Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 1/26

1MALODOROUS “Gestation of Iniquity” [Single]Self-Released
2OF MICE AND MEN“Obsolete” [Single]Sharptone
3DYSPHORIAPrimal EntropySelf-Released
4SIX FEET UNDERNightmares Of The DecomposedMetal Blade
5CADAVER Edder and BileNuclear Blast 
6NECROPHOBICDawn Of The DamnedCentury Media
7ABORTEDLa Grande Mascarade [EP]Self-Released
8THY ART IS MURDER“Killing Season” [Single]Nuclear Blast
10WAGE WAR“Surrounded” [Single]Fearless
Weekly Charts

Daytime Charts 1/26

1NANCYThe Seven Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good BluesB3SCI
2SHAMEDrunk Tank PinkDead Oceans
3JORDANASomething To Say To YouGrand Jury
4VIAGRA BOYSWelfare JazzYear0001
5LANDSHAPESContactBella Union/PIAS
6BLU AND EXILEMilesDirty Science
7BUTCHER BROWN#KingButchConcord Jazz
8CASHINOVABig DragonStophouse
9JOESEFDoes It Make You Feel Good [EP]AWAL
11TOBIElements Vol. 1Same Plate/RCA
13BABE CLUBRemember This Feeling [EP]Self-Released
14CHERRY GLAZERR“Rabbit Hole” [Single]Secretly Canadian
15DEZRON DOUGLAS AND BRANDEE YOUNGERForce MajeureInternational Anthem
16FAT TONYExoticaCarpark
18KARI FAUXLowkey SuperstarChange Minds
19PRINCESS NOKIAEverything Is Beautiful/Everything SucksSelf-Released
21ST PANTHERThese Days [EP]Nice Life
22JESSIE WAREWhat’s Your Pleasure?Virgin EMI
23PLANET 1999DevotionPIAS
24TIGERS JAWI Won’t Care How You Remember Me [Advance Tracks]Hopeless
25SIMPS, THE“On Fye” [Single]Lex
26STEVE LACYN Side3qtr
27FELIXX“My Baby” [Single]Loud N Klear
28DON TOLIVERAfter PartyWMG Atlantic
29PARK HYE JINHow Can I [EP]Ninja Tune
30RICO NASTYNightmare Vacation [Advance Tracks]Sugar Trap


1POM POKOCheaterBella Union
2KIWI JRCooler ReturnsSub Pop
3BENNY SINGSMusic [Advance Tracks]Stones Throw
5GOAT GIRLOn All Fours [Advance Tracks]Rough Trade
6VAUGHNS, THERom Coms And Take Out [EP]Equal Vision
7BURKHARTS, THEWho Are The Burkharts [EP]Admirable Traits
8HAND HABITS“4th Of July” [Single]Saddle Creek
9TOLEDO“Dog Has Its Day” [Single]Telefono
10HOGAN AND CRAZYUPSSomeone’s Gotta’ PaySelf-Released

Top Second-Hand Stores in The Triangle

Second-hand shopping is the best shopping. Not only are you (usually) saving a pretty penny by thrifting, but you’re also avoiding fast fashion! It’s so important to shop sustainably, and buying pre-loved goods is one of the easiest ways to do so. My new year’s resolution was to only buy clothes, books, and furniture used, and it’s been super rewarding! One of my favorite pastimes is to explore rows of antiques. Here are some of my favorite second-hand stores near NC State (in no particular order):

1. The Cheshire Cat

This place is a treasure trove if you love antiquing. Located in Cameron Village next to the Goodberries, the Cheshire Cat is a huge underground antique store. It’s filled with just about anything you can imagine from dozens of different vendors. There are records, books, furniture, clothes, knick-knacks, and literally the most random stuff you’ll ever see. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you could get lost in there for hours. If you’re looking for cheap vinyl, they have lots of $1 records available.

2. Nice Price Books & Records

Nice Price is an obvious favorite, especially since it’s right across from campus next to Cup a Joe. They’ve been around for over 20 years and continue to be one of Raleigh’s best record stores. Not only do they have new releases from current artists, but they also have rare used records as well. It’s a bit pricey for me, but their used book section is fantastic and you’re sure to find something special.

3. Rumors Chapel Hill

Since I moved to Chapel Hill last summer, Rumors has become my favorite spot. Though Franklin St. will never compare to Hillsborough St. (to me at least), the little side avenue where Rumors lives is the exception. They have tons of used, on-trend clothes and some really nice vintage pieces. If you’re on a budget, Rumors is probably the best curated thrift store to hit up because of their low prices. Looking to get some clothes off your hands? They also buy clothes at a really fair price!

4. Father & Son

Because they get the majority of their stock from estate sales, Father & Son is the peak of high-end vintage shopping, but get ready to drop some cash if you’re shopping there. They have the most beautiful mid-century furniture and art. Their clothing selection includes lots of ball gowns, leather jackets, and quality vintage pieces. Despite being on the more expensive side of things, Father & Son does have some cheap records!

5. Reader’s Corner

Reader’s Corner is the best place to find used books. Period. It’s one of those places that people often forget about but are amazed by when they walk through the doors. Though it’s a small place, it’ wall-to-wall with books. This is where I get all my vintage collage magazines and prints from! They are very budget-friendly and super helpful in there. Located a bit up the street from Nice Price, it’s a definite must-see!

6. Design Archives Emporium

Though it’s a bit of a haul away from Raleigh, the Design Archive Emporium is a second-hand shop in Downtown Greensboro that I absolutely love. Like the Cheshire Cat, it’s a vendor-based thrift store with (mostly) clothes for sale. I’ve found some amazing pieces there for super cheap! If you’re ever taking a trip westward you gotta make a stop there.

– DJ Butter


Let’s Get Metal: Décor Edition

What’s going on Butcher Crew?! We are almost a month into 2021 and I know some people want to spice up their lives; whether that be going to the gym, changing their hair style, or even changing up their room. 

Today, we will be talking about how to add some ~~spice~~ to your room. I get compliments on my room and how I have it set up. My friends like the vibe and aesthetic that my room has. I have a dark hippie-metal vibe going on in the lair. So, if you want to add some dark hippie vibes to your room, here are some of the things that I did to spice up my room. 

Find a main theme and work around it.

I really love skulls, so I have a lot of items that involve skulls. If I am being honest, I have nine skulls in total. They are all designed in different ways and I have placed them around my room to set the theme. I have them on my nightstand, printer, bathtub, and my dresser. I also have posters of skulls and even skull ashtrays! Some people may say that I have an obsession, but I call it taste. 

Have an accent wall.

When I moved into the house that I am living at now, the girl who had my room before me painted a wave of eyes on one of the walls. I loved it when I saw it and I thought it would add to the aesthetic of my room. I didn’t want to cover up the eyes, so I added my bed and some small furniture around it. If you do not have a wall of eyes (if you do, please show me; that would be so cool), you can always paint an accent wall or design something on one of your walls (if you are allowed to). You could also add some tapestries to a wall to accent it! I have collected tons of tapestries from different smoke shops and also mall outlets. These tapestries can help you add some color to your room and also find other color furniture or decorations that match the tapestry. 

Make your room smell good.

Okay y’all, I love candles. They are my absolute favorite. I get candles from Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart, and literally anywhere or any business that makes/sells candles. Scents can also help set the vibe of your room. You can get some dark earthy scents, floral scents, fruity/tropical scents, or even clean fresh scents! I like my musk scents or heavy fruit scents. I think they go with both my dark hippie and metal vibe. The colors and designs of candles and candle holders can also help create your aesthetic. 

If you don’t want candles, you can always get wax burners. They have some cute burners that can help bring your room together. I have a sugar skull wax burner and also a Himalayan rock burner. They give off cool light designs on your wall and create a way to have some dim lighting in your room that is great for relaxation. 

And if you are feeling really fancy, incents will always help you get the hippie vibe. 

Accent Furniture 

I have an old school record player/ stereo that I placed by my windows in order to be the centerpiece of my room. I placed some plants, incents, and skulls on top of it in order to add my aesthetic to it. I love vinyl’s and record players because it gives me those ‘90s vibes. I love the ‘90s and my record player is from 1992 so it fits in perfectly. 

How are you guys decorating your rooms? 

Stay Metal, 


New Album Review

Heaux Tales Review

Written By Miranda

My favorites: Lost One, Girl Like Me, Bodies – Intro 

Listen if you like: SZA, Summer Walker, H.E.R., Jorja Smith

Jazmine Sullivan, typically most well-known for her hit 2008 single “Bust Your Windows” has again created new music worthy of our attention. Since her 2008 “Fearless” which earned her seven Grammy nominations, Sullivan has only released two full-length projects before “Heaux Tales.” However, she has performed many notorious features with artists such as Goldlink and Bryson Tiller. “Heaux Tales” has quickly risen to the top of R&B charts – for good reason. 

“Heaux Tales” perfectly encapsulates all the talents Sullivan offers: versatility, depth, and realness. Sullivan’s purpose? Portraying “today’s women standing in their power and owning who they are.” She delves into relationship issues, love, and sex while utilizing the stories of other women as anecdotal tracks throughout. Sullivan navigates these topics with care and honesty, making each track delectably real and showing off the conflicts brought about by being a woman in the 2020’s. Sullivan’s “Heaux Tales” contains a mixture of catchy rhythms with Sullivan’s velvety vocals. She also features several artists which complement her style well including Anderson .Paak and H.E.R.. The album features prior-released singles, “Lost One” and “Pick Up Your Feelings,” released in 2020; and released in 2021, “Girl Like Me (feat. H.E.R.)”. The most popular song from the album currently is “Pick Up Your Feelings.” This song is catchy and playful, but meaningful. Sullivan discusses getting cheated on and how she “doesn’t need it” and deserves better. I know that’s true. “Lost One” is emotional and raw. Sullivan reflects on losing a good relationship: “And if it’s too late, I understand/Sometimes it’s too late to make amends.” Another notable track is the last one on the album, “Girl Like Me” which features vocals from R&B artist H.E.R.. The song follows a woman after a breakup rejected by her lover. The vocals include soft, beautiful harmonies; Sullivan and H.E.R. play off of each other’s energies beautifully. 

I highly recommend giving this album a listen, especially the three pre-released tracks which showcase the versatility that makes Jazmine Sullivan so appealing as an artist. I predict Sullivan to rise to ranks of other female R&B artists like SZA and Jorja Smith in the coming year. 

Band/Artist Profile

Artist Spotlight: Goth Babe

Recently I’ve been getting into a new favorite band called Goth Babe. As a dreamy combination of surf rock and indie pop, they have quickly made their way to the top of my charts. Goth Babe is really just one man named Griff Washburn, who lives the life every indie teenager today dreams of. Griff lives out of his camper truck in the Pacific Northwest, passing the time through surfing, rock climbing, and writing music. It’s easy to see how his music style reflects the life he lives. However, the most perfect addition to his lifestyle is Griff’s adorable Australian Shepherd, which makes several appearances on his album art.   

In 2020 alone Goth Babe released nine singles. From a Bob Dylan cover to euphoric cadences, his style spanned a broad range of genres. However, my favorite work by Goth Babe is by far the EP “Point Mogu.” The lyrics echo and bounce around the four songs on the EP. My favorite has got to be “Swami’s,” however the single “Sometimes” comes in a close second place.

Living literally on the road out of his camper has allowed Griff to gain a lot of traction. Always with his instruments, he can go wherever, play music whenever, and live however he wants. He has total freedom to be the person he wants to be, and it is undoubtedly reflected in his music.

Hope you guys enjoy the music,
-The DJ Formerly Known as Chippypants


Aging Up Playlist

Written By Miranda

Since my seventeenth birthday I’ve collected songs about the age I was turning for every birthday and made a playlist each year to assist the transition between my ages. There’s something comforting about knowing that the artists you identify with have also gone through the same things you are currently going through. This playlist is a collection of all the songs about being between the ages of seventeen and twenty-three. You can listen to the playlist here

  1. Seventeen by MARINA
  2. Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks 
  3. Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl by Broken Social Scene 
  4. Seventeen by Kevin Abstract 
  5. Dancing Queen by ABBA 
  6. 8TEEN by Khalid 
  7. Eighteen by Joyce Manor 
  8. 18 by One Direction 
  9. I’m Eighteen by Alice Cooper 
  10. Reinventing the Wheel to Run Myself Over by Fall Out Boy 
  11. Nineteen by Tegan and Sara 
  12. Perfect Places by Lorde 
  13. Pushing 20 by Sabrina Carpenter 
  14. 20 Something by SZA 
  15. Twenty One by Khalid 
  16. 21 and Invincible by Something Corporate 
  17. Leaves That Are Green by Simon & Garfunkel 
  18. 22 by Taylor Swift 
  19. What’s My Age Again? by blink-182
  20. Maintain Consciousness by Relient K
Music Education

The Issue With Streaming Platforms

It’s rare to see someone walking down the street with a Discman, boombox, or even an iPod nowadays. Subscription services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music have taken over the music streaming industry. Their convenience and affordability make any other music-listening method seem archaic. Remember when getting a $10 iTunes gift card was one of the best Christmas presents ever? I have a distinct memory of opening up The Black Eyed Peas’ “The E.N.D.” CD on my 9th birthday and feeling like I struck gold. I can’t even imagine being excited about either of these products now, since today we have access to every song ever made at the tips of our fingers.

Royalties & Inequality

Unfortunately, this convenience comes with a price. Recently, there’s been talk surrounding the inequality involved in the music streaming industry. As artists were forced to cancel their gigs and concerts amidst the pandemic, many realized that the royalties they made off streams were abysmal. While issues with the royalty system have been apparent for years, staying inside has made artists take a long, hard look at where exactly the money from their listeners is going.

On average, streaming services take 30% of profits from subscription fees, while the other 70% goes to record labels, who then decide how much goes to the artists themselves. Included in this “artist” category are the producers, lyricists, composers, and performers. Once this process is all said and done, the actual percentage the artists receive is incredibly low, usually around 10%-15%. Considering that Spotify and Apple Music pay creators less than $0.006 per stream, independent and mid-level artists are failing to receive virtually any profits.

How Artists Are Adapting

Besides the economical issues, there is strong evidence that streaming is also changing the way music is written and appreciated. Before Spotify, Apple Music, or even iTunes existed, the act of listening to music was generally done by sitting through entire albums. Almost all traditional forms of media, like CDs and vinyl, followed this system. This made buying music something to be cherished and deeply acknowledged, as it increased the importance of newly released albums. I’m not saying that new albums from our favorite artists are not appreciated today, but the rise of playlist-based listening has changed the way we consume music.

Now, we listen by mood, era, feeling, genre. Just last week I wrote a blog about my favorite Spotify playlists. Playlists are fantastic and easy, but they take away the element of sitting through a single artist’s LP, as we used to do with CDs and records. Consequentially, artists are making less money and streaming platforms are making more. Songs are getting shorter and choruses are coming in earlier. In other words, pop is slowly becoming the formula for producing music, as there’s less risk involved and a greater likelihood of widespread streaming.

Though it’s unlikely that Spotify is going to go away anytime soon (or that we’re going to stop using it) it’s important to be aware of how musicians are being affected by these platforms. The good news is that there still are lots of alternatives to support your favorite artists. Vinyl is making a huge comeback, and there are websites like Bandcamp and Patreon that allow you to contribute directly to independent musicians.

– DJ Butter

All sources for this blog were found in these articles from NPR and Forbes.


Friday Favorites (1/22)

Written By Miranda

Girl Like Me (feat. H.E.R.) – Jazmine Sullivan 

This track from Sullivan’s new album, “Heaux Tales,” is my favorite. If you love this song, check out my review of the album also on WKNC’s blog. 

The King of Carrot Flowers. Pt. One – Death Cab for Cutie 

Death Cab’s new “The Georgia EP” was released last week and features very well-done covers in the classic Death Cab style. I particularly like their Neutral Milk Hotel cover as their style complements the original song and definitely does it justice.  

Atomic Vomit – Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy’s recent album, “The Lo-Fis,” is filled with groovy alt-R&B, with this song in particular being especially appealing. I love the beat and vocals on this track and definitely recommend it. 

Good Days – SZA

SZA recently confirmed a new album release coming in 2021, and delighted fans with the drop of “Good Days” which seems to blend together her style from 2017’s “Ctrl” with her older projects such as “Z.” We’re all looking forward to her newest project. 

He Said (feat. Miguel) – dvsn

R&B fans will love this slow-jam from the very new release by dvsn on “Amusing Her Feelings.” 
To listen to this week’s Friday Favorites and every song from the past weeks, check out my playlist on WKNC’s Spotify.

Classic Album Review

Album Review: Bears Like This Too

ALBUM: “Bears Like This Too” by Spillage Village


LABEL: Spillage Village Records

RATING: 9.5/10

BEST TRACKS: “Spaced,” “Sky” and “Fryin”

FCC: Explicit

“Bears Like This Too” was the sequel we were all waiting for after Spillage Village released “Bears Like This” in 2014. Filled with psychedelic beats and a laid-back ambiance, it’s one of my favorite lowkey rap albums. The members of Spillage Village, EarthGang, J.I.D, Jordxn Bryant, and Hollywood JB, show their capability for creating an easy listening experience in their solo work, but “Bears Like This Too” is a masterpiece. Though only eight songs long, it’s the kind of album that you can listen to over and over again, volume turned all the way up or as background music.

Each song seems to fit together so seamlessly. Don’t get me wrong, I love some tempo variation, but sometimes it’s nice to hear a steady vibe maintained throughout an album. “Bears Like This Too” accomplishes this perfectly. While the mood is definitely on the relaxed side, don’t let this fool you into not appreciating the lyrical complexity. Each song is a poetic commentary on a variety of topics, from police violence in “Fryin” to untamed lust in “Spaced.” The core members of Spillage Village are fantastic, but my favorite songs are the ones that include guest artists Mereba and 6LACK (very early in his career). They both add a softness to the album, really helping to weave that mellow tone Spillage Village is so good at building.

If you’re in need of an album to accompany late nights spent on the couch, “Bears Like This Too” is the one. Absolute immaculate vibes.

– DJ Butter