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“Send in the Clouds” by Silver Jews

Silver Jews is probably my favorite band of all time. Of course I love all music and musicians for putting their gorgeous sounds into my ears, but Silver Jews has country vibes, amazing songwriting (by the one and only David Berman) and emotional satisfaction, all of which draw me deeper and deeper into my obsession. I’ve written about them before in an article about “The Natural Bridge”. Berman has now been dead for a little over four years. He struggled with mental health issues throughout his life

I wanted to write a small article on one song in particular that I have been enjoying a lot recently, “Send in the Clouds”. It comes from the widely acclaimed, “American Waters”, which was released in 1998. Stephen Malkmus of Pavement helped Berman write, produce and create the album. 

Posted on YouTube by Drag City Records. “Send in the Clouds” is by Silver Jews.

Both Stephen Malkmus and David Berman sing the opening lyrics to this track in unison. It creates an interesting bonded feeling to this song I would never have expected from just reading the lyrics.

Then, the duo goes on to sing this:

I am the trick my mother played on the world
Seventeen doctors couldn’t decide
whether I should be allowed in the game.

What can’t monsters get along with other monsters?
Soi disantra, soi disantra…

From “Send in the Clouds” by Silver Jews

I love the formation “Send in the Clouds” has within its line and as a written, living poem. It has a few tercets followed by a couplet, then another tercet, a quatrain and another couplet. It flows impeccably.

The lyrics themselves are an absolute treat to decipher too. Of course, being David Berman, the words have so many layers of meanings piled atop one another (most of them pretty damn sad).

Initially, the song talks about sending “in the Clouds” filled with rain for a dreary day with a lover in bed. Then we move to questioning the reasons for being born, wondering if the narrator is a curse and monster.

By the chorus, the narrator has decided “soi-desantra”, which is a made up word but close to the French phrase “soi-desant” for “self-proclaimed” according to Merriam-Webster. The narrator claims they are a monster, but are they really? How can we trust their word?

Berman and Malkmus amble on down the road of strange lyrics with this:

I know a puppy who walked from Kentucky.
Made to East Virginia by dawn.
He had seventeen ideas in his head.

Windex tears flow down the robot’s face.
He’s never felt a lover’s embrace.
My momma named me after a king.
I’m gonna bury my name in you.

From “Send in the Clouds” by Silver Jews

They explore the isolation of a dog wandering about the East Coast roads just thinkin’. A robot crying by using “Windex tears”. These lyrics are awe inspiring to me because of how much love can be felt through them. It takes so much craftiness to perfect a line of poetry, and Berman and Malkmus do wonders with this track especially.

If you’ve never taken time out of your day to listen to Silver Jews, well lucky you, Fall is one of my favorite listening periods for them. This song in particular is great with a nice cup of coffee and enjoying grey skies.

New Album Review

Three 2023 Albums to Put on Your End of Year List to Look Cooler

It is now past Thanksgiving. The year is now officially coming to a close, which means that it is also album of the year and Spotify Wrapped season. You, the article reader, may not have realized this until now and are now panicking. You’ve been slacking on the new music. You don’t have something on your best-of topster that none of your friends have heard of. You don’t have the music guy clout, but you need it. You need it.

Worry not, reader: I’ve been looking for this stuff all year. Here’s a few cool releases that I’ve found and pretend you found yourself.

Miscellaneous New Album Review

“Pig City” by Pig City

Something within me *clicks* with Pig City’s newest release “Pig City”. It’s inspired me to deviate from the normal way I write my album reviews. I’ve done a few odd approaches the past couple months on album reviews, but I aim to make this one my strangest. 

Pig City is a queer hardcore crust band hailing from Arizona and releasing music through To Live A Lie Records right here in Raleigh. The album is definitely FCC explicit so cover your ears if you dislike curse words. This album was released on September 15, 2023.

Each track is followed by a block of text that relates to the subject matter and energy of the songs above it. It might help to listen to the music while you read if that is something you can do.

Track 1: “Modern Life I

We’ve made it easy to reduce things down to our specific little categories, but I feel critics have forgotten how to expand upon the meaning of a piece of worthy art. We shelve it away into musty cabinets on bookshelves becoming overladen with garbage. It makes your blood boil, doesn’t it? F*** your bookshelf. Break it. Burn it. Listen to this drum beat. Listen to these screams. Scream along with Pig City. “Where you gonna go?” (last line of “Modern Life I”).

Track 2: “Belly Of The Beast

I’m taking apart my room. Shred it. Piece by piece and examining every micrometer because I wanna find out why nothing is where it was supposed to be. Books were in places, but they didn’t fit there. Tear out the pages, glue them in different orders. Make it into the right kind of meaningful pattern. Burn this one, trash that one. Put them into place. 

Track 3: “Nuclear Wasted

On my roof now. It’s night. The cold gusts clip my ears and draws blood from my body. Drink a beer. Share it with critters running over numb legs. I can’t see my hands. Can’t feel them, but I see the moon and she calls out to take another sip and…

Track 4: “Bash Back

Awake. My head hurts. The world is upside down. It’s always been like this. Hasn’t it? Prolly gonna puke. My leg’s caught in the power line running from my house to the street. I’m hanging from the roof. Rip the leg free. Fall to the ground. It hurts, but not as much as my head. Spinning, standing and spinning. Beer can. It’s half full on the dirt covered sidewalk. I crush it under my boot. Metal succumbed to me. To my weight. I’m bigger than anything around me. I can do what I need to.

Track 5: “Dead On The Table

There’s a corpse rolled up the living room rug. Not gonna deal with that now. Bloated and blue – it’s not mine or anybody’s. Figment of the draining hangover. Not going to deal with it, I said. I want coffee. The strongest there is. All that acid and bitters draining from pot to cup to mouth and… now I can focus on the corpse in my living room. 

Track 6: “Modern Life II

You’d think this would fast track my day. A body in the living room. A hangover and falling from the roof. The day is slow. Nothing moves. Me, my coffee, a corpse. All of us act as if we’ve got all the time in the world to sit still. Sure, I’ve got work this morning. I’ll get there when I get there. Bossman can’t believe the things I’ve been through. Boss – Corpse. They are one in the same. A dead man whipping away at our backs to make us efficient. I finish my coffee and shower. 

Track 7: “Solitary Ideation

Hot showers are for suckers. Cold beams of water open eyes better than any coffee, Redbull or Monster Energy. In a shower, it’s just me and the droning of water against tub or against shower curtain or against body. A fshthh, kftdd, or bmbbmmm kind of sound, respectively. You can think up thousands of things in a shower. Like what to do with a body or how much effort I need to put into cleaning my destroyed room.

Thoughts wash away. It’s nice, empty isolation. Bare-nakedness keeps me raw and vulnerable to only myself. I’m not going to do a thing about the body, about my job, about my room. Leave it all as a masterpiece. Keep on living.


I know I didn’t actually talk about Pig City’s skills or literal sounds, but the point of this article was to explain their energy, effort, and artistry by using it as inspiration to create.

Weekly Charts

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4FLY ANAKINSkinemaxxx (Side A)Lex
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6PARIS TEXASMid AirParis Texas/The Orchard
7SLEEPING BAGPets 4: Obedience School DropoutEarth Libraries
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9THANKS FOR COMINGWhat Is My Capacity To Love? [EP]Danger Collective
10BEN FOLDSWhat Matters MostNew West
11BILLY WOODS AND KENNY SEGALMapsBackwoodz Studioz/Fat Possum
12BUTCHER BROWNSolar MusicConcord Jazz/Concord
13EDO. GWe Do GoodRed Line
15MAN ON MANProvincetownPolyvinyl
16MCKINLEY DIXONBeloved! Paradise! Jazz!?City Slang
17MIKEBurning DesireLex
18MOKA ONLYIn And Of ItselfUrbnet
19PANCHIKOFailed At Math(s)Self-Released
20SQUIDO MonolithWarp
21WEDNESDAYRat Saw GodDead Oceans/Secretly Group
22AL WESTThe StoreSpirit Research
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25CASTLE CHAMPParenting lolSelf-Released
26CITIZENCalling The DogsRun For Cover
27FEEBLE LITTLE HORSEGirl With FishSaddle Creek
28HOTLINE TNTCartwheelThird Man
29JOEY JOESPHTriple Fantasy…Taking It EasyEyebrow Palace

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3MEG ELSIER“Iznotreal” [Single]Self-Released
4MO TROPERTroper Sings BrionLame-O
5PACINGReal PoetryTotally Real
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Underground Charts 11/28/23

Underground Charts

1SEAFOOD SAMAfros In The Wind [EP]drink sum wtr
2AESOP ROCKIntegrated Tech SolutionsRhymesayers
3MICKEY O’BRIENOrebodyHand’Solo
4BUTCHER BROWNSolar MusicConcord Jazz/Concord
5MIKEBurning DesireLex
6EDO. GWe Do GoodRed Line
7LTTHEMONKUptown Intern #333Sonic Unyon
8H31RHeadSpaceBig Dada
9ARMANI WHITERoad To CasablancoDef Jam
10GABRIEL TEODROSFrom The Ashes Of Our HomesSelf-Released

Underground Adds

1AESOP ROCKIntegrated Tech SolutionsRhymesayers
2KILLER MIKEMichael (Deluxe)Loma Vista/Concord
3GABRIEL TEODROSFrom The Ashes Of Our HomesSelf-Released
4$PIFFÉ“ROUNDS” [Single]Self-Released
5MAUIMØON“Groove With Me” [Single]Self-Released
6LIONS“Cool Out Sun” [Single]House Of Beige
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Chainsaw Charts 11/28/23

Chainsaw Charts

1FREYAFight As OneUpstate
2FUTURE STATICLiminalityWild Thing
3DYING FETUSMake Them Beg For DeathRelapse
4RECEIVERWhispers of LoreGates of Hell
5BARONESSStoneAbraxan Hymns
6VITRIOLIC RESPONSEThe Dissidents/Vitriolic Response [EP]Self-Released
7CRYPTOPSYAs Gomorrah BurnsNuclear Blast
8XORCIST“Coterie Of The Depraved” [Single]Prosthetic
9CREAKDepth PerceptionProsthetic
10TILL THE DIRTOutside The SprialNuclear Blast
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Afterhours Charts 11/28/23

Afterhours Charts

2DEATH’S DYNAMIC SHROUDTranscendence Bot100% Electronica
5CARLOS POMPEUO fantasma que come mofo e vomita o sangue dos outrosLogoLogo
6RIPHYAKUrated N for nobodyLost Frog
9SPECIAL INTERESTEndure (Remixed)Rough Trade/Beggars
10MURRUMERPrelude to PatchworkSelf-Released
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Top Charts 11/21/23

Top Charts

1CHERRY GLAZERRI Don’t Want You AnymoreSecretly Canadian/Secretly Group
2FLY ANAKINSkinemaxxx (Side A)Lex
3FLY ANAKINSkinemaxxx (Side B)Lex
4YVES TUMORPraise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds)Warp
6BEN FOLDSWhat Matters MostNew West
7K-RIZOne Way TicketBirthday Cake
8KIPP STONE66689 BLVDClosed Sessions
9MANNEQUIN PUSSY“Sometimes” [Single]Epitaph
10PARIS TEXASMid AirParis Texas/The Orchard
12SLEEPING BAGPets 4: Obedience School DropoutEarth Libraries
13WAVEFORM*AntarticaRun For Cover
14BILLY WOODS AND KENNY SEGALMapsBackwoodz Studioz/Fat Possum
16CHAMPSRide The Morning GlassBMG
17HAVIAH MIGHTYCrying CrystalsMighty Gang
18MAN ON MANProvincetownPolyvinyl
19MCKINLEY DIXONBeloved! Paradise! Jazz!?City Slang
21MOKA ONLYIn And Of ItselfUrbnet
23PALEHOUNDEye On The BatPolyvinyl
24TRUTH CLUBRunning From The ChaseDouble Double Whammy
25JOEY JOESPHTriple Fantasy…Taking It EasyEyebrow Palace
26HOTLINE TNTCartwheelThird Man
29FEEBLE LITTLE HORSEGirl With FishSaddle Creek
30MOON BLAZERSspring [EP]Self-Released

Top Adds

1MHAOLAttachment StylesMerge
2AL WESTThe StoreSelf-Released
3FROST CHILDRENHearth RoomTrue Panther
4GLASS BEACH“rare animal” [Single]Run For Cover
5MJ LENDERMANAnd The Wind (Live And Loose!)Anti-
6WISHY“Too True” [Single]Winspear
7MEI SEMONES“Wakare No Kotoba” [Single]Bayonet
8DANESHEVSKAYALong Is The TunnelWinspear
Weekly Charts

Underground Charts 11/21/23

Underground Charts

1SEAFOOD SAMAfros In The Wind [EP]drink sum wtr
2BUTCHER BROWNSolar MusicConcord Jazz/Concord
3MICKEY O’BRIENOrebodyHand’Solo
4LTTHEMONKUptown Intern #333Sonic Unyon
5JESHIThe Great Stink [EP]Because
6K-RIZOne Way TicketBirthday Cake
7KYLE MCEVOYLone OakSonder House
8EDO. GWe Do GoodRed Line
9KIPP STONE66689 BLVDClosed Sessions
10MIKEBurning DesireLex

Underground Adds

1EDO. GWe Do GoodRed Line
2MIKEBurning DesireLex
4K-REC“Good Humour” [Single]Casual Dad
5TY SLATTER“Can’t Sleep” [Single]Self-Released
6JAVIER GOODENYoung Kings Wear CrownsFUNKnation Recordings
7JAY CINEMA“what a day” [Single]Self-Released
Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 11/21/23

Chainsaw Charts

1ROCKY’S PRIDE AND JOYAll The Colours Of DarknessP.A.K.
2FREYAFight As OneUpstate
3FUTURE STATIC“Roach Queen” [Single]Wild Thing
4XORCIST“Coterie Of The Depraved” [Single]Prosthetic
5CRYPTOPSYAs Gomorrah BurnsNuclear Blast
6BARONESSStoneAbraxan Hymns
7OUTERGODSThe Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage Of HeavenProsthetic
8RINGWORMSeeing Through FireNuclear Blast
9VITRIOLIC RESPONSEThe Dissidents/Vitriolic Response [EP]Self-Released
10INHUMEDFeasted Upon Like CarrionSelf-Released

Chainsaw Adds

1NERVERBrothers in Christ [EP]Reptilian
2CHAT PILEBrothers in Christ [EP]Reptilian
3DOMINATION CAMPAIGNA Storm of SteelProsthetic
4SODOM1982 [EP]SPV/Steamhammer
5PLAGUEMACEReptilian WarlordsNapalm