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Bad Words

We all know you can’t say bad words on the radio, but WKNC likes to express itself outside its airwaves through creative endeavors like our zine. First published in 2015, “Bad Words (and Other Things you Can’t Say on Air)” is released annually(-ish) in conjunction with WKNC’s Double Barrel Benefit concert series. Enjoy our online archive below.

Bad Words v. 8 (2024)

Bad Words v. 7 (2023)

Bad Words v. 7 cover

Bad Words v. 6 (2022)

Bad Words (and Other Things You Can't Say on the Radio) v. 6

Bad Words v. 5 (2020)

Bad Words v. 5 cover

Bad Words v. 4 (2019)

Bad Words v. 4 cover

Bad Words v. 3 (2017)

Bad Words v. 3 cover

Bad Words v. 2 (2016)

Bad Words v. 2 cover

Bad Words v. 1 (2015)

Bad Words v. 1 cover

And before “Bad Words” was born we published WKNC’s Double Barrel Benefit #7 zine back in 2010.

DBB7 zine cover


Type R



Camp Cope


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