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We, the Pack Project: Community Building at NC State

I’ve recently been granted the opportunity to be a part of We, the Pack, a campus project at NC State that aims to bring a sense of unity to our school through conducting interviews with members of our community! If you’re having a hard time picturing what We, the Pack is all about, imagine Humans of New York but only on NC State’s campus.

These interviews typically consist of questions related to personal goals, interests, and experiences. After the interviews are completed, our team shares them over social media, along with portraits of the interviewee. Our goal with this initiative is to help encourage more empathy and understanding through sharing the diverse experiences that weave together the fabric of our community.

The project originally came into being in the fall of 2019 as an extension of the Caldwell Fellows, a scholarship program at NC State dedicated to service leadership. I’ve have had the privilege of being a member of the Fellows this year, so I was able to continue the project this semester, along with several of my peers.

In 2019, when the project originally started, it looked a lot different than it does now. Before, the team members went up to random people around campus and asked them if they had 15 minutes to spare for an interview. Now, of course, we are unable to do that because of COVID and the limited number of people actually on campus, but the project is still meaningful nonetheless! We are able to conduct both Zoom and socially distanced in-person interviews.

Now, because reaching out to people has been more difficult, the We, the Pack team needs more people to interview! If you’re interested in getting involved and promoting kindness in our campus community, email the team at

Follow the We, the Pack Instagram, and stay tuned for interviews!

– DJ Butter

Band/Artist Profile Classic Album Review

New Music Alert: Mamalarky

Warning, warning, the music you are about to hear may cause ambient waves of tranquility and soothe the inner tension in your soul. 

It’s time for another album review. This week we have a self-titled album by Mamalarky, a new band from Austin, Texas. Quite honestly, I listened to the first track on the album and already knew that this was going to be a hit. For a little bit of comparison, Mamalarky sounds like a sister band to Crumb. A concert with the two of them would be mind-blowing and would probably send my mind to another planet. On their website, Mamarky describes themselves as “down to water your houseplants while you’re out of town and plot an elaborate revenge on your high school bully. Mamalarky is a campfire song for American Idol rejects and a somber soundtrack for the months leading up to your next breakup. They are exactly what you’d expect in an increasingly sentient robot’s dream journal.” Honestly, I couldn’t have put it better myself. 

My favorite songs from the album include “You Make Me Smile,” “Schism Trek,” “Drugstore Model,” and “Don’t Laugh at Me.” The thing I love about listening to their music is that the vibe does not change with the tempo of the music. While some songs may be much slower than others, it still holds the exact same energy as the fast paced songs, making listening to the album all the way through much easier. Mamalarky’s music is reminiscent of a walk on the beach at night or sitting on a porch while listening to a gentle rain. It’s tender, soothing, and ambient, and makes for a great addition to any playlist. 

Hope you guys enjoy the music
-The DJ Formerly Known as “Chippypants”

New Album Review

Yaeji: “WHAT WE DREW” Review



LABEL: XL Recordings

RATING: 9/10



Yaeji dropped her first full-length mixtape, “WHAT WE DREW” this April. Before the mixtape, she released some of my favorite songs like “Raingurl” and “Passionfruit” under the eps “EP2” and “Yaeji” in 2017. The music video for “WHAT WE DREW” is SO cute. It includes snippets of her and her grandfather walking and chatting as well as her and friends. It’s so genuine and heartwarming and I think it really sets the tone for the “WHAT WE DREW” mixtape. 

I highly recommend watching the music video before listening to the mixtape if you haven’t already. The mixtape is so calm with her sweet lyrics and that classic Yaeji synth and quick bass. It is so uniquely her sound. “WAKING UP DOWN” reminds me a lot of Sassy 009’s “Maybe in the Summer,” (another banger). Some of my favorites from the album have to be “WHAT WE DREW,” “WAKING UP DOWN,” and “THESE DAYS.” “THESE DAYS” reminds me a lot of Blood Orange. 

I feel like this would be a great mixtape to do work to. Its rhythm and pulsating beat make you want to move or be productive. I listen to this a lot when I sew 🙂 

I highly recommend the mixtape and hope you all will give it a little listen the next time you’re making something, driving, or need some motivation. 





Playlist of the Week

The semester’s almost over, so what better way to celebrate than with a sick playlist from the WKNC blog! It’s pretty upbeat, filled with surf rock favorites, indie jams, and a few fall 70s ballads slipped in. Without further ado, here are this week’s favorites!

  1. Look So Good, Be So Good – The Shivas: This song popped up on my Spotify Discover Weekly and I immediately fell in love. The Shivas have only been around since 2006, but their garage rock feels like it’s straight from the 60s.
  2. Witchy Woman – The Hollies: My friend, who actually works at WVCW 102.9 at Virginia Commonwealth University, and I always call each other “witchy women” but for some reason, I had never heard this song until last week. This definitely should’ve made my Halloween playlist, but I think it’s never too late for some spooky tunes.
  3. Bullwinkle Part II – The Centurions: If you’ve seen “Pulp Fiction,” you’ve heard this song in all its glory. The Centurions only released one album, “Bullwinkle Part II,” in 1963, but their hit single is heralded today as an anthem from the classic Quentin Tarantino film.
  4. Western Playland – Holy Wave: This song is just a fantastic example of how laid back psychedelic rock can be. I love how relaxed “Western Playland” is and how it just makes you want to sway back and forth.
  5. Blackberry Jam – Allah-Las: Allah-Las, one of the more popular surf rock bands out there right now, has an entire “jam” series off of the soundtrack of “Self Discovery for Social Survival,” a documentary about surf culture and music. The song “Blackberry Jam” is joined by “Raspberry Jam,” “Boysenberry Jam,” “Blueberry Jam,” and “Mulberry Jam.” All are tinged with the sunny rock Allah-Las is known for.
  6. No Other – Gene Clark: I cannot stop listening to this song. For me, it was one of those tracks that was subpar at first but then morphed into one of my favorites after a few more listens. Gene Clark, most recognized for his role as lead singer for The Byrds, also had a successful solo career. This song is off his most well-known solo album, “No Other.”
  7. Pipeline – Stevie Ray Vaughn & Dick Dale: During my set, a very enthusiastic man called the station phone and requested anything Dick Dale and I couldn’t be happier to oblige. This song has to be one of my favorites from the OG king of surf rock.
  8. Surf De L’amour – Messer Chups: Messer Chups is a super interesting band. Originally from Russia, they somehow combine horror punk, surf music, and rockabilly. This song is definitely a testimony to their ability to infuse spooky vibes into their music.
  9. Docweiler – Mystic Braves: I feel like I have a Mystic Braves song in almost every single playlist I make for the blog, but I just can’t help myself. I truly have never heard a song I don’t like from them.
  10. Catfish Blues (BBC Session) – Jimi Hendrix: I could GUSH about my love for BBC Radio Sessions from the 60s and 70s, but I’ll save that for another blog. The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s BBC Session album is one of my personal favorites because of how playful and authentic they are. In this version of “Catfish Blues” (originally written by Robert Petway in 1941), Jimi seamlessly infuses the classic “Rollin’ and Tumblin'” into the blues ballad. Mitch Mitchell has an incredible drum solo at 3:28.
  11. T.M. – Jack Kilmer: This short little guitar piece, performed by actor Jack Kilmer in the movie “Palo Alto,” is so soft and nostalgic. It’s one of those songs that makes you want to look out the window in the backseat of a car and pretend like you’re in a movie.
  12. Moonlight on the River – Mac DeMarco: As we reach the end of the playlist, I wanted to throw in a familiar classic for all of our Mac DeMarco lovers out there. This song is one of the most comforting and soft I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear.

Tune in!

– DJ Butter

Band/Artist Profile

Great Bands From the Land Down Under

Recently I have been getting into Australian music. I couldn’t tell you how or why, but I just have. And the one thing that I have noticed is that no matter what band it is, it usually has a distinct Australian sound to it that just makes it stand apart from American music. It’s bouncy and almost tropical sounding, with a hint of fear from the local wildlife. So without further ado, I would like to present my favorite bands from the other side of the world. 

Tash Sultana
This is a one person band from Melbourne, Australia. Tash’s story is the classic tale of a DIY bedroom studio singer/songwriter gone pro. Their music is truly unique and makes you feel as if you were travelling to another world in a dream. My favorite songs by them are “Jungle”, “Big Smoke”, and “Talk it Out.” 

Bootleg Rascal 
This band formed in Sydney all the way back in 2013. I would classify this as a mix of hip-hop and indie. This is one of those bands where the vocals just perfectly fit the beat. The lead singer’s voice just the right mixture of passionate and raspy and he belts out psychedelic rock- esque lyrics. My favorite songs are “Overflow”, “Drop the Gun”, and “Prosperity”. 

Sticky Fingers 
So, fun fact, the band Sticky Fingers is actually friends with Bootleg Rascal and has a song named after them. Even more of a fun fact, it’s by far my favorite song by them. Their music sounds like if Tash Sultana got into psychedelic rock. Other great songs by Sticky Fingers include “How to Fly” and “These Girls”. 

Mako Road
This is definitely my favorite on the list. With their bouncy guitar riffs and excellent rhythm, Mako Road is the perfect representation of “Australian Music.” My favorite songs from this band include, but are not limited to, “The Green Superintendent,” “Teenage Lucy,” “All We Need,” and “The Sun Comes Up.” 

Tame Impala 
Have you guys heard of this band? They’re super underground and like so indie. You probably haven’t heard of them to be honest it’s pretty alternative music. Sorry, I had to include them if we were talking about Australian Bands. Irony aside, Kevin Parker is still an incredibly talented musician.  

Hope you guys enjoy the music, 
-DJ Chippypants 

New Album Review

The Angel You Don’t Know Review

Written By Miranda


Listen if you like: Ajebutter22, WizKid, Obongjayar 

Amaarae, a Ghanaian American R&B musician, released her first album yesterday: “THE ANGEL YOU DON’T KNOW.” Amaarae is a groundbreaking artist, focusing much of her music on gender and representation. Her first EP, “Passionfruit Summers,” was well-received by fans in Ghana and worldwide, gaining rankings on Apple Music. Amaarae is also interested in fashion and makeup as obvious by visiting her Instagram @/amaarae and her online appearance in Vogue magazine. Amaarae is an activist for feminism, gender identity, LGBT rights, and most recently the campaign to end SARS. LGBT Ghanian citizens face discrimination and violence, but Amaarae is vocal about the rights of these individuals, and we see this reflected in much of her art. 

The album seamlessly glides between different genre influences including Afropop, R&B, mall rock, dancehall, and more. Amaarae connects popular Afropop with western styles of rap and R&B to create a tantalizing combination of sound that you’re sure to love. In a press release about the album, Amaarae said: 

“With this new project, this new chapter in my musical journey, I feel so incredibly alive. I strived to colour outside of the afro-pop parameters and re-define for myself what it means to create African music. Sonically, visually and spiritually my message is stronger than ever. I feel like the true me has resurrected and it’s only going to get more insane from here.” 

And re-define music she sure has. The 14-track album dives deep into social commentary, consciousness of global issues, and themes relevant to any young adult through wispy, light vocals contrasted against tougher-sounding rap verses. Listening to the sequential tracks, “TRUST FUND BABY” and “HELLZ ANGEL” best exemplifies this interesting contrast. The album exudes confidence and ambition, and especially as a debut album it definitely delivers something amazing. Give it a listen and definitely keep an eye out for Amaarae’s continued rise to relevance in the alternative/rap/R&B circles.

Weekly Charts

Daytime Charts 11/17

1PEELPeel [EP]Innovative Leisure
2SLOW PULPMoveysWinspear
3PAPI SHIITAKEQuarantine Dream [EP]Trash Casual
4JORDANA“I Guess This Is Life” [Single]Grand Jury
6TOMBERLINProjections [EP]Saddle Creek
7SINAI VESSELGround AswimSingle Occupancy
8IDLESUltra MonoPartisan
9JULIEN BAKER“Faith Healer” [Single]Matador/Beggars Group
10KISSISSIPPI“Around Your Room” [Single]Triple Crown
11CASHINOVABig DragonStophouse
12SOFT BLUE SHIMMER“Cherry-Cola Abyss” [Single]Disposable America
13BIICLANo Place [EP]Good Luck Have Fun
15DAKOTA THEIMSomewhere Under The SunSelf-Released
16JACQUES GREENEDawn ChorusLucky Me
17JR JRAugust And Everything Prior [EP]Love Is EZ
18KENNEDY ONEMetropolis [EP]Self-Released
19PRINCESS NOKIAEverything Is Beautiful/Everything SucksSelf-Released
20PUBLIC PRACTICEGentle GripWharf Cat
21SHYGIRLALIAS [Advance Tracks]Because
22TOBIElements Vol. 1Same Plate/RCA
23YVES TUMORHeaven To A Tortured MindWarp
24BEAU DEGAHoly CannoliSelf-Released
25DENZEL CURRYUnlockedLoma Vista
27GEORGE CLANTON AND NICK HEXUMGeorge Clanton And Nick Hexum100% Electronica
28LAND OF TALKIndistinct ConversationsSaddle Creek
29MOMMATwo Of MeDanger Collective


1WISH TRAPSCatch ItDivan Rouge
2QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS“Postcard From Spain” [Single]Saddle Creek
3RATS ON RAFTS“Tokyo Music Experience” [Single]Fire
4BEAU DEGAHoly CannoliSelf-Released
5JENNY ONew TruthMama Bird
6MUMBLE TIDELove Thing [EP]Nothing Fancy
7GASPARD EDENSoft PowerCoyote
8JANE WEAVER“The Revolution of Super Visions” [Single]Fire
9DED RABBIT“Gotta Get Outta This Place” [Single]Dirty Fader
10POSITIONERUnsteady Hands [EP]Thrill Me

Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 11/17

1BOUNDARIES Your Receding WarmthUnbeaten 
2CHAMBER Cost of Sacrifice Pure Noise 
3YEAR OF THE KNIFEInternal IncarcerationPure Noise
4SEED OF PAIN Flesh, Steel, Victory… Plead Your Case 
6CARCASSDespicable [EP]Nuclear Blast
7SO THIS IS SUFFERING “Moonlight Serenade” [Single]Self-Released
8AS I LAY DYING “Destruction or Strength” [Single]Nuclear Blast 
9AUGUST BURNS REDGuardiansFearless
10NAPALM DEATHThroes Of Joy In The Jaws Of DefeatismCentury Media
Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 11/17

1JAMES MASSIAHNatural Born Killers (Ride for Me) [EP]Levels
2JACQUES GREENEDawn ChorusLucky Me
4GEORGE CLANTON AND NICK HEXUMGeorge Clanton And Nick Hexum100% Electronica
6PROSPAControl The Party [EP]Prospa
7SHYGIRL“Freak” [Single]Because
8MEMPHIS LK“Letters In Concrete” [Single]Dot Dash
9YAEJIWhat We DrewXL/Beggars Group
10YVES TUMORHeaven To A Tortured MindWarp
Weekly Charts

Underground Charts 11/17

1BABYXSOSA“Everywhereigo” [Single]1602599
2MFNMELO“Yallwhadinthere” [Single]Self-Released
3JOPIPPINSDigital NativeBoring Life
5CONRADFRMDAAVES“Vintage & Adventurous” [Single]boutabagmusic
6TUAMIEEmergency Raps, Vol. 5Mutant Academy
7AFRIQUAColoredR & S
8TOBIElements Vol. 1Same Plate/RCA
9JAMES TILLMANModern DesiresMusella Creative
10YOUNG THUGSo Much Fun300 Entertainment