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Top Charts 4/16/24

Top Charts

4DANNY BROWNQuarantaWarp
5MEAN JEANSBlastedFat Wreck Chords
7HOTLINE TNTCartwheelThird Man
9OMNISouvenirSub Pop
10SWEET PILLStarchild [EP]Hopeless
11YEULE“Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl” [Single]A24
12ARLO PARKSMy Soft Machine (Deluxe)Transgressive/PIAS
13BUTCHER BROWNSolar MusicConcord Jazz/Concord
14CITIZENCalling The DogsRun For Cover
15CRUMB“AMAMA” [Single]Self-Released
16GABRIEL TEODROSFrom The Ashes Of Our HomesSelf-Released
17GOTTS STREET PARKOn The InsideBlue Flowers/PIAS
18HANA VU“Care” [Single]Ghostly International
20KILLER MIKEMichael (Deluxe)Loma Vista/Concord
22MYRA KEYESFlower In The BrickSelf-Released
23POWERWASHEREveryone LaughsStrange View
24ROSIE TUCKERUtopia Now!Sentimental
25SPRINTSLetter To SelfCity Slang
26STALEFISHStalefish Does AmericaHappen Twice
27TOMMY RICHMANThe Rush [EP]Pulse/Concord
28YUNGATITAShoelace & A KnotSelf-Released
29AESOP ROCKIntegrated Tech SolutionsRhymesayers
30BLACK MILKEverybody Good?Mass Appeal

Top Adds

1KHRUANGBINA LA SALADead Oceans/Secretly Group
2KAIROS CREATURE CLUB“Deleuzean” [Single]Greenway
3JOHN BUFFALOJohn BuffaloState Fair
4MEI SEMONESKabutomushi [EP]Bayonet
6LOUIS CULTUREI Can’t Wait To See U Again [EP]Different/PIAS
7ENGLISH TEACHERThis Could Be TexasIsland/UMG
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Underground Charts 4/16/24

Underground Charts

1CHUCK STRANGERSA Forsaken Lover’s PleaLex
2RITCHIETriple Digits [112]AWAL
3WAHIDfeast, by ravenInnovative Leisure/Praises Due
4SCOTT Y LOS PELMAZOSAnalog Machine Presents – Scott Y Los PelmazosAnalog Machine
5CAKES DA KILLABlack SheepYoung Art
8CLAN SPRMThe Great American EclipseHumblux
10GUMBOStir The PotA Tiny Universe

Underground Adds

2GUMBOStir The PotA Tiny Universe
3LOUIS CULTUREI Can’t Wait To See U Again [EP]Different/PIAS
4KAUSEMeta [EP]Self-Released
5JOANZ AND B3E“Well Known” [Single]Self-Released
6K-REC“Sunset” [Single]Casual Dad
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Jazz Charts 4/16/24

Jazz Charts

1BUTCHER BROWNSolar MusicConcord Jazz/Concord
2JUN IIDAEvergreenOA2
3ISAIAH COLLIERParallel UniverseNight Dreamer
4YUSEF LATEEFEastern SoundsCraft
5GOTTS STREET PARKOn The InsideBlue Flowers/PIAS
6SAMMY FIGUREOABusco Tu Recuerdo (Searching For A Memory)Ashé
8CHUCK COPENACEOshki ManitouJayward Artist Group/The Orchard
9BEN LUMSDAINEMurmuration Without EndInternational Anthem
10SEAN MASONThe Southern SuiteBlue Engine

Jazz Adds

1BOBBY SELVAGGIO 11Stories, Dreams, Inspirations: For My BoyHidden Cinema
3SLY5THAVELiberationTru Thoughts
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Chainsaw Charts 4/16/24

Chainsaw Charts

1BARONESSStoneAbraxan Hymns
2CRYPTOPSYAs Gomorrah BurnsNuclear Blast
3ESHTADUR“Fire Above Mountain Below” [Single]Self-Released
4MORTA SKULDCreation UndonePeaceville
5ASTRALBORNEAcross The AeonsProsthetic
6HORNDALHead Hammer ManProsthetic
7GATECREEPER“The Black Curtain” [Single]Nuclear Blast
8MAMMOTH CARAVANIce Cold OblivionSelf-Released
10NERVERBrothers in Christ [EP]Reptilian

Chainsaw Adds

2WHITECROSSFear No EvilDark Star
3CANDY“eXistenZ” [Single]Relapse
4SVNEATR“Never Return” [Single]Prosthetic
5SAVAGE OATHDivine BattlePostmortem Apocalypse
6FINAL RESTING PLACEPreclude to Extinction [EP]Daze
7BRODEQUINHarbinger of WoeSeasons of Mist
Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 4/16/24

Afterhours Charts

1VEGYNThe Road To Hell Is Paved With Good IntentionsPLZ Make It Ruins
218 DAYSLost In MotionSelf-Released
4PSYCHOANGELrave gundam revolutionKitty On Fire
5CURRENOne True ColorSelf-Released
6CLUB ANGELSoundbwoy’s Destiny [EP]Astral People/PIAS
7DJ SLORGLDORFgod put me on this earth to open up the pitSelf-Released
9TATYANAIt’s OverSinderlyn
10COR.ECE AND BAD COLOURSBeen Here BeforeBastard Jazz

Afterhours Adds

1PSYCHOANGELrave gundam revolutionKitty On Fire
3DJ SLORGLDORFgod put me on this earth to open up the pitSelf-Released
New Album Review

Vorga’s “Beyond the Palest Star” Album Peek

Hello, all glorious death metalheads and sci-fi geeks. Today marks the advent of demise, loneliness and destruction in the outer spheres of the universe as I take a dive into Vorga’s “Beyond the Palest Star”. 

This album was released March 29, 2024 on ______. This album is Vorga’s second full length release. Their first, “Striving Towards Oblivion” was released two years ago to much acclaim, but the recent sound-byte reviews of “Beyond the Palest Star” puts it above their first release (as seen on their Bandcamp). 

Vorga hails from Germany, and the members include Atlas (Rhythm Guitar), Спейса (Lead Guitar, Bass + Vocals) and Hymir (Drums).

“Beyond the Palest Star”

In our trip to the outer edges, we find ourselves immediately lost in the beauty of cascading drums and guitars. They bleed into our ears and confuse the listener. The shock and bite of delirium is welcome. (When is it not?). 

Voideath”, the first track on the album, is a long ambling journey itself. The track reaches and climbs through speakers to bring out the intense misery of loneliness in space. Again, it’s welcome, because that feeling is what we search for among the stars. Спейса’s vocals grind in their heavy, throaty way to wind through the stars searching, ever searching. 

In “The Sophist”, which is my favorite track on this release, the journey ambles onward. Through a maze of asteroids we are begged to think and think about impending doom. The song is a little bit slower as it undulates with time and rhythm. Metal is the only sound heard in the emptiness of space, as it should be. 

Vorga decimates all listeners with this niche and growing genre of space bending metal. Evil and doom protrude to the corners, edges of everything, so why not explore space with the knowing feeling of emptiness and be happy you expected it.

Classic Album Review

Growing Up With “Vampire Weekend,”

I can’t remember my first introduction to Vampire Weekend, but I can remember how I felt listening to “M79,” at maybe nine or ten years old and feeling absolutely starstruck. From then on, the music stuck with me, dominating my ipod playlists. I carried Vampire Weekend with me everywhere. On the way to school, before bed, packing up and moving from our house in downtown Carrboro to Chapel Hill, sifting through all the boxes to find my CD player so “Campus,” could be the first song to grace my new room.

So, with all that history, I’ve been waiting patiently for “Only God Was Above Us.” The day the album came out I was waiting at the train station to visit my longtime friend in Washington, DC. I listened to the album once waiting in the lobby. I listened to it again staring out the window. Then again, then again. 

Read more: Growing Up With “Vampire Weekend,”

Staring out through the glass, watching the fields and farms and green trees race by, I was struck by how similar “Only God Was Above Us,” sounded to Vampire Weekend’s previous works. Not so much 2019’s “Father of the Bride,” but the albums that started it all, such as “Modern Vampires of the City,” and the self-titled “Vampire Weekend.” 

There was the sparkling instrumentation, the return to jaunty themes and arrangements, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics. 

To my suprise, this similarity was intentional. Reading about the album, the things that I had only thought sounded familiar were actually familiar. Keonig and his bandmates picked up some of the motifs from Vampire Weekend’s most popular songs and expounded upon them, calling back songs like “Mansard Roof,” on the song “Connect.”

The result is something strange, uncanny, and to me, a bit jarring. I was filled with an uncomfortable nostalgia. My mind wanted to take me back, but my body was rooted firmly in the present. 

On the first few listens, Vampire Weekend was trapped in a moment in time, back to when I was a young kid dancing around my bedroom on my days off from school, but more so, back to the hipster culture of the early 2000s. 

But then something clicked. I tried to separate the past and present in my mind, appreciating the artistry of returning to your roots, taking the songs that become so boring to perform and think about after 20 years, and adding new flairs to them, recreating history. 

All of a sudden, “Only God Was Above Us,” became something entirely fresh. Among the old there was new, the jazzy touches, the roaring orchestrations and the flurries of sound in “Connect,” and “Classical.”

“Classical,” I think, captures the whole of the album. Koenig sings, “I know that walls fall, shacks shake / Bridges burn and bodies break / It’s clear something’s gonna change / And when it does, which classical remains?”

When stripping away the legacy of the band, unpacking each of the songs, what remains? What pieces can be salvaged, what new things can be built? The classical is the old Vampire Weekend,the old me, the old you. I think this album can be seen as growing up, as rearranging the past messy bits of your life, of moving on and becoming a more well-rounded person. 

There’s also the song “Hope,” which is an almost nine minute long track which is epic, hopeful, and future-forward. “I hope you let it go,” says Koenig. “The enemy’s invisible / I hope you let it go.” 

In an interview with Exclaim!, he stated in regards to the song, “What does hope mean? Well, I hope I have the ability to let things go; I hope I have the ability to go with the flow of life; I hope I have the ability to love life, no matter what form it takes.”

I think this quote encapsulates what I didn’t recognize about the album before, what was missing from my view of the past. Stepping ahead and becoming an adult means re-contextualizing everything you’ve once done and being able to think more clearly. That’s what Koenig and his bandmates have done here, quite literally, extrapolating on their old songs and adding more. 

With that, my nostalgia doesn’t feel so uncomfortable anymore. This album secures fluidity in the legacy of Vampire Weekend. They don’t have to be trapped, they’re a living and changing organism like anyone else. I can still dance around my room, just a grown up kid, knowing this music will grow alongside me.

Top Tracks:

  1. “Ice Cream Piano”
  2. “Classical”
  3. “Connect”
  4. “The Surfer”
  5. “Hope”
Miscellaneous Playlists

Reel-to-Reel Presents: “Animal House”

The Best 7 Years of Your Life

So, 7 years of college down the drain…what now? Might as well join The Peace Corps.

Big, bawdy, raunchy, ribald, and surprisingly heartfelt, 1978’s “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” or simply just “Animal House” brings us back to the deceptively simple year of 1962.

Band/Artist Profile Concert Preview

Queer Gothic Bluegrass Coming to The Pinhook This April

The goth-to-country pipeline is real, and the Laurel Hells Ramblers keep it well-fed with their signature “gothic bluegrass.”

This band’s distinct sound comes from the combined efforts of Clover-Lynn, a banjo player from Southwest Virginia, and Jade Louise, a fiddler who cut her teeth performing in the punk and metal scenes before returning to her Carolinian roots.

The Laurel Hell’s Ramblers are coming to Durham April 25th and performing at The Pinhook, one of the city’s most iconic venues.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Ramblers, here’s what you need to know:

Sounds from the Mountains

Laurel Hells Ramblers produces music imbued with a rich folk tradition and strong queer narrative, integrating classic bluegrass stylistics with stories of the experience of being a trans woman in Appalachia.

According to the band’s Spotify testimony, they “seek to show the world and Appalachia that not only are there queer people from the region, but that they are an active part of the culture.”

Cover for “Cripple Creek” by Laurel Hells Ramblers

The resurgence of folk music’s popularity in queer and alternative spaces is far from news. Folk is a rich and bustling genre that has influenced alternative music since the beginning.

Folk punk, a fusion genre of folk and punk rock, started as far back as the 1980s. “Gothic bluegrass” is only another iteration of folk’s impact on the alternative scene and a growing awareness of the staunch gothic energy of Appalachia (see: Y’allternative).


The Laurel Hells Ramblers released their debut single, “Cripple Creek,” January 1, 2023. The track is a solid minute of rustic instrumental featuring Clover-Lynn’s banjo and Jade Louise’s ebullient fiddle.

The band put out two more singles later that year, with “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” coming out June 25 and “Raleigh and Spencer” August 10. Both tracks are covers of classic bluegrass songs, with sprawling rhythms and smoke-tinged lyrics.

Cover for “Raleigh and Spencer” by Laurel Hells Ramblers

March 15, 2024, the band released “County Traditions,” a live LP recorded with Local Exposure Magazine. A shockingly vivid and borderline orchestral album, “County Traditions” is an excellent display of the band’s musical expertise.

Louise’s fiddle is absolutely heartwrenching as it flutters throughout each track, emerging and disappearing into a honey-smooth instrumental tapestry.

Final Thoughts

The Ramblers’ Pinhook performance starts at 8 p.m., with an opening act by Three Top Serenaders.

If their live LP — and the small, intimate atmosphere of the Pinhook — is anything to go by, this show will be mindmelting.

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Top Charts 4/9/24

Top Charts

1TEENS IN TROUBLEWhat’s MineAsian Man
2OFFICE DOGSpielNew West/Flying Nun
5YUNGATITAShoelace & A KnotSelf-Released
6STALEFISHStalefish Does AmericaHappen Twice
7CAKES DA KILLABlack SheepYoung Art
8AESOP ROCKIntegrated Tech SolutionsRhymesayers
9COR.ECE AND BAD COLOURSBeen Here BeforeBastard Jazz
10GLASS BEACHPlastic DeathRun For Cover
11GOTTS STREET PARKOn The InsideBlue Flowers/PIAS
12HYPHYSKAZERBOXManic In Your HouseSuite 309
13PSYMON SPINEHead Body ConnectorNorthern Spy
14ROSIE TUCKERUtopia Now!Sentimental
15SIX IMPALAEarwaxSelf-Released
16SOFTCULT“Shortest Fuse” [Single]Easy Life
17SPRINTSLetter To SelfCity Slang
18TY SEGALLThree BellsDrag City
19APHEX TWINBlackbox Life Recorder 21f/In A Room7 F760 [EP]Warp
20CHUCK STRANGERSA Forsaken Lover’s PleaLex
21CITIZENCalling The DogsRun For Cover
23ERICK THE ARCHITECTI’ve Never Been Here BeforeIDOL
24GOAT GIRL“Ride Around” [Single]Rough Trade
26PARAMORE“Burning Down The House” [Single]A24
27SLEEPING BAGPets 4: Obedience School DropoutEarth Libraries
28SWEET PILLStarchild [EP]Hopeless
29CAMPBELL APARTMENT, THEUnder The Influence Of LoveMint 400

Top Adds

1HANA VU“Hammer” [Single]Ghostly International
3BLACK KEYS, THEOhio PlayersNonesuch/Warner
4CALEB LANDRY JONESHey Gary, Hey DawnSacred Bones
5ANNIE TAYLORInner SmileTaxi Gauche
6INFINITY SONG“Hater’s Anthem” [Single]Roc Nation