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Best of Phoebe Bridgers (Deep Cuts)

My very first blog for WKNC was about the very best of Phoebe Bridgers, in which I included my then-favorite pieces of her work. However, since the creation of that post I’ve delved deeper into the Phoebe-verse, she’s come out with new music and I’ve become a better writer. So without further ado, I’m going to declare what’s worth listening to outside of “Motion Sickness” and her other larger hits. 

“Georgia” Daft Star Live Performance

Everything about this performance is perfect to me. Her vocals, the guitar, and of course the haunting lyrics of “Georgia.” This performance is from 2014, before her footing in the music industry had been fully secured, (the studio version of this song didn’t come out until 2015) and that’s why I think I love it so much. It’s raw– you can tell it’s coming straight from her soul and one nearly never gets to hear Bridgers belt the way she does here. I love her whisper-singing as well, but this performance has wedged a permanent place in my heart. The belting of “If I fix you / Will you hate me?” is one of my favorite moments in music ever. Bridgers knocked this performance out of the park and it’s by far my favorite thing she’s ever done. 

“Waiting Room” from “Lost Ark Studio Compilation, Vol. 8”

Speaking of Bridgers’ raw emotional moments early in her career, let’s talk about “Waiting Room.” She wrote this song when she was 16, and has since expressed embarrassment by just how genuine this song is, saying: “it’s super sincere, and I meant everything. But it’s so emotionally raw, and I’m… pining for someone. And I think the fact that I’m complaining so much in the song is, especially in retrospect, like, dude, you’re fine.” Personally, I love it, teenage angst and pining is rarely packaged so beautifully. I love it when Bridgers’ vocals shine as they do in the bridge. In the bridge, she laments repeatedly, surrendering the fight to love this person, “know it’s for the better.” Bridgers repeats this phrase 36 times in a row. If you believe in the idea of “right person, wrong time,” listen to this song. It’ll tear your heart in two.

“Dylan Thomas” from “Better Oblivion Community Center”

If you haven’t caught on by now, I love it when Bridgers branches out of her niche. This song is from a collaboration album with Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes), titled “Better Oblivion Community Center.” It’s an indie rock track that’s fun despite its grim lyrics and certainly worth the listen even if you’re not a fan of Bridgers’ normal stuff. There’s a lyric in one of the final verses that references Phoebe’s ghost artwork (done by Angela Deane) that has stayed fairly consistent throughout her career: “They say you’ve gotta fake it / At least until you make it / That ghost is just a kid in a sheet.” Bridgers and Oberst are a magical duo, and this song is tangible proof of that. 

“Me & My Dog” from “boygenius”

boygenius is a trio that consists of Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker and of course, Phoebe Bridgers. This track displays the best of all three of them, and is impeccable lyrically. My favorite two lyrics are: “I had a fever / Until I met you / Now you make me cool” and “I wanna be emaciated / I wanna hear one song without thinking of you.” Between the harmonies, the song’s relatively short length and again, the beautiful lyricism, this is a deep cut you won’t regret listening to. 

Other honorable mentions include: “That Funny Feeling,” “7 O’Clock News / Silent Night” and “Steamroller.” If you haven’t already read my original “Best of Phoebe Bridgers” blog, check it out, you may discover something new or find a new appreciation for her work.

Until next time,


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Afterhours Charts 1/19

1MACHINEDRUMPsyconia [EP]Ninja Tune
3FJAAKSYS03 [EP]Self-Released
4JULESDelta Ajax [EP]Happy Life
5JURALOVE“Pepa” [Single]Noire & Blanche
6PIXEL GRIPArenaFeeltrip
7SOFIA KOURTESISFresia Magdalena [EP]Technicolour
8LSDXOXODedicated 2 Disrespect [EP]XL
9AMON TOBINHow Do You LiveNomark
10NEGGY GEMMY“Utopia” [Single]100% Electronica
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Daytime Charts 1/18

1NARROW HEADSatisfactionRun For Cover
2PARQUET COURTSSympathy For LifeRough Trade
3CIVICFuture ForecastFlightless
4BLACK MARBLEFast IdolSacred Bones
5LAND OF TALKCalming Night Partner [EP]Saddle Creek
8BUTCHER BROWNEncore [EP]Concord Jazz
9LAVA LA RUEButter-fly [EP]Marathon
10LIILYTV Or Not TVFlush
11MARKEE STEELEVet & A Rook [EP]Thee Marquee
12EVIDENCEUnlearning Vol. 1Rhymesayers
13LITTLE SIMZSometimes I Might Be IntrovertAGE 101
14MCKINLEY DIXONFor My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like HerSpacebomb
15NATION OF LANGUAGEA Way ForwardPlay It Again Sam
173AMSOUNDIt Gets Dark SometimesSelf-Released
19HIATUS KAIYOTEMood ValiantBrainfeeder/Ninja Tune
20ILLISMFamily Over EverythingThe CRWN
21NATIVESON 91Come Back DownInner Tribe
22PLANET GIZADon’t Throw Rocks At The Moon [EP]Self-Released
24SHYGIRL“Cleo” [Single]Because
25SPRINTS“Swimming” [Single]Nice Swan
26ST PANTHERThese Days [EP]Nice Life/How So
28WESLEY JOSEPHUltramarineEEVILTWINN/Transgressive

Daytime Adds

2VTSS“For Your Saftey” [Single]Technicolour
3FREDDIE GIBBS“Black Illuminati (feat. Jadakiss)” [Single]ESGN
4BLOODY KEEPs/tGrime Stone
5TAI MYSTIQUE“Toxic” [Single]M&I
6AUNT VICKILove In The DarkSelf-Released
7DIRTY ART CLUBFuture-Zine [EP]Self-Released
8TODD W EMMMERTYet Another Intrusive Parallel RealitySelf-Released
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Artists To Watch In 2022

Lots of artists make incredible music while still flying under the radar. Some artists are well known in the underground/indie scene but haven’t found their way to commercial or mainstream success, at least not yet. Here are some of my favorite artists that I think exhibit enough potential to blow up this year.

Remi Wolf

A graduate of Thorton School of Music and a former contestant of American Idol, Wolf has nothing to prove with regards to her talent. I’ve been listening to her since the Fall of 2019, mere months after she started releasing music, and I immediately fell in love with her unique voice and her catchy songwriting. She manages to have such a carefree, youthful sound while making music that is very detailed and carefully thought out. I’ve been watching Remi Wolf grow more and more popular over the past few years, and would not be surprised if she becomes a mainstream act this year. 

Recommended tracks: “Sexy Villain,” “Liquor Store,” “Shawty,” “Quiet On Set,” “Photo ID”

Mike Dimes

When I first found the Texas rapper on a Spotify playlist, he had around 400,000 monthly listeners. At the time of writing this, he has 2,454,279 monthly listeners, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he breaks 5,000,000 by the end of this year. He’s released various singles over the past year following his 2021 debut album, “DLOG,” and each single has been fantastic.

Dimes’ music mostly consists of bangers begging to be played at a party, but he’s also a gifted songwriter, showing lots of versatility with his clever lyrics. At only 21 years old, Mike Dimes shows lots of talent, and I’m anxiously waiting to see what he does in 2022.

Recommended tracks: “NO TRENDS,” “WISS,” “BACKROOM,” “MY STORY (DLOG)”


This eight-member Florida hip-hop collective is the definition of an underrated gem. If I had to describe their sound, it’s a mix of Brockhampton, Tyler, The Creator, KAYTRANADA, and JPEGMAFIA. seeyousoon is a band with a dynamic and exciting sound that doesn’t let themselves be confined to the rules and expectations of hip-hop. And even though they take opportunities to experiment with their music, they still stay true to their sound, and they don’t let their experimentation take away from the quality of their music.

Seeing a rule-breaking yet accessible act always excites me, and I’m confident that seeyousoon has more incredible music up their sleeves. Hopefully, we get another album in 2022, but either way, I’m excited to see them grow and progress as a band.

Recommended tracks: “BEN AFFLECK,” “FIX YOUR FACE,” “STEAMY,” “MAGIC,”

Below is a Spotify Playlist where you can check out all of these artists.

Blog Miscellaneous

2022 Predictions: Music Edition

I am not necessarily qualified to give music predictions, but as a WKNC employee, I can pretend that I am. Therefore, listed below are my top music predictions heading into the rest of 2022. 

I predict that…

  • Rap/Hip-Hop songs will play a bigger role in general music charts.
  • A$AP Rocky and Rihanna will put out a single together.
  • Electronic music will begin its take over of traditionally indie local DIY scenes.
  • Grunge music will make an even bigger return.
  • Paris Texas will blow up.
  • Tik-Tok will continue to dictate music trends.
  • Ski Mask the Slump God will put out an incredibly divisive mix. 
  • We will see the rise of more female rappers. 
  • Boy Harsher will continue to move back their tour dates until the eventually cancel them all.*

*This one is not really a prediction but perhaps a personal expression of sadness.

I look forward to seeing how accurate (or inaccurate) this list may become in 2022.

Here’s to making semi-educated guesses,

Silya Bennai

Blog Miscellaneous Playlists

Spotify Wrapped 2021 Reflection

I understand that some people only cared about Spotify Wrapped 2021 the day (and maybe day after) it dropped. That being said, I still care. Elliott Smith was my top artist but sixty-four of my Top 100 Songs on Spotify were rap. As the Assistant Underground Music Director, this makes sense. Which rap songs you may ask? I’m not going to list all of them, but here are some favorites:

  1. “Baby I’m Bleeding” by JPEGMAFIA
  2. “New Slaves” by Kanye West
  3. “Just How It Is”  by Young Thug
  4. “girls like drugs” by Paris Texas
  5. “EAST” by Earl Sweatshirt
  6. “Ghost (In the Shell)” by MAVI
  7. “Throw Dem Gunz” by Lil Ugly Mane
  8. “Campbell” by redveil
  9. “Primma Donna” by Vince Staples (feat. A$AP Rocky)
  10. “Please Forgive” by Powers Pleasant (feat. Denzel Curry, IDK, Zombie Juice & Zillakami)
  11. “Jailbreak the Tesla” Injury Reserve (feat. Aminé)

Here’s to rap music being the most transformative and flexible genre,

Silya Bennai

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Daytime Charts 1/11

1NARROW HEADSatisfactionRun For Cover
2BLACK MARBLEFast IdolSacred Bones
3CIVICFuture ForecastFlightless
4PARQUET COURTSSympathy For LifeRough Trade
5LAND OF TALKCalming Night Partner [EP]Saddle Creek
7LITTLE SIMZSometimes I Might Be IntrovertAGE 101
93AMSOUNDIt Gets Dark SometimesSelf-Released
10CLOAKROOM“Fear of Being Fixed” [Single]Relapse
11EVIDENCEUnlearning Vol. 1Rhymesayers
13SERENA ISIOMASensitive [EP]Fashionably Early
15NATION OF LANGUAGEA Way ForwardPlay It Again Sam
16JIMMY EDGARCheetah BendInnovative Leisure
17PESSYou Can Make Hamburger Yourself [EP]Aagoo
19SPRINTS“Swimming” [Single]Nice Swan
20VINCE STAPLESVince StaplesBlacksmith/Motown
21ANUSHKAYemayaTru Thoughts
22BUTCHER BROWNEncore [EP]Concord Jazz
23HOVVDYTrue LoveGrand Jury
24JAPANESE BREAKFASTJubileeDead Oceans/Secretly Group
25LAVA LA RUEButter-fly [EP]Marathon
26MCKINLEY DIXONFor My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like HerSpacebomb
27NATIVESON 91Come Back DownInner Tribe
29PLANET GIZADon’t Throw Rocks At The Moon [EP]Self-Released
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Chainsaw Charts 1/11

1FORTRESSDon’t Spare The WickedSelf-Released
2RUNDGARDStronghold Of Majestic RuinsSignal Rex
3ANTI RITUALExpel The LeechesIndisciplinarian
4DHYANABhaisajyaguru [EP]Self-Released
5CARCASSTorn ArteriesNuclear Blast
6ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINEPurifying BladeProfound Lore
7BLOODY KEEPBloody Horror [EP]Grime Stone
8PREDICTOR…thus spoke death [EP]Iron Bonehead
9ZETARDevouring DarknessSpirit Coffin
10VENUS SYNDROMECannibal SarRockshots
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Afterhours Charts 1/11

1ROSS FROM FRIENDSTreadBrainfeeder
3LSDXOXODedicated 2 Disrespect [EP]XL
4DAWN RICHARDSecond LineMerge
5DOSS4 New Hit Songs [EP]LuckyMe
7JULESDelta Ajax [EP]Happy Life
8LOGIC1000“You’ve Got the Whole Night to Go” [Single]Because
9LEON VYNEHALLRare, ForeverNinja Tune
10SMERZBelieverXL/Beggars Group
Band/Artist Profile Classic Album Review

Diamanda Galas: The Masque of Red Death

We’re starting the New Year right at WKNC with death, sadness, and AIDS. If you’re tired of the general malaise and continued pandemic of 2022, let’s throw it back to the bright shiny 80s, a time of general malaise and a pandemic that continued for far longer than it should have. Today, we’re taking a look at one of the few musicians to tackle this weighty subject head on, Diamanda Galas and her avant-garde classic, the Masque of Red Death.