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Jazz Charts 5/17/24

Jazz Charts

1JAKE LECKIEPlanter of SeedsSelf-Released
2IVANNA CUESTAA Letter to to Earth [EP]Orenda
3EYAL VILNER BIG BANDSwingin’ UptownSelf-Released
6KENNY BARONBeyond this PlaceArtwork
7REGINALD CYNTJEGentle TouchSelf-Released
9GHOST-NOTEMustard n’ OnionsArtistry/Mack Avenue
10OBED CALVAIRE150 Million Gold FrancsSFJAZZ Collective

Jazz Adds

1JAKE LECKIEPlanter of SeedsSelf-Released
2ANDY MILNETime Will TellSunnyside
3IVANNA CUESTAA Letter to to Earth [EP]Orenda
4TROY ROBERTSGreen LightsToy Robot
5BK TRIOGroovin OnFlat7Always
6JOE MARCINEK BAND1 River StreetVintage League
Weekly Charts

Underground Charts 5/17/24

Underground Charts

2MACHINEDRUM“WEARY” feat. Mick Jenkins & Jesse Boykins III [Single]Ninja Tune
3NUBIYAN TWISTFind Your FlameStrut
4DEEM SPENCER“Pony” [Single]drink sum wtr
5HALIMA“Ways” [Single]drink sum wtr
7FLAU’JAE“AMF” feat. NLE Choppa [Single]EQ
8SEAFOOD SAMStanding On Giant Shouldersdrink sum wtr
9DELIVERY BOYSDelivery BoysSelf-Released
10RIZZY RACKZ“Loving Me Baby” [Single]MPT

Underground Adds

1MILAN RINGMangosAstral People/PIAS
2DANNY MILESBeautiful MusicUrbnet
3MUDDYOUSHThird From The SunSelf-Released
4YOUR OLD DROOG“Mercury Thermometers” [Single]Rem-U-Lak
Classic Album Review

Machine Girl Traverses a Synthetic Heaven with “SUPER FREQ”

Machine Girl’s latest EP is a perfect blend of frenetic beats and ultramodern digital rhythms. “SUPER FREQ” channels Machine Girl’s classic anime-infused breakcore stylstics with an uncanny twist.

Produced for FREQ Records, the EP stands as a pesudo-soundtrack for “FREQ,” a new manga project by Nicola Kazimir and Dai Sato. Written by Sato, acclaimed for his screenwriting work on “Ergo Proxy,” “Cowboy Bebop,” “Samurai Champloo” and numerous others, “FREQ” takes place in a universe governed by sound.

Finished Manga panel from FREQ Volume #0, illustrated by Good News For Bad Guys

According to the official “FREQ” Kickstarter, “The setting of Freq’s lore unfolds in a futuristic realm where the influence of sound frequencies governs all aspects of life. In this world, everything from traffic, AR visuals to warfare and of course music is orchestrated through the manipulation/extraction of sound frequencies [sic].”

Synthetic Heaven

Consisting of three tracks and with a total runtime of around 10 minutes, “SUPER FREQ” is fast-paced, energetic and futuristic. Though lacking in the stylistic complexity seen in earlier releases like “Wlfgrl” or “U-Void Synthesizer,” the EP is wholly solid.

While “SUPER FREQ” lacks the digital hardcore influence that underscores much of Machine Girl’s work, the EP’s “cleaner” vocal quality allows for Stephenson’s incisive lyricism to really shine through.

The EP’s first track, “Black Glass,” puts an esoteric spin on the digital age. The plight of the chronically online and technologically oversaturated becomes a “black mass,” with the human soul endlessly reflected as “shadows” across an endless expanse of “black glass.”

Crawl into the cave before it’s gone

Before the future turns to aches

Before your blood turns into plastic

“Black Glass,” Machine Girl

There certainly is no dearth of sci-fi futurist dystopias in media: decades-away worlds plated in chrome and illuminated in vivid technicolor. However, as Machine Girl suggests, the sci-fi dystopia is already upon us: our blood is inexorably laced with forever chemicals and our lives are consumed by synthetic stimulation.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Despite the song’s prescient message, it’s consistently upbeat. In fact, the whole EP maintains a sort of cavalier jubilation throughout. The next track, “Dance in the Fire,” is a techno-laced dance anthem. The third, “Big Time Freq,” a chipper instrumental.

Of the three tracks on “SUPER FREQ,” this one excited me the least. Compared to the mysterious “Black Glass” and the manic “Dance in the Fire,” “Big Time Freq” is…kind of bland.

There’s nothing particularly striking about this track, and it lacks the hypnotic frenzy of other Machine Girl instrumentals. My younger brother aptly described it as “video game idling music.”

Final Thoughts

While “SUPER FREQ” certainly doesn’t take away from Machine Girl’s artistic credibility, it admittedly falls short of its predecessors. The EP is fun and danceable, but it’s only “Black Glass” that really strikes me as iconically Machine Girlesque.

After nearly two years since Machine Girl’s last release, a soundtrack for the platform shooter “Neon White,” it’s fair to say that I hope the duo returns to producing the more involved and experimental LPs that have come to define the breakcore genre.

Weekly Charts

Top Charts 5/17/24

Top Charts

2OFFICE DOGSpielNew West/Flying Nun
4MEAN JEANSBlastedFat Wreck Chords
5ROSIE TUCKERUtopia Now!Sentimental
6SWEET HOMEAdviceSurplus Dads
7AESOP ROCKIntegrated Tech SolutionsRhymesayers
9DANNY BROWNQuarantaWarp
11ERICK THE ARCHITECTI’ve Never Been Here BeforeIDOL
12GLASS BEACHPlastic DeathRun For Cover
13HOTLINE TNTCartwheelThird Man
14MEI SEMONESKabutomushi [EP]Bayonet
15POWERWASHEREveryone LaughsStrange View
16PSYMON SPINEHead Body ConnectorNorthern Spy
17SLEATER-KINNEYLittle RopeLoma Vista/Concord
18SOFTCULT“Shortest Fuse” [Single]Easy Life
20SWEET PILLStarchild [EP]Hopeless
21WAGGINGMy Own Private RodeoSelf-Released
22YEULE“Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl” [Single]A24
24ATMOSPHERETalk Talk [EP]Rhymesayers
26BRISTLERCascades At Play [EP]Mint 400
27CAKES DA KILLABlack SheepYoung Art
28EDO. GWe Do GoodRed Line
29FLY ANAKINSkinemaxxx (Side B)Lex
30GOAT GIRL“Ride Around” [Single]Rough Trade

Top Adds

1NIKI“24” [Single]88Rising/The Orchard
2HINDS“Boom Boom Back” feat. Beck [Single]Lucky Number
3MASI MASI“Cigarette Smile” [Single]Self-Released
4TINY STILLS“We Really Felt Something” [Single]Big Moment
5EFTERKLANG“Plant” feat. Mabe Fratti [Single]City Slang
6EARLY INTERNETRuminatorSelf-Released
7ABIGAIL LAPELLLullabiesOutside
8LA LUZNews Of The UniverseSub Pop

Chainsaw Charts 5/17/24

Chainsaw Charts

1CANDY“eXistenZ” [Single]Relapse
2MY DYING BRIDEA Mortal BindingNuclear Blast
3STRYCHNOSArmageddon PatronageDark Descent
4ABORTEDVault Of HorrorsNuclear Blast
5ILLUMISHADEAnother Side Of YouNapalm
6TORN IN HALFPrayers Returned With Pain [EP]Isolated Incidents
9ANAKAThe Oblivion CallSelf-Released
10GATECREEPERDark SuperstitionNuclear Blast

Chainsaw Adds

1FUMISTCoaltarRip Roaring Shit Storm
2PRIMITIVE WARFAREExtinction ProtocolStygian Black Hand/Godz ov War Productions
3NIMBIFERDer b​ö​se GeistVendetta
4GREYHAVENStereo Grief [EP]Solid State
5DISSIMULATORLower Form Resistance20 Buck Spin
7SPECTRAL VOICESparagmos [EP]Dark Decent
8ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINEVengeance Of Eternal FireProfound Lore
Band/Artist Profile Concert Preview

Concert Preview: MIKE

Abstract hip-hop artist MIKE is set to play at Cat’s Cradle this upcoming Wednesday, May 22. This concert serves as one of the final shows for his “Somebody Fine Me Trouble” tour.

I’ve only been to one other hip-hop concert prior to this, that being Death Grips at The Ritz back in August of last year. Death Grips similarily being a well-respected band in the underground pushing the boundary of abstract hip-hop. I’m not here to talk about them though. Instead, I want to focus on a couple of the standout pieces of MIKE’s discography, and what I’ve been listening to from him lately.

“Burning Desire”

“Burning Desire” is the latest solo album from MIKE, releasing on October 13 of last year. This would be the project that would bring my attention to MIKE. I was immediately captivated by the sampling techniques that had been employed over his more deadpan rapping. This is not to say I don’t enjoy this style of delivery, I do, and I believe it pairs nicely with the dreamy and old-school production. My favorite track would probably be “plz don’t cut my wings” which holds a feature from the artist Earl Sweatshirt. Sweatshirt and MIKE often collaborate and share appearances on one another’s projects, both sharing a similar approach to their work. Overall, I’d say that this album serves as a great introduction point to the rest of MIKE’s work. It’s very definitive and is almost an amalgamation of his output up to that point in his career.

“Beware of the Monkey”

“Beware of the Monkey” is the most recent mixtape from MIKE released on December 21, 2022. I’d describe this mixtape as a beam of hope in the wallows of despair. A large amount of MIKE’s work centers around themes of depression, isolation, and self-hatred. “Beware of the Monkey” sees him in a more optimistic and hopeful spirit, which is always nice to see after listening to some of his more early works. When taking a look at the production, you can see MIKE taking a more of hypnotic approach that he would build upon in the aformentioned “Burning Desire”. My favorite track off of the mixtape would have to be the opener, “nuthin i can do is wrng”.

“May God Bless Your Hustle”

“May God Bless Your Hustle” is one of MIKE’s earlier works that would grant him some traction in the underground. Being released on June 21, 2017, the album reflects a lot of the gloomier sentiments common during that respective era of hip-hop. It’s an extremely relaxing yet emotionally crushing record that I can heavily sympathize with at parts. Out of all of MIKE’s projects, this would be my personal favorite, with my top track being “Pigeonfeet”.

Final Thoughts

Going solely off of the music that I tend to keep on rotation from MIKE, I want to expect this show to be a personal one. It’s a type of sound that he brings forth that can really connect you to others through just the music. I’m absolutely sure that this will be one of my most unique concert experiences and I’m very much ready for it.

Miscellaneous Music Education

The Walkman Effect and the Current State of Music

In his article “The Walkman Effect,” researcher and musicologist Shūhei Hosokawa outlines the innovation and the inner and outer effects of the new listening device. He claims that the Walkman was the beginning of the personalizable listening experience that created the personal autonomy of choice. 

Rather than alienation from the world, the Walkman was solid as a sort of self-enclosure for people. To Hosokawa, the Walkman represents a symbiotic self that affects the transformation of the outer urban environment and the inner environment as both a strategy and device.

Music is generally both public and involved with noise, including street musicians, the cacophony of cars and construction, portable speakers and open car windows. But the Walkman is private. Walkman owners listen to music in a hidden mental sphere, removed from outer sounds. The Walkman is not a technological revolution, but a social one.

New Album Review

“For the Rest of Your Life” by twikipedia

For the Rest of Your Life” is the fourth full-length album of the Brazilian experimental artist, twikipedia. The album was released on May 10, 2024.

twikipedia originated with the SoundCloud hyperpop movement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their sound is a combination of lush and pretty trap and frenetic digicore. Through this brash combination, the artist creates worlds of childlike whimsy in the process.

On this album, twikipedia captures this same fast-paced yet sugary sweet feeling yet again. However, this time, the nineteen year old achieves this in a completely different medium: indie rock.

Combining influences of lofi shoegaze, slacker rock, and noise pop, the sound is extremely well rounded. The project also has near-perfect pacing, without sacrificing a feeling of homegrown moodiness. You are never left a second without a crushing riff, an awesome drum fill, or an soft electronic piano note.

“For the Rest of Your Life” feels like the wonder child of Parannoul’s “To See the Next Part of the Dream,” with its youthful energy, and Jane Remover’s “Frailty,” with its careful, deliberate electronica and DIY aesthetic.

Top Tracks

There are so many incredible songs on this album. Here are my top three:

“Room For One”

This song starts off with acoustic guitar that makes me sway back and forth. The first time listening to this album, I had the impression that the album would have a soft, indie folk feel to it. And when the electric guitar came in, that thought was immediately shattered and I was blown away. This song is an incredible example of how smart twikipedia is with their songwriting.

“Figure Me Out”

Starting with a twangy midwest emo riff, this track makes itself into a stupidly simple yet satisfying track. The crunchy guitar here is beautifully supplanted with cutesy xylophone and synth loops. With its slacker rock vocal style and lofi mix, this feels like a 2012 indie rock song was Frankenstein’s monster-ed into a beautiful post-modern collage of sound.

“Dry Your Eyes”

This song creates a momentum like no other; starting with a juicy riff, and grows with the rhythmic drums and vocal highs points. This song also finds ways to sprinkle pretty piano melodies in the mix. The track climaxes in this giant explosion of noise, and the beautifully shouted lyric, “If anything, I’d even make you cry.” This line, ironically, immediately brought me to tears when I listened to it for the first time.


twikipedia’s extreme transition from electronic music to indie rock has been a success, filling a niche that many have been waiting for. “For the Rest of Your Life” is an incredibly solid indie rock record, and is perfect for anyone who wants a fresh taste of rock.

Weekly Charts

Jazz Charts 5/14/24

Jazz Charts

1BILL FRISELLOrchestrasBlue Note
2JUN IIDAEvergreenOA2
3YUSEF LATEEFEastern SoundsCraft
4OBED CALVAIRE150 Million Gold FrancsSFJAZZ Collective
6GERALD CANNONLive At Dizzy’s Club: The Music Of Elvin & McCoyWoodneck
7KEYON HARROLDForeverlandConcord Jazz/Concord
Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 5/14/24

Chainsaw Charts

1CANDY“eXistenZ” [Single]Relapse
3DYING FETUSMake Them Beg For DeathRelapse
4ESHTADUR“Fire Above Mountain Below” [Single]Self-Released
5PLAGUEMACEReptilian WarlordsNapalm
6SPECTRAL VOICESparagmos [EP]Dark Decent
7FINAL RESTING PLACEPrelude to Extinction [EP]Daze
9ABORTEDVault Of HorrorsNuclear Blast
10ANAKAThe Oblivion CallSelf-Released