Weekly Charts

Underground Charts 10/21

1KYLESee You When I Am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!Self-Released
2PRINCESS NOKIAEverything Is Beautiful/Everything SucksSelf-Released
3KARI FAUXLowkey SuperstarChange Minds
4AMINELimboUniversal Republic
5CITY GIRLSCity On LockQuality Control
6RICO NASTY“Own It” [Single]Sugar Trap / Atlantic
7DANIELA ANDRADE“Puddles” [Single]Crooked Lid
8DUCKWRTH“Crush” [Single]Republic
9REJJIE SNOW“Cookie Chips” [Single]Honeymoon/+1/300 Ent./EMPIRE
Weekly Charts

Daytime Charts 10/21

1SIR CHLOEParty Favors [Advance Tracks]Terrible
2MAMALARKYMamalarky [Advance Tracks]Fire Talk
3YVES JARVISSundry Rock Song StockAnti-
4TUNE-YARDS“nowhere, man.” [Single]4AD/Beggars Group
5OSEESProtean ThreatCastle Face
6MINT FIELDSentimiento MundialFelte
7TAPEWORMSFuntastic [Advance Tracks]Howlin’ Banana
8IDLESUltra MonoPartisan
9SLOW PULPMoveysWinspear
11ARCHAEAS, THEThe ArchaeasGoner
12BUMPERPop Songs 2020 [EP]Self-Released
13SHY BOYSTalk LoudPolyvinyl
15KNXWLEDGE10,000 ProofStones Throw 
16SHIVUM SHARMA“Diamond” [Single]Self-Released
17DON TOLIVERAfter PartyWMG Atlantic
18OHAJIJEast Manhattan ProjectMore Valid Decisions/Hustleward
19XAVIER WULF“Kid Cudi (Remix)” [Single]The Hollow Squad
21FRANK OCEAN“DHL” [Single]Def Jam
22REASON“Show Stop” [Single]Top Dawg
23AJANI JONESBlack Power RangerAjani Jones
24LO VILLAGE“Jefe’s House” [Single]Rebel 
25KISSISSIPPI“Around Your Room” [Single]Triple Crown
26ANGELA MUNOZIntrospectionLinear Labs
28RICO NASTYAnger ManagementAtlantic
30FEMDOT“94 Camry Music” [Single]Self-Released


1PAPI SHIITAKEQuarantine Dream [EP]Trash Casual
3KISSISSIPPI“Around Your Room” [Single]Triple Crown
4TOMBERLINProjections [EP]Saddle Creek
5OKEY DOKEYOnce Upon One TimePark The Van
6JW FRANCISWe Share a Similar Joy [Advance Tracks]Sunday Best
7JULIA JACKLIN“to Perth, before the border closes” b/w “CRY” [Single]Sub Pop
8DREW CITRONFree NowPark The Van
9BRUTAL POODLE“Night Creeps” b/w “Wash” [Single]Kingfisher Bluez
10OCEANATORThings I Never SaidPlastic Miracles
Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 10/21

1JAMES MASSIAHNatural Born Killers (Ride for Me) [EP]Levels
3ELKKAI.Miss.Raving/ Bleep+ [EP]Local Action
5TSHAMoonlight [EP]Counter
6GRIMESMiss Anthropocene4AD/Beggars Group
7CECILE BELIEVEMade In HeavenSelf-Released
8ZOLA BLOODTwo Hearts [EP]Akira
9ARCAKiCk iXL/Beggars Group
10AVALANCHES, THEWe Will Always Love You [Advance Tracks]Astralwerks
Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 10/21

2ALPHA WOLFA Quiet Place To DieSharp Tone
3CRANIAL CONTAMINATION“Hive Mind” [Single]RealityFade 
4SIX FEET UNDER Nightmares Of The DecomposedMetal Blade
5JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNEDPain Is PowerSelf-Released
6FIT FOR A KING The Path Solid State 
7NAPALM DEATHThroes Of Joy In The Jaws Of DefeatismCentury Media
8SKELETAL REMAINSThe Entombment Of ChaosCentury Media
10PIG DESTROYER The Octagonal Stairway [EP]Relapse 
Music News and Interviews

Edward “Eddie” Lodewijk Van Halen

January 26, 1955 – October 6, 2020

The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was a huge statue, measuring 108 feet tall, erected on the Greek island of Rhodes in 280 BC. The actual location of the original statue is disputed today, but one of the opinions on the matter is that the statue straddled the opening to the harbor of Rhodes, a foot on each side. 

I grew up listening to Van Halen with my parents. I have told the story, many times, of riding to kindergarten with my dad, and asking him to play “Little Dreamer,” my favorite at the time. Hearing Eddie play at that young age, helped bring a familiarity to all music that I would hear from then on. The sound of screaming solos and chugging riffs has always been an inviting and welcoming sound to me. In the era in which Eddie played, there were great guitarists. But he turned it up! And turned Rock on its head!

Eddie was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His family moved to California and in 1972, he and his brother Alex, founded Van Halen with original bassist Mark Stone and singer David Lee Roth. He may not have invented the “tap style” technique of guitar playing, but he sure did perfect it! More than that, though, he was the perfect expression of one’s instrument becoming an extension of one’s self. With a perpetual grin, Eddie did amazing things, both in the studio and on the stage. 

1974 – 1985: Eddie, Alex, David, and Michael Anthony (bass) delivered raw emotion and talent on Van Halen’s first 5 records, all of which have since been certified multi-platinum – Van Halen, Van Halen II, Women and Children First, Fair Warning, and Diver Down. The sixth record, 1984, was far more commercial than the previous records, but Eddie kept on with the kick ass riffs. 

In 1985 Roth went solo and The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, stepped in to vocals and as a second guitarist. The band became even more successful, producing four U.S. number-one, multi-platinum records – 5150 in 1986, OU812 in 1988, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge in 1991, and Balance in 1995. Eddie introduced keyboards on the 1984 album, and carried that through this era as well. These records had a more pop-rock sound, but Eddie kept dealing out the killer guitars. 

1996, Hager leaves the band and Gary Cherone (Extreme) takes vocals for Van Halen III in 1998. He leaves the band in 1999. 

2003, Hagar rejoins for a worldwide tour in 2004, and leaves again in 2005. 

2006, Roth rejoins and Wolfgang Van Halen (Eddies son) takes over on bass. 

2012 sees the release of A Different Kind of Truth and, you guessed it, Eddie kept delivering the guitar mastery. 

The Colossus of Rhodes is the perfect imagery to me, when imagining Eddie within the larger guitar community. He stood like a Colossus with one foot in Rock-n-roll and the other in what would come to be known as Metal. He stood in welcome of travelers journeying to this new form of energy. He was the bridge between the old and the new. There are giants in the land of guitarists. There are metal-gods and titans that traverse here, too. But Eddie was a Colossus that changed the art of shredding forever. With a grin and a swagger, this Colossus stands forever. Rest In Rock, sir. 

Stay Metal,


New Album Review

Lugalan by Jrusalam Album Review

Soul. It is what defines an artist. Staying true to yourself by making music that resonates with matters that reside within you and in the minds of your audience is the difference between a true Carolina artist and those who do it solely for glory. If there’s one thing our North Carolinian artists have plenty of, it’s soul, and Jrusalam’s 3rd album, Lugalan, is covered in hot buttery soul. Lugalan is not just about witty lyricism and the love for local hip-hop, rather, it’s a story about how growing up in Carolina and finding your family can inspire you to express your most personal thoughts. For Jru, this album is a rare blend of catharsis and high-spirited energy.

Produced by King Leaf, Jrusalam’s gritty vocals over hard-hitting lyrics draws you into the mind of a man who embraces his past to explore himself spiritually, is confident enough to be vulnerable, and is clever enough to give his punchlines a unique twist of humor. Not to mention, the beats sound fresh, often with dark melodies under fat 808 basslines and well polished drums. Although the production is sweet, King Leaf is not afraid to stray away from his hip-hop foundations to let Jrusalam lay down vocal melodies. A few of my stand-out favorites off the new record include Hibachi, BM, Lady Luck, Free Luv and DN& (DNA). Hibachi is the macho introduction that pulls you into Lugalan. From aggressive ad-libs to daring mantras like “my dearly are departed, they’re the angels that I carry” the track is dark, honest, audacious and incredibly fun. Lady Luck’s sultry melodies lets Jrusalam share his interesting perspective on how the best things come and go at the moments you need them most. The visuals for Lady Luck go hard too, check ‘em out on YouTube. DN& is a song that everyone in the Carolina hip-hop scene can appreciate as it represents finding your family, whether that be a group of artists who inspire you *cough* the NC State Cypher *cough,* or finding your estranged relatives who also turn out to be musicians. DN& is my favorite off this record as I believe it is one of the more personal songs and displays Jrusalam’s prowess as a introspective lyricist. 

Following the theme of his first two albums, Lugalan represents the 3rd Amulet of the Starbody Handbook. This theme that exists throughout gives the album a layer of spiritualism and a desire to self-reflect that you don’t find too often in mainstream hip-hop. Lugalan speaks volumes not to just the integrity and growth of our local scene, but to the tortured and talented few who use music as an outlet to cope and a platform to share how they’ve overcome their life experiences. Picture a young 20-something, struggling to deal with the hardship of never having met a side of his family, having his god-brother die in a car accident and recently getting out of a relationship, still pushing his avid desire to make it as a musician. Taking all your frustrations and laying it down on tape. Now that’s Carolina.

Jrusalam puts together an album that is cohesive and speaks to the heart of Carolina hip-hop. The motivation for this album is far different than Jrusalam’s first two records. Lugalan is a celebration of family. Don’t believe me? Take it from Jrusalam himself. “It represents finally finding my family, and not just that, but they are artists just like me, and we connected and made a whole vibe for it. I got to speak my heart and achieve a sound I had only dreamed about. It’s something for the family more than anything, vibes my brother might like to hear up in heaven.”


Non-Music News

Goodbye Tumblr, and Hello WordPress!

Ahh, today is the day that we must say goodbye. Our long, long thread of blogs on Tumblr are no more! We are now on the lovely WordPress! We have updated WKNC’s website and, y’all, it is so cool. WKNC said: “Glow up!!!!” 
We transitioned to our new website, which is still, on October 1st and we love our new little baby!! The blogs can now be viewed on the website, and the home screen gives you some sneak peaks of our most recent blogs and content! Our podcasts can also be found here, too! How convenient! 
Now, let’s take a walk down memory lane, WKNC first started on Tumblr in January 2014.We have been on Tumblr for a little over 6 years! We have so much content on different bands/artists, albums (new and old), concert and festival reviews, interviews, and short stories on Tumblr that have made our days when we needed them most. All of those blogs will be on WKNC’s new website! YAY!! You can spend hours upon hours just reading the amazing content that. Our DJ’s and staff have created! 
The Saw (and her Butcher Shop) has destroyed us in her Meat Grinder and hung us up in the Meat Locker so we had no choice!! We had to switch over, the pain was tremendous in the Butcher Shop!! But we have plenty of room over here at WordPress so we are safe… for now. She might find us, oh no!!
But until then, Tumblr, we love you and WKNC just wants you to know: it’s not you, it’s us. We had to flex on ‘em real quick. Ya feel? So, go on over to our new website and check out all that we have to offer! We got WKNC’s history, HD-1/HD-2 schedule, our playlist so you never miss the name of your favorite songs, our podcasts, our blogs, and many many more!! 
Happy scrolling  🙂
-On behalf of WKNC 
Weekly Charts

Daytime Charts 10/13

1TUNE-YARDS“nowhere, man.” [Single]4AD/Beggars Group
2IDLESUltra MonoPartisan
3TAPEWORMSFuntastic [Advance Tracks]Howlin’ Banana
4OSEESProtean ThreatCastle Face
5HOLY MOTORSHorse [Advance Tracks]Wharf Cat
6MINT FIELDSentimiento MundialFelte
7BARTEES STRANGELive ForeverMemory
8SHY BOYSTalk LoudPolyvinyl
10BUMPERPop Songs 2020 [EP]Self-Released
11MAMALARKYMamalarky [Advance Tracks]Fire Talk
13GIRL FRIDAYAndrogynous MaryHardly Art
14CAMERON BUTLERExtraterrestialUFO Baby
15CHIKA“U Should” [Single]CHIKA/Warner
16KASH DOLLStackedRepublic 
17645AR“Sum Bout U” [Single]Columbia
18DWY“Latchkey” [Single]Wilder 
20JACQUES GREENEDawn ChorusLucky Me
21XAVIER WULF“Kid Cudi (Remix)” [Single]The Hollow Squad
22JAYDA GBoth Of Us/Are You Down [EP]Ninja Tune
23DON TOLIVERAfter PartyWMG Atlantic
24ARCHAEAS, THEThe ArchaeasGoner
25HARRIS RUDMAN“Influential” [Single]Candy Gang
26TY BRI“Gimme Sum Money” [Single]Def Jam
27FELIXX“My Baby” [Single]Loud N Klear
28EARL SWEATSHIRTFeet Of ClayTan Cressida/Warner
29FRANK OCEAN“DHL” [Single]Def Jam
30YAEJIWhat We DrewXL/Beggars Group


1SLOW PULPMoveysWinspear
2SETH BOGARTMen On The Verge Of NothingWacky Wacko
3BREAD AND BUTTERPsycho WorldKillroom
4DEAD SWELLSDead SwellsArtist Formula
5BEE BEE SEA“Gonna Get Me” [Single]Wild Honey
6CHAI“Donuts Mind If I Do” [Single]Sub Pop
7BLEACHED“Stupid Boys” [Single]Dead Oceans
8MILLY“Star Thistle Blossom” [Single]Dangerbird
9CAMINATe Quiero Mucho [EP]Self-Released
10SIR CHLOE“Sedona” [Single]Terrible
Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 10/13

1JACQUES GREENEDawn ChorusLucky Me
2JAYDA GBoth Of Us/Are You Down [EP]Ninja Tune
3BELLA BOOOnce Upon A Passion RemixesStudio Barnhus
4KENNEDY ONEMetropolis [EP]Self-Released
5STEMLINES Harsh Riddims Vol. 4 Self-Released
7DIVINE INTERFACESeeking Arrangements2MR
8LASTLINGSFirst Contact [Advance Tracks]Astralwerks
9EQUIPCursebreaker X100% Electronica
10YEULESerotonin IIBayonet
Weekly Charts

Underground Charts 10/13

1KASH DOLLStackedRepublic 
2654AR“Sum Bout U (ft. FKA Twigs)” [Single]Columbia
3RICO NASTY“IPHONE” [Single]Sugar Trap
4SLOWTHAI AND DENZEL CURRY“Psycho” [Single]This Is Forever
5MAXOLil Big ManDef Jam
6LEIKELI47“Zoom” [Single]Hardcover LLC
7XAVIER WULF“Kid Cudi (Remix)” [Single]The Hollow Squad
8COOKIEE KAWAIIClub Soda, Vol. 2The Cookiee Jar/EMPIRE
9BLACK NOI$E“Mutha Magick (ft. bbymutha)” [Single]Tan Cressida
10KNXWLEDGE1988 (Ninety Eighty Eight)Stones Throw