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Top Charts 12/6

1ALEX GGod Save The AnimalsDomino
2PRETTY SICKMakes Me Sick Makes Me SmileDirty Hit
4JPEGMAFIAOffline! [EP]Peggy
5DENZEL CURRYMelt My Eyez See Your FutureLoma Vista/Concord
6SOFIE ROYERHarlequinStones Throw
7THEY HATE CHANGEFinally, NewJagjaguwar/Secretly Group
8YOUNG WABO“Palace” [Single]New College Entertainment
10SCUBADIVERGodspeed ToSelf-Released
11STELLA DONNELLYFloodSecretly Canadian/Secretly Group
12ADE HAKIM“I’m Finna Eat” [Single]Self-Released
13LERA LYNNSomething More Than LoveRuby Range/InGrooves
16REDVEILlearn 2 swimSelf-Released
17SHY HIGHGoodbye Delicious [EP]Self-Released
18STATUS/NON-STATUSSurely TravelYou’ve Changed
19TOMMY RICHMANAlligatorBoom
20070 SHAKEYou Can’t Kill MeG.O.O.D./Def Jam
21AKAI SOLOSpirit RoamingBackwoodz
24MAGDALENA BAYMercurial World DeluxeLuminelle
25MAVI“Baking Soda” [Single]Self-Released
26PERRY MAYSUNPainting Naked [EP]Self-Released
28SURF CURSEMagic HourAtlantic
29VEROUnsoothing InteriorPNKSLM
30VINCE STAPLESRamona Park Broke My HeartBlacksmith/Motown
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Underground Charts

2JAY HOLLYWOODIsaiahChelsea Baby
3WAKAI AND WAVWORLDTravel Team Vol.3Col-Der-Sac
4DEMAHJIAEAngels Wear Black [EP]Self-Released
5GHAIS GUEVARAThere Will Be No Super-SlaveSelf-Released
6E L U C I DI Told BessieBackwoodz
7CITIES AVIVWorking title for the album secret waterD.O.T.
9LORD JAH-MONTE OGBONDis Tew Much4180016
10MARCO PLUSTha Soufside Villian LPBackseat! House

Underground Adds

1MARCO PLUSTha Soufside Villian LPBackseat! House
2GHAIS GUEVARAThere Will Be No Super-SlaveSelf-Released
3E L U C I DI Told BessieBackwoodz
4LORD JAH-MONTE OGBONDis Tew Much4180016
5WAKAI AND WAVWORLDTravel Team Vol.3Col-Der-Sac
6DEMAHJIAEAngels Wear Black [EP]Self-Released
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Chainsaw Charts 11/29

1LORNA SHOREPain RemainsCentury Media
2SCATTERED STORMIn This Dying Sun [EP]Blood Blast
3FELETHDivine BlightRob Mules
4OBITUARY“The Wrong Time” [Single]Relapse
5ABBEY, THE“A Thousand Dead Witches” [Single]Season Of Mist
6SHOW ME THE BODYTrouble The WaterLoma Vista/Concord
7CABAL“Exsaguination” [Single]Nuclear Blast
9SLIPKNOTThe End, So FarRoadrunner
10SUNAMI“2022 Promotional Tape” [Single]DAZE

Chainsaw Adds

1MASSA NERADerramar | Querer | BorrarZegema Beach
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Underground Charts 11/29

3CITIES AVIVWorking title for the album secret watersD.O.T.
4JAY HOLLYWOODIsaiahChelsea Baby
5PERRY MAYSUNPainting Naked [EP]Self-Released
7AKAI SOLOSpirit RoamingBackwoodz
9ERNESTO BIRMINGHAMAt a Catalyst [EP]A LONG lil while
10YOUNG WABOMirage [EP]New College

Underground Adds

2JAY HOLLYWOODIsaiahChelsea Baby
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Afterhours Charts 11/29

4DIVINO NINOLast Spa On EarthWinspear
5MAGDALENA BAYMercurial World DeluxeLuminelle
6DE LUXDo You Need A Release?Innovative Leisure
7LYZZAMosquitoBig Dada
9WHATEVER THE WEATHERWhatever The WeatherGhostly International
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Top Charts 11/29

1MAMALARKYPocket FantasyFire Talk
2PRETTY SICKMakes Me Sick Makes Me SmileDirty Hit
4ALVVAYSBlue RevPolyvinyl
5SOFIE ROYERHarlequinStones Throw
6JPEGMAFIAOffline! [EP]Peggy
7LAVA LA RUEHi-Fidelity [EP]Marathon
9SCUBADIVERGodspeed ToSelf-Released
12ALEX GGod Save The AnimalsDomino
13ARMAND HAMMERHaramBackwoodz Studioz
14AUDREY NUNAa liquid breakfast DELUXEArista
15AVIADBelieve [EP]Self-Released
16LITTLE SIMZSometimes I Might Be IntrovertAWAL Recordings
19SAMM HENSHAWUntidy SoulDorm Seven/AWAL
20THEY HATE CHANGEFinally, NewJagjaguwar/Secretly Group
21BUILT TO SPILLWhen The Wind Forgets Your NameSub Pop
23KNIFEPLAYAnimal DrowningTopshelf
24KWAMZAYMountain [EP]Off-Center
25MAVI“Baking Soda” [Single]Self-Released
26MCKINLEY DIXONFor My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like HerSelf-Released
27REDVEILlearn 2 swimSelf-Released
28STELLA DONNELLYFloodSecretly Canadian/Secretly Group
29WAVEFORMLast RoomRun For Cover
30070 SHAKEYou Can’t Kill MeG.O.O.D./Def Jam
Music Education

An Introduction to Country: Three Artists to Get Started With

As you all may or may not know, I co-host a country, bluegrass, and folk show from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. While I’ve always been a folk guy, not so long ago I barely listened to either country or bluegrass.

The reason for this is that my introduction to country was through my parents, who mostly listened to commercial or stadium country: Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, etc. I think for many in my generation, this is unfortunately what we know country music to be.

Authenticity is what defines country music and these artists just do not come off as authentic through their music. However, a couple of years ago, I was introduced to Tyler Childers’ 2017 album “Purgatory”. It shocked me how authentic this record was, despite its popularity.

Since listening to that record, country has become one of my favorite genres. I have become a fan of so many excellent, true-to-their-core country artists that I want to share with those of you who might be interested in the genre but don’t know where to start.

These artists are all modern country artists (all started releasing music in 2010s) and they are also are quite popular. However, I think that these artists all show that great country music is still being made and provide a variety of different sounds within the genre.

Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers is a guitar player, singer and fiddler from Kentucky. Starting his career in 2011, Childers had his breakthrough release in 2017 with “Purgatory”, which was produced by Sturgill Simpson, another artist on this list.

I would recommend starting out with “Purgatory” if you want somewhere to get starter with Tyler Childers. After that, his first album, “Bottles and Bibles” is also good, but you could truly listen to anything by him after you check out “Purgatory”.

Colter Wall

Colter Wall known for his gruff, deep vocals and his guitar playing. From Saskatchewan, Canada, Wall released his first EP in 2015 after he left college. He has released five studio albums since then, the last one being released in 2020.

All of Colter Wall’s work is so solid, I don’t think there’s a stand-out album to listen to first. I’d check out his discography in the order which he released in, so you can see how his sound has developed over time.

Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson is a guitar player and singer from Kentucky. Starting his solo career in 2013, he released “High Top Mountain”, which is my favorite record by him. He has released seven albums since starting his solo career. His last album, “The Ballad of Dood & Juanita”, is a story album and another one of my favorites.

If you want a story about a gunfighter, then you should check out his latest album. However, if you just want some good country music, I’d start at the beginning of his discography. Simpson is another artist that you cannot go wrong with, all his music is consistently great.

Classic Album Review

Classic Album Review: “Geogaddi” by Boards of Canada (But Backwards)

In 2002, Boards of Canada became a part of the G.O.A.T conversation for electronic artists. Their work in the tail-end of the 90’s left them with loads of widespread critical acclaim. They already made one of the greatest electronic music albums there is. They didn’t have to do it again, but they chose to anyways.

You can read a hundred reviews for “Geogaddi”, but this is a track by track review for the entire album in reverse. The reversed instrumentation, as well as the numerous hidden messages littered throughout the album suggest that the album was meant to be heard in reverse, so I intend to hear it this way.


The thick waves on “Corsair” start the album by grazing the coastline of your mind, inviting you to wade into the foamy folds of dark nostalgia presented on this album. It’s an incredible opening track, walling you off from the outside world, leaving nothing but you and whatever you used to be.

What’s incredible is that the tracks on here unfold in similar ways to their straightforward counterparts. Throughout each song, sounds are added in a symmetrical pyramid rather than a slope. Many songs contain unique portions at the beginning and end with a common element connecting them, making them cohesive even when reversed.

The transition from “You Could Feel The Sky” to “Diving Station” is almost seamless, as the sudden sound of the rubber band stretching leaves behind faint industrial oscillations. A feeling of being stuck takes over, suppressed by forces mechanical or otherwise. There is a light somewhere up there, but you know you’ll never be able to reach it.

The serine bells on “Over The Horizon Radar” are another excellent highlight. It sounds exactly like closing your eyes in a garden, feeling the wind pass over your skin, and letting the last of the days sunlight touch you as the sun lowers behind the trees.

This track fades into a repeated message: “We love you all,” a message made unsettling by television static and vocal distortion before being followed up with a far more uncanny message: “If you go down in the woods today, you’d better not go alone.”

Danger looms over this album. Everyone has felt scared before, and Boards of Canada knows this.

“Alpha and Omega” opens with an incredible synth and static combination, slowly introducing flute patterns, while a bubbly beat rages on in the foreground. The static subsides, and is replaced by a sea of of synth harmonies.

The wind, flutes, and whispers of “Opening The Mouth,” suggest the presence of something otherworldly- something that wants you to know it’s watching, but means no harm. Maybe its just your imagination.

Each “mini” track woven into Geogaddi is a microcosm for the overall feeling that the album explores. Each one a new angle examining the intersection of innocence and evil, of curiosity and regret, of youth and what it leaves behind. Everything you need to know about Geogaddi is right there on the cover: the pure happiness of a child becoming kaleidoscopically refracted and tinged until it’s something cold, sterile, and geometric.

“In The Annex” is a good example of this. It doesn’t need to be played forward for this to be conveyed either. It’s all in the music. It’s terrifying.

The main weakness of “Geogaddi” as a reversed album is the percussive elements. Every drum melts into a squashy squibble, losing entrancement along the way. The drums should be grimy and grainy. This is noticeable on tracks like “Dawn Chorus”, “Alpha And Omega,” and especially “Julie And Candy,” which has one of the strongest openings of any reversed track until the drums enter the mix.

There are also vocal sections that don’t work well backwards, like the “Energy Warning” segment that becomes unintelligible garble. It doesn’t help that it’s followed up by the most vocal intensive track on the album, “1969.”

In one case though, the backwards drums and vocals did make for an interesting addition. The track “Sunshine Recorder” has a slightly off-kilter rhythm when played forward, but backwards it’s even more bizarre. When this comes together with “ecalp lufituaeb A,” you can stand on the sky and watch the cars pass by on the road above you. Walking along the clouds brings you to “Dandelion,” a beautiful piece on the synth.

You were meant to hear “Dandelion” backwards.

The penultimate track “Music Is Math” slowly unfurls and furls its bright electric coat before concluding with “Ready Let’s Go,” a track that functions far better as a starting track than an ending track. We’re left with a single snuffed out buzz.


Is it as good as “Geogaddi” forwards? No. There’s a reason they didn’t release it this way. Does it still convey the same abstract feelings as “Geogaddi” forwards? Absolutely, and how many albums can claim the same?


Holiday Season: Locally Owned Stores

As the holiday season quickly approaches, for many it’s time to start thinking about gathering gifts and presents for friends and loved ones.

As a little background, I grew up in Cary, NC and my parents have been living in Cary since the early nineties.

The Triangle Area has gone through a ton of changes in the last few decades. This includes an increased population, more housing developments, tech industries entering the area and more stores.

The rise of online shopping has also severely increased.

These developments have in many ways overshadowed and threatened the existence of locally owned small businesses throughout the area.

If you are looking for some great locally owned stores, I have highlighted some of my favorites in the Raliegh and Cary area. Hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season.

Unlikely Professionals / Edge of Urge

Location: 212 E Franklin St, Raleigh, NC 27604 

If you are looking for gifts that are unique, modern and well made– this duo is perfect when shopping for that person you are unsure what they would like. These stores truly have something for everyone.

This family-owned business has a wide collection of clothing, jewelry, beauty products and oddities. In Unlikely Professionals they also make a collection of handmade leather goods.

They are located right across the street from one another, and their collections complement each other beautifully.

Not to mention, the stores are absolutely stunning. Great decor and friendly staff make the shopping experience that much more enjoyable.

They also have a great online store where you can look at their products in the comfort of your own home.

So & So Books

Location: 719 N Person St, Raleigh, NC 27604

Located right next to the Unlikely Professionals, this lovely little bookstore is a great place for some peaceful reading and shopping.

Airy and open, this store is a breath of fresh air in the shopping experience.

Although it has a relatively small collection of books in-store it has a great range of genres including fantasy, cookbooks, children’s books and poetry.

City Garden Design

Location: 117 W Chatham St, Cary, NC 27511

Nestled in the heart of downtown Cary this plant shop has a great assortment of greenery, pots and accessories for indoor house plants.

I have yet to find a plant shop that is as beautiful and diverse as this one. They have a great selection of plants, from airplants to succulents to large leafy plants.

The other element I love about this shop is that all the plants are very healthy.

A brief disclaimer, I do not have the biggest green thumb. However, I have brought many different types of plants from this shop and all of them have been healthy, happy and have survived for years.

Sometimes you can buy plants that are unknowing already dying and have been mistreated, but that is not the case at this shop.

The shop is run by a mother and son duo– the son has a degree in Horitculture from the University of Georgia. It is clear upon entering this store that the owners deeply care about growing great plants and sharing their passion.

Cary Gallery of Artists

Location: 200 S Academy St, Cary, NC 27511

Also located in downtown Cary, this gallery space is a great opportunity to admire and purchase locally made art and crafts.

Every time I go here, I have been greeted by the sweetest staff. It is a pleasant experience to look at the galleries even if you are not looking to purchase.

They support and showcase dozens of local artists; this shop is yet another unique experience.

Science Safari

Location: 1255 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary, NC 27511 

Last but certainly not least, has been one of my favorite shops as a kid. This toy story and science education center has been in Cary for decades.

Defined by their friendly staff, science classes and unique toys, this shop is great for finding gifts for the younger relatives and siblings.

They also have live animals in store, including an iguana, chinchilla, turtles, frogs and fish. This shop is extremely unique.

They also offer free giftwrapping and offer personalized shopping closer to the holiday season.

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Chainsaw Charts 11/22

1FELETHDivine BlightRob Mules
2OBITUARY“The Wrong Time” [Single]Relapse
3ABBEY, THE“A Thousand Dead Witches” [Single]Season Of Mist
4SHOW ME THE BODYTrouble The WaterLoma Vista/Concord
6ALIENATOR“Blood Red Blood” [Single]Self-Released
7STORMRULERSacred Rites & Black MagickNapalm
8CABAL“Exsaguination” [Single]Nuclear Blast
9SUNAMI“2022 Promotional Tape” [Single]DAZE
10BOUNDARIESBurying Brightness3DOT

Chainsaw Adds

1LORNA SHOREPain RemainsCentury Media
2SCATTERED STORMIn This Dying Sun [EP]Blood Blast