by the music I hear at every coffeeshop I go to just to recreate their atmosphere — starting with Heirloom.

Heirloom is a cute Taiwanese and Laotian café in Downtown Raleigh that serves amazing tea and vegan mochi donuts. Their playlist mostly revolves around new electronic music and indie stuff. I don’t really listen to electronic music anymore, though I used to dig this genre a lot on Soundcloud a few years ago. The thing is, every time I go to Heirloom, the music mesmerizes my brain and I can’t help Shazaming every song that comes on. The music always plays louder in the bathroom, so in case you want to Shazam a song while you’re there, you know where to go. Here are five songs that illustrate their playlist most accurately. You can listen to the full Heirloom playlist I made here.

“All In Me” by Jerry Folk

This is one of the first songs I ever Shazamed when I went to Heirloom. Jerry Folk is known for his hypnotizing and chill electronic songs, often accompanied by a female voice. The intro takes some time to build up the general atmosphere of the song, and once you get to the “chorus”, it gets addictive. I’m always so impressed by electronic music producers that can make you feel so many things with so little lyrics.

“No More Love Songs” by Harrison Brome and Pomo (FCC: explicit language)

I would describe this song as sweet, slow and electronic R&B. It’s the perfect balance between the amazing work of producer Pomo and Harrison Brome’s soothing voice. Just add to that romantic lyrics and you get your perfect indie-electronic love song (quite ironic, given the title).

“Winter In Tokyo” by Kazam

Speaking of artists who make you feel things without lyrics, Kazam is one of them. Each song by this young French lo-fi producer makes me feel like I’m floating on a cloud. The instruments he uses closely resemble traditional Japanese music. The mix between traditional Japanese instruments and his own is what makes his music so unique and I’m obsessed.

“Tied Up” by LEISURE

Another song I’ve Shazamed at Heirloom before. It’s indie, alternative, pop, a little R&B, a little electronic — genres are too confusing for me to put a label on LEISURE, because they truly do it all. All you need to know is that this song is both sensual and uplifting, and its enchanting aura is addictive.

“All Yours” by APRE

Soapy cheesy romantic lyrics are the best lyrics, but they’re even better when they’re written for good alternative indie songs. “All Yours” is one of them. The repetitive notes played on the synthesizer are in perfect harmony with the bass and the drums, and it really makes for a catchy 90’s inspired love song.

— Lise Nox


Underground Discoveries: 4 Songs to Add to Your Rotation Pt. 3

Never Lose You – Kalan.FrFr (2021)

California artist Kalan.FrFr is an influential and major part of the current sound on the west coast. In this song, Kalan describes his feelings for a special someone over a bouncy and melodic beat. This is a great track for a sunny and relaxed day.

Southside Fade – reggie (2020)

reggie has the wonderful ability to give listeners a taste of the musical culture in Houston, Texas. The song “Southside Fade” is perfect for a day on the porch with friends and a glass of lemonade.

Into the Sun  – Zilo (2019)

Hailing from London, Zilo gives us a groovy track to bop our heads to. With smooth guitars and bouncy drums, “Into the Sun” is a great track for a laid-back day. It is also a great song to be introduced into Zilo’s other great works.

Fight!!! – AG Club (2020)

AG Club is a music group from The Bay Area in California with a very versatile discography. The song “Fight!!!” is one of many sounds the group is great at crafting and provides a very heroic feel. This track is great for a pump-up or mood boost.


The Saw’s Choice Cuts: Amon Amarth

Welcome to the Saw’s Butcher Shop, Butcher Crew! It is me, The Saw, and I’m back today to feature my Band of the Week: Amon Amarth. 

Ah, yes… Melodic Death Metal at its finest. These guys have been doing this for over three decades, and they have it down to a science. Amon Amarth began with more of a Black Metal sound, which evolved into some of the best Melodic Death Metal in history. Amon Amarth’s music is very harmonious, anthemic, and heavy. Johan has one of the best voices in Metal, and the band as a whole is tight and on point at all times. They are known as one of the hardest working bands around and, in fact, have just joined with (The titans) Iron Maiden on a partnership in the video game industry. That’s right, Eddie and the Berserker sharing a screen of bloodshed! 

Like I said, Amon Amarth have gone through changes in their sound, so picking my favorite songs necessarily spans their long career. BTW, their newest live record, Pursuit of Vikings, spans their career and covers many of my favorites. You should check it out! One thing is definite, no matter the era, Amon Amarth is bad ass! Enjoy my picks!! 

Fafner’s Gold

Blood Eagle

Fate of Norns

The Pursuit of Vikings

Raise Your Horns

Destroyer of the Universe

Aerials (SOAD cover)

Guardians of Asgaard

Vs. the World

A Thousand Years of Oppression

Runes to My Memory

Stay Metal,



Friday Favorites

Written by Miranda

Gravity (ft. Tyler, The Creator, DJ Dahi) – Brent Faiyaz

An anthem about the difficulties of love – who can’t relate to this song? This pairs a beat that sounds straight out of an Odd Future album with a catchy hook and adlibs and verse from Tyler, The Creator that will keep you coming back.

AIN’T GONNA STOP ME (ft. Monte Booker, Kenny Beats) – reggie

We can all use some positivity in these difficult times, and this is the perfect track to get you uplifted and remind you that you’re unstoppable.

UGUDBRU (ft. Sam Truth) – AG Club

Breaking down genre stereotypes and transforming their sound with every new release, AG Club has made another amazing track. Give it a listen and be sure to stick around for the beat change in the second half.

Karma & Friends – Cautious Clay

Cautious Clay’s new EP teases the great things to come from his upcoming debut album “Deadpan Love,” out June 25th. The new song features a great music video, too.

Listen to this week’s Friday Favorites, as well as my favorites from past weeks, on WKNC’s Spotify.


DJ Butter’s Playlist of the Week Part 5

This week, I’ll be pressing rewind and going back to some of my older favorites! I recently used my DJ skills at a photo shoot and had to dive into my archives to find music that fit the “vibe” of the set. It was super fun! It’s actually crazy how much my music taste has changed over the past year, especially since my current show focuses mostly on retro tunes. I ended up rediscovering some of my favorite songs from freshman year, high school and even some from middle school. Here are some of my choice picks that I’ve been listening to this week:

1. OKAGA, CA – Tyler, the Creator (feat. Alice Smith, Leon Ware and Clem Creevy)

This has to be one of the best Tyler songs ever released. His talent as a producer really shines on this relaxing, serene track. It’s somehow romantic, haunting and tranquil at the same time.

2. ttktv – Injury Reserve

This song off of Injury Reserve’s first album, “Live from the Dentist Office,” is slow yet electric. I absolutely love the texture it has and the drum sounds that underline the track.

3. Infatuation – Takeoff

I’m not much of a Takeoff fan, but this song has an almost Pharell-like quality to it that you can’t help but fall in love with. It’s a tender track that’s lyrically pretty different from the rest of his solo work.

4. Tribe Quest – Sirius Blvck (feat. Oreo Jones & DMA)

The flow on this song is absolutely insane. Oreo Jones, DMA and Sirius Blvck really pull out all the stops. This was one of my favorite rap songs in high school and it still is!

5. Soap – Deem Spencer

This song was one of Deem Spencer’s first releases. If you’re into sad emo rap, you’ll love it. It’s a melancholy tune with lyrics somber enough to make you cry.

6. Grown Up – Danny Brown

I know it’s mainstream, but this is my favorite Danny Brown song. It really reminds me of old-school rap songs from the ’90s.

7. Didn’t Cha Know – Erykah Badu

Can’t leave out Miss Badu! Her music is always so relaxing and lovely. The use of the bongos in this song is AMAZING and her voice flows over it all like pure honey.

8. Where U From – HUNCHO JACK (Quavo & Travis Scott)

I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures (just like what you like! no shame!) but if I had to name mine, it would be this album. It’s SO underrated. “Where U From,” my favorite song off “Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho,” has an catchy, almost Asain-inspired beat to it.

– DJ Butter


The Saw’s Choice Cuts: Hard Rock

What’s going on Butcher Crew?! It’s your Master Butcher, The Saw and I am back with some more choice cuts! Instead of a band, I have a genre that I have been listening to a lot here recently, and that is hard rock. Not just any type of hard rock but late 90s/early 2000s hard rock. I have always been a fan of this era of music because this was the era that I grew up in. 

Also, this beautiful weather puts me in a hard rock mood. Nothing gives me as much serotonin as driving down the road with all my windows down on a warm sunny day, singing along to some hard rock. It gives me big summer festival vibes as well which is also something that I enjoy. 

Here are some of my favorite hard rock songs that I have been listening to recently:

  • The Red – Chevelle 
  • I Stand Alone – Godsmack 
  • Whatever – Godsmack 
  • Speak – Godsmack 
  • Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine 
  • Bodies – Drowning Pool 
  • Youth of the Nation – P.O.D. 
  • Paralyzer – Finger Eleven 
  • Chop Suey!  – System of a Down 
  • Toxicity – System of a Down 
  • Got the Life – KoRn 
  • Break – Three Days Grace
  • Painkiller – Three Days Grace 
  • Control – Puddle Of Mudd 
  • Through Glass – Stone Sour 
  • Fine Again – Seether 
  • A Careless Whisper – Seether
  • Drive – Incubus 
  • Sober – Tool 

What are some of your favorite hard rock songs? 

Stay Metal,