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Origami Angel 2022 Tour Concert Preview

Origami Angel, the D.C.-based emo/pop-punk duo, is touring all across the United States after the release of their album “GAMI GANG” in 2021 and two new EPs, “re: turn” and “DEPART” right before their tour. They are visiting Blind Tiger in Greensboro on November 15, 2022. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show is at 8 p.m.

I have been a fan of Origami Angel since the release of “Somewhere City” in 2019. They have a great sound and put an excellent twist on a genre I already love a lot. When I saw they were coming to Greensboro for only $18, I couldn’t turn down the tickets.

To sweeten the pot, Pool Kids and insignificant other are starting the show.

Origami Angel

Rooted in the sounds of emo and pop-punk, Origami Angel has been releasing music since 2017. Origami Angel puts a fun twist on the genres they are rooted in, using a sound that is typically very angsty to create mostly very hopeful music.

Origami Angel’s focus on this tour is their 2021 album, “GAMI GANG”. However, they released two EPs right before their tour with polar opposite sounds which will also be performed. “re: turn” is heartfelt and acoustic, and “DEPART” is a screamo EP.

Fans can also expect songs from their older releases, of course including songs from “Somewhere City”. They can be expected to start the show by playing Sweden by C418 before moving into their set. The encore will consist of “Noah Fence” and “Find Your Throne”.

Nonetheless, I am extremely excited for the show, it seems like Origami Angel has put together an excellent setlist which is a wonderful representation of their discography.

The Openers

I found out about math-influenced emo band Pool Kids earlier this year through their album “Music to Practice Safe Sex To” and loved their new self-titled release which came out in July. They will be playing songs mostly from their new album, but will also play “Erso” and “$5 Subtweet” from their first album.

insignificant other is an indie band that I started listening to in preparation for this concert. They have one album, “i’m so glad i feel this way about you” from 2019 which will make up the entirety of their setlist. Everything I have heard from the band is super fun and I am excited to hear it live.

This show has a very stacked lineup. I am thrilled to have the chance to see the show. Tickets can be purchased through the etix website. If you are a fan of Origami Angel and have the time, this would be a great show to go to see.

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Upcoming Local Concerts


Opener: Nickname Jos

Where: Motorco Music Hall, Durham

When: 8pm Monday, Oct.31

Price: $18/$24


It is a shame Halloween fell on a Monday this year, but MICHELLE is here to excite the Monday nightlife and welcome November

MICHELLE is a R&B group from New York City. Their discography is filled to the brim with upbeat tracks and rich harmonies. This vocal-led group is extremely dynamic in rhythm, tone and musical composition. Each member has so much vocal control and range, allowing the group to create some stunning vocal lines. They will put on a fantastic show.

Superorganism – Nov. 3

Opener: Blood Cultures

Where: Motorco Music Hall, Durham

When: 8pm Thursday, Nov. 3

Price: $22/$25

Superorganism Tickets

Superorganism is a psychedelic indie pop band from London. I would also like to highlight their opener, Blood Cultures, an anoynoymus experimental indie pop project from Brooklyn. Both of these bands have such a unique aura.

To add to the excitement of this performance, Superorganism released their album, “World Wide Pop” this year and just released a remix album, “World Wide Pop- Reeeemix!” Oct.28. These two bands will certainly bring lots of new sounds to the stage.

Oso Oso – Nov.6

Opener: M.A.G.S and Anxious

Where: Motorco Music Hall, Durham

When: 8pm Sunday, Nov.6

Price: $19/$23

OSO OSO Tickets

Oso Oso is an alternative emo band from Long Beach, New York. Oso Oso has such a well versed discography, ranging from heavy rock to light alternative tracks. The openers M.A.G.S. and Anxious will complement his wide range of music wonderfully.

Opener, M.A.G.S is an indie garage rock and pop project from Buffalo, New York. Anxious is an dreamo band from Connecticut. This trio of artists have a wide variety of sounds, yet remain unified in their melancholy tone.

Sorry – Nov.12

Opener: N/A

Where: Local 506, Chapel Hill

When: 9pm Saturday, Nov.12

Price: $13/$15

Sorry Tickets

Sorry taps into an astral of genres to create there unique sound– ranging from bubblegrunge, punk, indie rock, and psychedelic. Hailing from London, this duo brings with them a weighty discography.

Their newest album, “Anywhere by Here” released Oct. 7. In my opinion, it contains some of their best work.

The freshness of their album will certainly contribute to an extremely energized show.

Omar Apollo – Nov. 20

Opener: N/A

Where: The Ritz, Raleigh

When: 7:45pm Sunday, Nov.20

Price: $50

Omar Apollo Tickets

Last, but certainly not least, R&B artist Omar Apollo. He released his fourth full album, “Ivory” earlier this year. Although I think it was less successful compared to his previous work– it is clear his energy is ecstatic throughout this tour.

If this show reflects “Ivory”, it will have an excellent variety of high and low energy tracks. Each track in his discography is rich– he just has such a great voice.

Omar Apollo keeps achieving more with each and every release, this performance will be rich in talent, stage presence and musical variety.

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Mother Mother Inside Tour 2022 Concert Preview

Off their latest release, “Inside”, alt-rock sensation Mother Mother is touring with Vundabar and Transviolet across the globe. They are visiting Raleigh’s own The Ritz on October 18, 2022.

This is the first time Mother Mother has made their way to the triangle in almost ten years, since 2013. The opportunity to hear songs such as “Hayloft”, “Verbatim” and “Infinitesimal” live is an opportunity fans will not want to pass up.

On top of that, with openers like Vundabar and Transviolet, it is shaping up to be quite the show.

Mother Mother

Mother Mother has been releasing music for almost 15 years at this point, with eight studio albums under their belts. While their newer releases have been split among audiences, their early releases have energy that can’t be found in many other bands.

Mother Mother, “Inside” Album Art

Fans can expect the set to open with “Verbatim”, one of their most popular songs. They will play music from all reaches of their discography, with acoustic versions thrown in and even a cover of “Creep” by Radiohead. The set will wrap up with “Hayloft” into “Hayloft II”. Fans can also expect an encore.

The Openers

Fans of the electronic indie band Vundbar can expect to hear a variety of songs from their earlier alums. They will be playing many of their most popular hits including “Alien Blues”, “Oulala” and “Chop” all from their album “Gawk”. Fans should not expect to hear many tracks from their three newest albums.

Pop band Transviolet will start the Mother Mother show with their song, “Bloodstream”. Fans can expect songs from all over their discography to be played, especially “Girls Your Age”.

With all this in mind, fans of Mother Mother should expect an excellent show with great openers. Tickets are being sold by Ticketmaster and are still available for the Raleigh show.

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Seven October Shows in the Triangle

October is in full swing and there are tons of shows going on in the Triangle this month. October is one of the best months to go to a concert, the weather is perfect for it. The best way to celebrate fall is to get out into your community and go to see a show.

The triangle is lucky to see some awesome artists this month from Watchhouse at the North Carolina Museum of Art to Panchiko at Cat’s Cradle. I personally am looking forward to the Mother Mother show at The Ritz later in the month and hope to see some of you there as well.

Here are seven shows in the triangle worth checking out:

  1. Caroline Rose – Sunday, October 9 @ 8 p.m. – Cat’s Cradle
    • Opener: Tōth
  2. Mother Mother – Tuesday, October 18 @ 7 p.m. – The Ritz
    • Opener: Vundabar and Transviolet
  3. Hippo Campus – Friday, October 21 @ 7 p.m. – The Ritz
    • Opener: CHAI
  4. Panchiko – Sunday, October 23 @ 8 p.m. – Cat’s Cradle
    • Opener: Computerwife
  5. Whitney – Tuesday, October 25 @ 7 p.m. – Cat’s Cradle
    • Opener: twen
  6. Watchhouse – Friday, October 28 @ 8 p.m. – North Carolina Museum of Art
    • Opener: Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves
  7. MICHELLE – Monday, October 31 @ 8 p.m. – Motorco Music Hall

If you want to go see a show but can’t decide who to see from this list, here are some recommendations. Whitney is a great artist to see live, speaking from personal experience. They have a calm, nice energy that really matches their music and makes for a great show. If you want to go to a cool, outdoor venue to enjoy the autumn weather, you could go see Watchhouse (previously known as Mandolin Orange) at the NCMA.

Even if it’s not a traditional fall activity, I always try to get out and go see a show during the fall season. There are some great concerts in the triangle this month at some amazing venues. If you have the time, I would definitely go check them out.

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A Peek at the Hopscotch Menu

Hello and welcome to a preview of my coverage of Hopscotch 2022. The Hopscotch schedule is live on the website and I will be doing my best to watch as many artists as I can this year.

Most of my focus will be on artists and bands that I have covered here in the past like Perfume Genius and Yaya Bey.

Performances To Look Out For:

Some new artists, well new to me, that I am excited to see are Courtney Barnett, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, MJ Lenderman and Black Haus

Courtney Barnett is an Australian indie rocker who just released a new album, “Things Take Time, Take Time”. She is headlining Thursday night and her calm style reminds me of Big Thief, so it should be a fun time.

Next is Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, a Nigerian band with a focus on the afrobeat and jazz genre. They released an album a few years ago called “Night Dreamer”, which they did all in one take. I’ve only listened to a few songs of theirs so far, but I am itching to see them live. They will blow everyone away with their performance on Friday.

Another promising performance is MJ Lenderman’s, the guitarist of Wednesday, and he has released a solo album this year that has gotten much acclaim, “Boat Songs”. Our very own Eilee reviewed this album a few months ago. Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in seeing him play on Thursday or Friday night. 

The last band I am pumped to witness is Black Haus. This Greensboro, NC band mixes electric indie beats and grooves with wavy and beautiful vocals. I expect Black Haus to get the crowd on their feet and grooving on Saturday at the Pour House. 

Of course I won’t be limiting myself to the above artists, but with so many artists playing I won’t be able to see them all. I hope to find new passion for bands and artists I have yet to listen to.

Also, if you don’t have the money to attend the festival itself be sure to check out Hopscotch Day parties happening all around Raleigh.

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Eight September Shows in the Triangle

The Triangle has a lot to look forward to this September: from Hopscotch Music Festival to the weather hopefully getting cooler. In my opinion, the end of the summer is best celebrated with attending a show and getting out into your community. Here are eight shows you won’t want to miss in the Triangle this month.

  1. Friday, Sep 2 @ 9:00 PM: Sk the Novelist Album Release Show @ The Pour House
  1. Saturday, Sep 3 & 4 @ 7:00 PM: Mipso @ Cat’s Cradle
  1. Saturday, Sep 3 @ 7:00 PM: Oliver Tree @ The Ritz
  1. Sunday, Sep 4 @ 8:00 PM: Interpol @ The Ritz
  1. Thursday, Sep 8 @ 1:00 PM: WKNC Hopscotch Day Party w/ Max Gowan, Kenny Wavinson, & Tiger Beach @ DH Hill Library
  1. Tuesday, Sep 13 @ 8:00PM: Haley Heynderickx w/ Illegal Son @ The Pinhook
  1. Thursday, Sep 22 @ 9:00PM: Wednesday w/ Truth Club @ Motorco
  1. Sunday, Sep 25 @ 9:00 PM: Pie Face Girls w/ Dream Boat & Head Kicker @ The Pour House

Grab a friend, a partner, a family member or a classmate and schedule a night to see a show. Whether it’s your favorite band/artist, one you’re only vaguely familiar with or one you’ve never even heard of before: get out there, try something new (or revisit something familiar). Some of my favorite memories have been at shows, and I hope to be able to attend at least one in September.

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Preview: Red Hot Chili Peppers with the Strokes and Thundercat at Bank of America Stadium

Off their latest release, “Unlimited Love”, rock funk legend Red Hot Chili Peppers announced a global tour across North America and Europe. Touring with other legends such as the Strokes and Thundercat, they are offering a promising tour across the Atlantic.

The Strokes and Thundercat are the musicians opening for them in Charlotte. I credit the Strokes with introducing me to “good” music and have been itching to see them for years. Them opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers seemed like the perfect opportunity. I would get to see them live and delve deeper into Thundercat’s and the Chili Pepper’s discographies.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Unlimited Love” album art

“Unlimited Love” is the first Chili Peppers album in 6 years. After 35 years of making music, they still capture the simple pleasures their music has always been about. This classic sound is what has made them so legendary, able to fill any given stadium anywhere in the world.

As the headliner of the show at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, fans can expect a mix of classics and deep cuts as well as a dabble of songs off their new album. Following this will be an encore of “Give It Away” and “Under the Bridge” which have been encore staples of the Chili Peppers for years.

The Strokes

The Strokes, “The New Abnormal” album art

Fans of the Strokes, known for their garage rock sound, will not be disappointed by their setlist at the show. The Strokes have one of the most consistent discography’s ever and they will be putting that on full blast before the Chili Peppers come on.

Fans can expect to hear songs from every release besides “Angles” and “Comedown Machine”. I am personally most excited to hear “Reptilia”, “Juicebox”, “The Adults are Talking” and “Hard to Explain” live. Each of their albums provides something new with the same instantly recognizable sound they are known for.


Thundercat, “It Is What It Is” album art

Known for his mastery over the bass and his spacey funk sound, Thundercat will kick off the show with a quick seven song setlist before the Strokes come on. Fans can expect him to finish off with “Funny Thing” followed by “Them Changes”. Other songs such as “Dragonball Durag” and “How Sway” will be performed.

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Enjoy the show,


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8 December Concerts in the Triangle to Look Forward to

December can be an uncharacteristically busy month for a lot of folks. But, if you’re looking to get away from family, or spend time with them making memories, I’ve compiled a list of 8 shows the WKNC crowd may be interested in seeing throughout the month.

  1. Medium Heat — Wednesday, December 1, 2021 @ 8 p.m.— The Pour House Music Hall
  • Openers: Roar the Engines & The BQs
  1. Jeff Rosenstock — Thursday, December 2, 2021 @ 8 p.m. — Cat’s Cradle
  • Openers: Slaughter Beach, Dog & Oceanator
  1. Old Crow Medicine Show — Thursday, December 2, 2021 & Friday, December 3, 2021 @ 8 p.m.—  Carolina Theater (Fletcher Hall)
  1. Milky Chance — Saturday, December 4, 2021 @ 8 p.m. — The Ritz Raleigh
  1. Slow Pulp — Sunday, December 5, 2021 @ 8 p.m. — Cat’s Cradle Back Room
  • Opener: Strange Ranger 
  1. Lawrence — Tuesday, December 7, 2021 @ 8 p.m. — Lincoln Theatre
  • Openers: Proxima Parada & Reliably Bad
  1. Wednesday — Thursday, December 16, 2021 @ 8 p.m. — Cat’s Cradle Back Room
  • Openers: Truth Club & Bangzz
  1. The Mountain Goats — Thursday, December 16, 2021, & Friday, December 17, 2021 & Saturday December 18, 2021 @ 8 p.m. — Cat’s Cradle
  • Openers: Mac McCaughan (Night 1), Flock of Dimes (Night 2) & Bowerbirds (Night 3)

Maybe concert-going isn’t quite as festive as going ice-skating or seeing an old Christmas movie in theaters, but don’t count it out in the month of December. The Triangle is an awesome place with some amazing venues, try to check them out.

Until next time,


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Preview: Chapel Hill’s Manifest Aims to Break Barriers

In my training class to become a WKNC DJ, among the many pieces of advice our then station general manager gave us was to “not just play music made by four white guys”. This was met by laughs, but that line stuck with me because of how relevant it still is. When I was a daytime DJ I tried to have sets with a strong female representation, but four or so guys still made up most of the songs aired from 10 to 11 p.m. on Thursdays. And that doesn’t even take into account the “white” part of that; many genres such as modern indie rock are overrepresented by white artists and artists of color will often have their work labeled as R&B even when that label doesn’t fit the music, which can box in both exposure and creative freedom.

Enter Manifest. This is a festival that, according to the website, is “focused on dismantling patriarchy, misogyny, and white supremacy” with a diverse lineup that draws from a wide variety of races, sexualities and gender identities. Now dismantling vast social hierarchies is a lofty goal, but they’ve definitely got the lineup down. This is a festival that has seen acts like Skylar Gudasz and Hopscotch 2021 attendee Sarah Shook, and this year the acts range from Basura who make minute-and-a-half long death metal bangers to trans experimental artist KHX05 who brings a nervy and rebellious energy to her mixtapes and remix EPs. 

Manifest bills itself as mostly a punk festival, and there are a number of punk bands making an appearance. Gown is a hardcore metallic punk band that has seven members, three of whom play the cello, while Fortezza is an doom punk band out of Asheville whose long guitar solos and verses screamed over a lone drumbeat create a chaotic and apocalyptic feel to fit their hand-drawn album covers. The artists have a distinctly local flavor too. Of the 28 acts coming to Chapel Hill this weekend, 21 are from the Triangle area, and five of them won’t have to leave their hometown to make it there. 

This is the fifth iteration of Manifest, and it’s the fifth time in these exact three venues. The festival is mostly based around Local 506, a bar and club that, when not hosting live acts, is known for having themed dance parties such as the 80s-style one that I went to this summer. This is where tickets and wristbands are picked up and where WKNC is running the merch table. When not at the Local 506, festivalgoers can head to two other locations, one of which is The Cave. This is another bar/club hybrid, iconic in Chapel Hill for its alley location and will often host rock and punk rock bands. 

Now despite having essentially grown up in downtown Chapel Hill, I’ll admit I had to look up the last venue, Rosemary Street’s The Nightlight. It’s the only one of the venues not located on Franklin Street, and its website is at time of writing a single page detailing its closures due to COVID and in the spirit of Manifest, a link to a mutual aid fund. All of these are within a quarter mile walk of each other so it should be easy to go between any of the simultaneous shows being played.

Continuity is a major theme here, and not just in the venues. Manifest 5 marks the fourth appearance of Raleigh’s Fruit Snack at the aforementioned festival, a band whose members work at multiple venues in the Triangle and whose themes of anti-capitalism, openness about sex and dislike of the police fit right in with Manifest’s mission statement. It also features a ukulele player. Meanwhile, punk act Pie Face Girls has attended every single iteration since the festival began in 2016. This in combination with its many local sponsors including Orange County Arts Commission, Chapel Hill’s own Midway Market and this radio station gives this festival a strong feeling of community that puts those goals of social change front and center.

I’m personally quite excited to cover Manifest. While I won’t be able to see every artist (The Cave being 21+ is unfortunate but understandable) there are a lot of acts I really want to see and blog about, and a lot of artists I had never heard of before and really want to get to know as part of my ongoing efforts to further connect with the local music scene here. After all, homegrown music with a message is the new punk rock. And the old one too.


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Function / Newa @ Basement

The dark dancefloor of Basement
Photo Credit: Paper Magazine

Over a year and a half later, Basement is back open.

Facing financial uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was unclear whether the newly established Basement would ever reopen their doors. Until this past August Basement made a total of 6 social media posts, most of which centered around fundraising and live streamed DJ sets with proceeds going towards the NYC club scene. However, on July 27 they posted a simple image onto their Instagram reading “WE ARE BACK” followed by a lineup for the month of August.

The August lineup was stacked with some of my favorite DJs including LSDXOXO, DJ Stingray 313, and DVS1. The monthly lineups have only gotten better and October is shaping up to be the best month yet. Opening the October lineup this Saturday is none other than Function and Newa. Function is a New York City native and has been a part of the techno scene for over 25 years. His move to Berlin in 2007 alongside the formation of the duo-turned cult classic label “Sandwell District” solidified his influence in the underground techno scene, producing various EPs and singles which Octopus Agents described as “decentralizing the artist ego, blurring the lines between the artist, label and DJ; rearranging the DNA of modern dance music.” Playing alongside Function will be Bassiani resident Newa. Newa started out as a DJ in 2012 in her hometown of Tbilisi, Georgia, quickly making a name for herself through her deep basslines and intense melodies. Since 2016 she has co-ran the diverse Icontrax imprint, presenting undiscovered local talent from the flourishing Georgian techno scene.

I am extremely excited to be attending this show, not only to see the artists but also to experience the venue. Basement is the only one of its kind in the US, and soon enough I will find out why.