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Chainsaw Charts 5/23/23

Chainsaw Charts

1VINTERSEAWoven Into AshesM-Theory
2INFERIONInequityHorror Pain Gore Death
3WHYTHREImpregnate My HateHigh Point
4ELDER DEVILEverything Worth LovingProsthetic
5CATEGORY VIFirecryMoribund
6FROMJOY“Docility” [Single]Self-Released
7GIF FROM GOD“A Kiss For Every Hornet” [Single]Prosthetic
8SHORES OF NULLThe Loss of BeautySelf-Released
9DEIQUISITORApotheosisExtremely Rotten
Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 5/23/23

Afterhours Charts

1DISCTR4Kfaceless surroundings3754441 DK
3HYPHYSKAZERBOXManic In Your HouseSuite 309
4NEGGY GEMMYCBD Reiki Moonbeam100% Electronica
7DOYEQVibranoisy [EP]Bar 25
8MAGDALENA BAYMini Mix Vol. 3 [EP]Luminelle
9LAINISTThe Nightmare of FabricationVivarium
10KHOTINRelease SpiritGhostly International

Afterhours Adds

1DISCTR4Kfaceless surroundings3754441 DK
3DOYEQVibranoisy [EP]Bar 25
5VITESSE X“Right Now” [Single]Self-Released
6DAFT PUNKRandom Access Memories (10th Anniversary Edition)Columbia/Sony
73000ADOf GrassSelf-Released
Classic Album Review

Album Review: “Leidensmelodien”

Theatre’s Kiss, a self-described “depressive post-punk” artist who I discovered entirely by accident, has fundamentally changed my life with their newest album.

Leidensmelodien“, released Dec. 30, 2022, was the best belated Christmas gift a goth could ask for. This transcendental musical experience is like walking through an arctic, sobering dream.

Theatre’s Kiss

I discovered Theatre’s Kiss in the fall of 2022 while attempting to compose a setlist for my then-radio show, “The Superego” (currently on summer hiatus).

At the time, the extent of the artist’s discography was a single album — Self Titled — and six short tracks.

Those half-dozen songs fully ensnared me.

I was one of about sixty-eight monthly listeners on Spotify. And like those like-minded peers, I absolutely adored the tracks “Vulnerable” and “König.”

There was something about the style of the songs that really got to me.

As a (guilty) fan of the The Smiths for their heart-twinging melancholia, the plaintive voice of the (unnamed) vocalist struck a similar chord.

And with the gothic undertow of spectral synths and a depressive guitar added to the mix, I had found my new favorite band.

Album cover for Leidensmelodien by Theatre’s Kiss


As the creator of Theatre’s Kiss explains in a vague tagline at the end of their Spotify profile:

“It’s all about the atmosphere, nothing else matters.”

And “Leidensmelodien” is purely atmospheric.

The album’s opening track, “Downfall,” is entirely instrumental.

A sullen guitar-synth combo engages in a morose conversation, the spaces between sounds growing smaller and smaller as the song progresses and the two “voices” seem to overlap.

By the end, we’re left with a single sensation before the instruments fade out and a distinctly medieval arrangement ushers us into the next track, “Schizo.”

This five-minute song is insanely complex.

The vocals are brooding and occasionally layered to create a hazy, ominous effect.

Throughout the song, a crisp scream reminiscent of Doom Metal echoes the words of the vocalist — an elusive individual known only as “Fassse Lua” — much like screeching wind.

The contrast between these two voices, one pleasantly soft and the other jagged and rough, creates a vivid and uncanny harmony.

Though it stands as the second track of the album, “Schizo” certainly sets the tone for the rest of the piece as existing somewhere between nightmares and dreams.

The experimental combination of different ghostly and foreboding sounds means that every track on this album is a new and unique experience.

It’s almost operatic.

Album cover for Self Titled by Theatre’s Kiss

The Bigger Picture

“Leidensmelodien” is an album about grief.

Or rather, “melodies of suffering.”

And as the mind behind Theatre’s Kiss teases, this album (as well as Self Titled) is but a single chapter in a larger project.

I, for one, cannot wait to see what comes next.

Recommended Tracks

Self Titled

  • Konig
  • Vulnerable


  • Schizo
  • Cleansing Ritual
  • Imbalance of Love
  • Katharsis

DJ Highlights

WKNC raises more than $1,600 for affordable housing

Written by Eilee Centeno, WKNC Promotions Director

WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1/HD-2 joined student organizations from across NC State to raise more than $1,600 for Habitat for Humanity in the annual Shack-A-Thon fundraiser.

Classic Album Review

Album Review: “I Disagree” – Poppy

General Overview

Before Poppy was the musician that she is today, most knew her as a YouTube sensation who gained popularity for her cryptic videos. “I Disagree,” released in January 2020, was a large departure from Poppy’s previous work, which was mostly pop. “I Disagree” does a lot of genre-blending, but the biggest shock of the album to Poppy’s fans was the heavy metal influence that reverberated through the album.

Poppy’s most recent album prior to the release of “I Disagree” was “Am I A Girl?,” which offered hints of the soon-to-come metal genre that Poppy would embrace in its last two tracks, “Play Destroy,” featuring Grimes, and “X.”

Song Highlights

I will admit that I am a huge fan of this album and have probably listened to it enough to memorize every beat and syllable spoken throughout it.

Its first track, titled “Concrete,” instantly introduces the sort of genre-mixing Poppy will go on to ace through the rest of the album. It’s not just genre-ambiguous, but actually switches back and forth between heavy metal (complete with guitar shredding and even some screaming) and bubblegum pop.

“Anything Like Me” contains lyricism that reinforces Poppy’s purpose in making this album–

Sorry for what I’ve become
Because I’m becoming someone

“Anything Like Me” – Poppy

She goes on in this song to talk about a girl who seems to represent the things that Poppy is supposed to be, but doesn’t wish to be.

I feel her heart beating in me
Get her out of me

“Anything Like Me” – Poppy

Poppy works throughout the album to express the idea that conformity is a disease. In “BLOODMONEY,” she asks–

What do you believe when everyone is watching?


And in “Fill The Crown,” she says,

You can be anyone you want to be

You can be free, you can be free

“Fill The Crown” – Poppy

Poppy is clearly expressing her desire for individuality, likely in response to the pressures she felt around making music in an industry and working with producers who executed excessive control over her work.


Poppy’s evolution does not seem to be finished yet. From electronic pop in her first album “Poppy.Computer” to the metal in “I Disagree,” and even to the alt-rock/indie vibes of her most recent album, “Flux,” Poppy seems to be innovating in every area she can, not just with her music, but with her character and stage presence as well.

— bel$

Band/Artist Profile Blog

Harsh Symmetry: Artist Profile

Harsh Symmetry comes from the mind of Julian Sharwarko of Sacramento, California.

Debuting Jan. 20, 2022 with the single “Mirror Twin,” Sharwarko’s “synth-driven solo project” is consistently dark, danceable and melodic.

Harsh Symmetry’s discography draws from the classic sounds of 80s post-punk and new wave with the influences of contemporary gothic genres like darkwave and minimal wave.

The resulting sounds are both nostalgic and ethereal.

Blog Playlists

An Underground Summer

As the sun starts shining and heating up NC, why not turn up the heat just a little more with some new tracks in your rotation? These tracks cover various genres that you would find in WKNC’s Underground rotation like rap, hip-hop and R&B. Listed below are some of my favorite tracks of the bunch.

Snake” by Shaboozey

This track was my first introduction to Shaboozey. Their constantly moving beat in “Snake” combined with Shaboozey’s unapologetic lyrics have made a lasting impression on me. Coming off of their recent 2022 album “Cowboys Live Forever, Outlaws Never Die”, Shaboozey makes this unique Americana and hip-hop blend that works so well together. A great track to start the summer off with.

Where Ya Get Ya Coke From?” by JPEGMAFIA, Danny Brown

Going into this, I was already a massive fan of Peggy but the production on this track brought my love for them to another level. The track starts off with massive walls of sounds that make you want to go just a little too fast on the highway, and once you’re in that mindset, you’re already strapped in for the ride.

The track later goes into a bossa nova feel in the middle to balance out the madness from the beginning. With all of this combined, both Peggy and Danny Brown rapping over transitional clave parts, the bossa nova and to the great walls of sounds, this track has solidified itself as one of my favorite tracks of the year.

Blog Concert Review

100 gecs & Machine Girl: Concert Review

If you were wondering when and where the world’s largest gathering of gay people wearing Doc Martens was, it was May 2, 2023 at The Ritz Raleigh. The 10,000 gecs tour, featuring Machine Girl as the opener, stopped in Raleigh during its nationwide run.

Weekly Charts

Top Charts 5/16/23

Top Charts

2YVES TUMORPraise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds)Warp
4NARROW HEADMoments Of ClarityRun For Cover
6ELIJAH ROSARIODiscovery After DeathSelf-Released
7ATMOSPHERESo Many Other Realities Exist SimultaneouslyRhymesayers
8WEDNESDAYRat Saw GodDead Oceans/Secretly Group
9SUMMER 2000Live At Crying Obsidian FestSelf-Released
10PANCHIKOFailed At Math(s)Self-Released
11HMLTDThe WormLucky Number
12LITTLE SIMZNO THANK YOUForever Living Originals/AWAL
13PEARL AND THE OYSTERSCoast 2 CoastStones Throw
14YAYA BEYExodus The North Star [EP]Big Dada
15CAKES DA KILLASvengaliYoung Art
16FLY ANAKINSkinemaxxx (Side A)Lex
17TINY RUINSCeremonyBa Da Bing!
18WESLEY JOSEPHGLOW [EP]Secretly Canadian/Secretly Group
20KARA JACKSONWhy Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?September
21ASIAN GLOWCoverglow pt.1Self-Released
22B COOL-AIDLeather Blvd.Lex
23BUILT TO SPILLWhen The Wind Forgets Your NameSub Pop
24DIVINO NINOLast Spa On EarthWinspear
25EMPEROR XSuggested Improvements To Transportation Infrastructure In The Northeast Corridor [EP]Self-Released
26KAMAUULacuna & The House Of MirrorsAtlantic
27KNIFEPLAYAnimal DrowningTopshelf
28MAMALARKYPocket FantasyFire Talk
29RARELYALWAYSWORKInnovative Leisure

Top Adds

1TINY RUINSCeremonyBa Da Bing!
2TERRAPLANAOlhar Pra TrasBalaclava
4SLY5THAVE AND JSWISSSomebody’s Gotta Do ItTru Thoughts
5WAX TAILORFishing For AccidentsLab’oratoire
6LIFEGUARDCrowd Can Talk [EP]Born Yesterday
7DOUBLE GRAVETill The GroundSelf-Released
8WOMBO“Slab” [Single]Fire Talk
Weekly Charts

Underground Charts 5/16/23

Underground Charts

1KAMAUULacuna & The House Of MirrorsAtlantic
3CAKES DA KILLASvengaliYoung Art
4SUDAN ARCHIVESNatural Brown Prom QueenStones Throw
6NAVY BLUEWays Of KnowingDef Jam
7WHEELUPWe Are The MagicTru Thoughts
9FLY ANAKINSkinemaxxx (Side A)Lex
10SAMPA THE GREATAs Above, So BelowLoma Vista/Concord

Underground Adds

2SLY5THAVE AND JSWISSSomebody’s Gotta Do ItTru Thoughts
3WAX TAILORFishing For AccidentsLab’oratoire
4MAUVEYBefore The Album 2: A Brief Overview604
6KASSA OVERALL“Ready To Ball” [Single]Warp
7KARI FAUX“TURNIN’ HEADS” feat. Big K.R.I.T. [Single]Drink Sum Wtr