A DJ Mango Vinyl Update

Happy holidays WKNC! With the year winding down to a close, I thought I would take this time to give y’all an updated glimpse into the DJ Mango vinyl collection. Here are 9 more of my favorites!

Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by Wu-Tang Clan: This 1993 classic changed the landscape of hip-hop forever. Wu-Tang Clan certainly wasn’t the first rap group, as they were preceded by acts like 2 Live Crew and N.W.A, but no one had ever done it like them before.

Choose Your Weapon by Hiatus Kaiyote: A mind-bending odyssey of future-soul, funk and R&B complete with textured synths, odd time signatures and virtuosic performances. Check out my full blog post on Hiatus Kaiyote.

Imperial by Denzel Curry: Denzel Curry’s debut studio albums proves why he is such a force of nature: dizzying flows, cold-blooded bars and unmatched energy. Not to mention that the album’s otherworldly, futuristic production is the perfect accompaniment to Denzel’s paradigm shifting take on SoundCloud rap.

Green Onions by Booker T. & The M.G.’s: In terms of instrumental music, “Green Onions” is one of my favorite songs ever, and the rest of the album has plenty to offer in terms of catchy soul and blues.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles: Sgt. Peppers is often overshadowed by Abbey Road and Revolver, but I think it is their best work. In my opinion, it is the most colorful, kaleidoscopic, and fun listening experience in the Beatles canon.

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis: The release of Kind of Blue was a watershed moment in jazz music. Often cited as the best jazz album of all time, its influence is evident in genres ranging from rock to hip-hop.

We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service by A Tribe Called Quest: ATCQ’s latest release is also their final, as it acts as a send-off for the late Phife Dawg. They proved that even after a nearly 20 year hiatus, they were still capable of crafting ear-grabbing jazz rap.

Illmatic by Nas: Another classic from the golden age of hip-hop, 1994’s Illmatic is arguably what put the East Coast on the map thanks to its grimy boom-bap production and Nas’ street disciple lyricism.

Black Messiah by D’Anglelo and the Vanguard: An excellent addition to D’angelo’s already impeccable discography, Black Messiah finds him pushing his R&B and neo-soul roots to the realms of funk and psych rock. Check out my full review.

– DJ Mango


~~Just Metal Things~~

Happy Holidays Butcher Crew! I hope you are all getting into the holiday spirit! I understand that this time of the year is not so metal, BUT YOU CAN MAKE IT METAL! I have some metal things that you can do to spice up your holiday season. 

Get a black Christmas tree

Now, I have always wanted a black Christmas tree. I think this is like the coolest idea ever. Now, hear me out: purchase or spray paint your Christmas tree black, add some white lights, and then get yourself some metal ornaments! They have some ornaments with band names on them that you can get. The craft store Michael’s has skeleton ornaments that makes it look like they are hanging on your tree. That’s so metal. And to top it all off, add a pentagram to the top! 

 Skulls, skulls, and more skulls

Now, I love me some skulls! I have 7 skulls in my room that stay up all year, but for Christmas, I like to add some Santa hats to the skulls so they are in the Christmas spirit as well. You can get skulls at Ross, Target, Marshalls, Spirit Halloween, and EarthBound! 

Metal remixes of Christmas music 

There are tons of remixes of Christmas songs that can get you into the holiday spirit! There are playlists on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. 

Buy black wrapping paper and ribbons

Your presents will look so metal with all black paper and ribbons. I love the idea of all black everything, it gives everything a sleek and classis aesthetic. Love. It! 

Merry Christmas you filthy animals! 

Stay Metal, 


New Album Review

Album Review: The Lo-Fis – Steve Lacy

ALBUM: “The Lo-Fis” by Steve Lacy


LABEL: L-M Records

RATING: 8/10

BEST TRACKS: “Infunami,” “When I,” “I Think I Should” and “Uuuu”

FCC: Explicit

Steve Lacy has returned! “The Lo-Fis” is his second full studio album, excluding his first EP “Steve Lacy’s Demo.” If you’re a die-hard Steve Lacy fan, it’s likely that you’ve heard most of “The Lo-Fis” already. Similar to his other releases, it’s filled with the indie-funk vibe that Steve is best known for. However, unlike his previous work, it is comprised solely of beats and songs he wrote in high school and released on SoundCloud.

The album is heavy with his signature falsetto, funky bass lines, and borderline mournful guitar strums. While Steve definitely showed off his hopeless romantic side in “The Lo-Fis,” he pursued other themes in his lyrics as well, such as personal growth in “That’s No Fun.”

To me, what stands out most about this album is how Steve explores instrumentals. In contrast to his previous work, these tracks feel almost like bits and pieces of songs rather than complete works; there are only a handful that have full bridges, choruses, and verses. Each song, though they’re all under three minutes, is completely different from the one before. I love how Steve flips back and forth between raw instrumentals, like in “I Think I Should,” to heavily processed and layered tracks like “Hummer.” It’s a quick album, full of surprises and beat switches, but it works as a whole unit very nicely despite its general lack of traditional songs. I know that all of this can be attributed to the fact that “The Lo-Fis” is more of a compilation rather than an intentional studio album, but I enjoy that it fits together so well.

Give it a listen!

– DJ Butter


Songs that got me through 2020

As 2020 comes to an end (thank God), it’s time to review my favorite songs of 2020! Even though 2020 was not so great for some of us, there has been some great music released! Here are some of my favorite songs: 

Behind the Bend – Boundaries 

Okay, let’s be real. The song that this album is off of, “Your Receding Warmth,” is by far my favorite release of 2020 and will always be one of my favorites. It was hard for me to choose just one song BUT this song has always stood out to me. It has everything that is great with Boundaries – breakdowns, spoken word, and the riffs. Absolutely iconic. 

He Say She Say – Mulatto 

You all know I love me some bad bitch music and this was my number one song of 2020. No surprise that I literally had this song on repeat all the time! Mulatto just has this energy that I really connect to and she’s very upfront: she’s pretty and sweet but she will throw hands. That’s the type of energy I’m talking about!! Her voice in this song is powerful and strong; you can sense that she means what she raps about. I love music that shows raw emotions and isn’t just a front. 

Pretty Bitch Freestyle – Saweetie 

Another bad bitch song! Who would’ve thought? I love Saweetie and her freestyles are my personal favorite because she is really showing her personality and attitude. She talks about staying on “Hot Girl Energy” even through quarantine and honestly, I think every girl should stay on their “Hot Girl Energy.” 

Chains of Agony – Upon A Burning Body

We all know that I love Upon A Burning Body. I had to put a song off of their EP. UABB brings the riffs and pure aggression to their music and they have really improved their sound from their previous records! 

I hope you enjoyed a snippet of the songs that got me through 2020!! 

Stay Metal, 


Band/Artist Profile Classic Album Review

New Music Alert: English Oldies

It’s becoming increasingly more common these days that I find new music through TikTok. I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is. Just the other day, I was scrolling through videos and heard a song that almost sounded familiar. I found the name of the song and realized it was the sample for “Ghost Town” by Kanye. The song is called “Take Me For a Little While” and sounds like something straight from the 50s. In fact, I fell in love with the whole album after just one run through. It’s actually a collaboration between The Royal Jesters, Dimas III, and Joe Jama. Each song off of this album is so heartfelt and raw. If I were to ever make a movie about two lovers in the late 50s, I would fill the thing with songs from English Oldies. Even the album cover, which shows The Royal Jesters playing in front of a crowded ballroom, suits the music perfectly. 

I’m not entirely sure as to what the backstory to this album is. The Royal Jesters was a West Texas band from 1958 that advertised Mexican-American civil rights, but I can’t find much about Dimas III or Joe Jama. My favorite three tracks from this album are definitely “Take Me For a Little While,” “Let’s Kiss and Make Up,” and “I’m So Sorry.” However, there are 28 tracks on this album, so I’m sure there’s got to be some more good ones in there. 

Hope you guys enjoy the tunes, 
-The DJ Formerly Known as Chippypants

Music News and Interviews

Interview with the creators of “8NIGHTS,” a Hanukkah love song: Dafna and Cameron Desnoes

Around a week ago, I was scrolling through the endless void that is TikTok, and came across a video where a girl said she recorded a Hanukkah song with a random guy who direct-messaged her on Instagram. She pleaded “Please blow it up so my mom doesn’t get mad at me for hanging out with strangers I meet on the internet.” The song playing was “8NIGHTS” by Dafna and Cameron Desnoes. I promptly opened my Spotify and streamed it and immediately fell in love. This Hanukkah love song had stolen my heart, and I wanted to interview the creators. I messaged Dafna on Instagram and 24 hours later, Cameron, Dafna, and I were on a Zoom call.

Where are you guys from?

Dafna: I’m from Boulder, Colorado.

Cameron: I’m from Indian Wells, California.

How did you guys meet?

Cameron: Um, so basically I heard one of Dafna’s songs on TikTok and I was like “Oh my god, this is so good. This is amazing.” So I immediately looked for her Instagram in the TikTok bio and I DMed her and I was like “Dude, your music’s so good like blah blah blah,” and she was like giving generic responses and I was like “Hey you know, like if you’re ever… if you ever want to collab sometime here’s my SoundCloud, give it a listen.” And then she listened and then we just started talking about funny things and then long story short found out that she vacations in Palm Desert and she was going to be there when I was there, and that’s like five minutes from me and then it all worked out.

Oh that’s so cool, it’s like the circle of life because I found out about this song from TikTok.

Dafna: TikTok is just bringing us all together, y’know?

What was the inspiration/ where did you get the idea for 8NIGHTS?

Dafna: So, I have always kind of wanted to write a Hanukkah song that wasn’t about like dreidels or something stupid. Because I feel like most Hanukkah songs that I know are always just like… no one really listens to it unless it’s as a joke. So I wanted to make one that was actually something that more people would want to listen to because it’s a song, not just because it’s a funny Hanukkah song. And I think holiday songs are always better as duets which is why I asked Cameron to sing it with me. 

What are you guys’ favorite holiday traditions? 

Dafna: I guess just like being with family. Hanukkah is eight nights, it’s always hard to have all of us there, I have a pretty big family, there’s seven of us, so it’s hard to have all of us there every single night. But having at least one night where we’re all there eating dinner, lighting candles, and then like, that’s pretty much it.

Cameron: Um, kind of similarly, I really love my family, I love being back. I’m the youngest of four and everyone was gone to college and stuff, so especially when I was little it was great to just see everyone all together. And we do stupid events like family olympics where we make up little games or we’d play game nights after dinner and that along with just the idea of the holidays. We’re not the most religious family ever but I love the traditions we have and the presents we give, and getting matching pajamas and stuff like that, that’s what I love. 

Who are your biggest musical inspirations/role models?

Cameron: That’s pretty tough, but I would say I definitely find inspiration from a lot of different types of music. I’d say my favorite artist, and just one that I’ve always loved because of his passion is Bradley Nowell who was the lead singer of Sublime. I really like him, but I don’t know, I… come back to me for my second one, give me a second.

Dafna: I’d have to say Vulfpeck, they’re just my favorite band and I always listen to their music. Their music is fun and it always puts me in a good mood, so probably them. Or Phony Ppl, I just started listening to them too, and they’re more R&B-ish, and I really like them too.

Cameron: Yeah, I’m gonna stick with my first answer.

Do you have any party tricks or weird talents?

Dafna: I can like, creepily close one eye at a time. 

Cameron: My go-to nowadays is a mean stanky leg. I always pretend like I’m cooking up the pot, and I’m like “What’s that smell? What’s that smell? Oh, it’s stank.” Throw out the stanky leg on them every time. 

How did you each get into making music?

Dafna: My parents put me in piano lessons when I was like four, so that kind of like forced the whole music thing on me, but then I really liked it so I just kept doing it.

Cameron: I also was forced to do piano when I was younger but everyone in my family quit. Then I got into a little bit of musical theater and then a capella. And I just loved music so much, I was like “I have to do it,” and my senior project my senior year, was creating a band. Since then I’ve always wanted to be better at making music, which I’m not, which is why it was awesome to collaborate with Dafna because she is a great producer. 

Cameron, from looking at your Spotify this appears to be your first song, is this your first time working on a song, or just the first one you’ve released?

Cameron: So like I was saying, my senior project was a band and I was the head producer and I was definitely not qualified but, I tried to do some stuff and it sounded okay but I wasn’t confident enough to go through the effort of putting it on Spotify so I threw it on SoundCloud. I’ve always tried, the entire summer this summer, I really worked hard on trying to do my own stuff, but I wasn’t yet proficient enough in Logic that I could express what I wanted to sound like. So I guess the only reason why I was able to release this one was because Dafna is very comfortable with that and so I knew that if I was collaborating with someone who was very comfortable with producing, it would be awesome. 

What’s your favorite song right now?

Dafna: The Taylor Swift album that just came out, I’ve been bumping that, and listening to it like every day, it’s so good.

Cameron: “Hell N Back” by Bakar, if you know who that is.

Dafna: There’s also that one song from TikTok, that Cameron, you were talking about yesterday.

Cameron: “Sensitive”?

Dafna: Yeah, that one.

Cameron: *Plays “Sensitive” by Serena Isioma*

Is there anything else you’re working on/ want to promote?

Dafna: I have an EP that’s coming out in late February or early March, the release is not decided yet.

Cameron: Y’know… I’m a loose cannon so get ready.

If you don’t want to wait until February or March to stream Dafna’s other music, you can check out her Spotify. She has two albums out titled “Submerge” and “I LOVE YOU.” Don’t forget to stream “8NIGHTS” which you can find on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and iTunes. Finally, be sure to keep an eye out for Cameron, he’s a loose cannon after all.




Friday Favorites 12/18/20

  1. Show Out (feat. Skepta & Pop Smoke) by Kid Cudi: After 10 years, Kid Cudi has followed up MOTM II with the third installment, The Chosen. Keep your eyes peeled for my review of the new album!
  2. SLIME by Shygirl: UK artist Shygirl perfectly captures the grime of the nightclub with “SLIME.” Produced in part by SOPHIE, the track combines rumbling sub bass with futuristic synth effects and, of course, Shygirl’s primal vocals.
  3. Quiche by Chukwu: This cut by Chukwu features an eerie percussion loop and foreboding bass – the perfect foundation for his gruff delivery and cold-blooded bars.
  4. The Other Lover by Little Dragon and Moses Sumney: Moses teams up with Little Dragon to bring us “The Other Lover,” a meditation on love triangles complete with synth swells and horn lines.
  5. Watch Me (feat. Joey Bada$$) by Statik Selektah: Statik Selektah’s new album The Balancing Act is packed full of features from some of the biggest names in hip-hop like Nas, 2 Chainz and Killer Mike. A personal favorite is “Watch Me,” featuring Joey Bada$$.
  6. JOURNEY by Tobe Nwigwe: 2020 saw the release of Tobe Nwigwe’s THE PANDEMIC PROJECT. “JOURNEY,” with its gospel/hip-hop crossover appeal is a highlight for sure.
  7. What It Feels Like by Potatohead People: This track features a sticky guitar loop, horn sections and verses from T3, Illa J and Kapok.
  8. SUPER TUESDAY! by JPEGMAFIA: EP!, Peggy’s latest offering, is a collection of singles released throughout the year, with “SUPER TUESDAY!” being the latest. This one finds him rapping with a measured flow over a soulful string sample.

– DJ Mango


December 2020 Sample Platter

  1. Suzie Thundertussy by Junie Morrison: The Madlib-produced song “No More Parties in LA” heavily samples this song’s intro to create the backdrop for Kendrick and Kanye’s spectacular verses.
  2. What More Can I Say by The Notations: This song was looped by Knxwledge in the song “What More Can I Say” by NxWorries, where Anderson .Paak sings about his unfaithful disposition.
  3. Huit octobre 1971 by Cortex: Fans of MF DOOM will recognize the soaring vocals of this track from “One Beer,” a highlight on his MM…FOOD album.
  4. Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach: Busdriver’s “Imaginary Places” samples the flute motif from this Bach suite and speeds it up to a feverish pace, making for one of the most creative and unique samples in all of hip-hop.
  5. Love Theme from The Robe by Yusef Lateef: Nujabes’ brand of laid back, sample-driven beats were a predecessor to the lo-fi hip-hop genre. “Feather,” which samples “Love Theme from The Robe,” is a great example of this.
  6. Ten Et Tiwa by Alain Goraguer: Flying Lotus flipped this one into what we know as “Black Balloons Reprise” featuring Denzel Curry, which has a eerie flute lead and trunk-knocking drums.
  7. Why Not by Yoko Ono: JPEGMAFIA sampled the intro of this song to make the best for “3 Tearz,” a Danny Brown joint featuring Run the Jewels.
  8. In a Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington: Mac Miller chopped up the main piano motif from this classic jazz standard to make “Diablo,” which is one of his best beats.

– DJ Mango

Band/Artist Profile

Artist Highlight: Thee Sacred Souls

When I first heard Thee Sacred Souls’ single “Weak For Your Love,” I thought for certain that they were a soul group from the 1960s. Their sound is so lovely, vintage, and unique. Made up of drummer Alex Garcia, bassist Sal Samano and ethereal vocalist Josh Lane, Thee Sacred Souls is giving new meaning to soul.

The trio first began as a duo when Garcia and Samano formed an instrumental band in 2018, aiming to capture the Chicano soul that they both grew up with. However, after connecting with Lane over Instagram in 2019, the band truly started to evolve. Not only was his soft falsetto a beautiful addition, but his songwriting skills lead to their first single, “Can I Call You Rose?,” a soft romantic ballad.

After receiving a record deal in April of 2019, the group was asked to open for Mac Ayres in San Diego. There, they realized their potential when fans went crazy for their relaxing yet astounding sound. Unfortunately, at the time, the band had yet to put any of their music on major streaming platforms, preferring the authenticity of vinyl releases.

Even amidst pandemic craziness, Thee Sacred Souls has managed to release their previous singles, “Can I Call You Rose?” and “Weak For Your Love,” and two new ones, “Will I See You Again?” and “Give Us Justice,” on Spotify and Apple Music this year. All are twinged with the romantic soul, groovy baselines, and gentle rhythms that they do best. While these four songs are the extent of their discography, the future looks bright for Thee Sacred Souls!

Check out their website and Instagram (which might I say are both wonderfully designed).

– DJ Butter

New Album Review

Cecile Believe- “Plucking a Cherry from the Void” Album Review

ALBUM: “Plucking a Cherry from the Void” by Cecile Believe


RATING: 9/10

BEST TRACKS: “Stay Open,” “Living My Life Over (Extreme Vocal Edit” and “Bitch Bites Dog”

FCC: Explicit

It feels like it was only a couple days ago when Cecile Believe dropped her first album “Made in Heaven” in May (you can read my album review here 🙂 ). And now she has blessed us yet again with another EP- “Plucking a Cherry from the Void.” The EP cover is really what drew me in– the glitter nails and tiny cherry are SO cute!! 

Speaking of “Made in Heaven,” Believe takes one of my favorites from the album and transforms it into the 5th song on “Plucking a Cherry from the Void”– “Living my Life Over (Extreme Vocal Edit).” I didn’t think the song could get any better, but I was wrong!! I actually find myself listening to the Extreme Vocal Edit way more than the original version. This along with “Stay Open” and “Bitch Bites Dog” have to be my favorites. 

“Bitch Bites Dog” reminds me a bit of Rina Sawayama. It’s very pop, but also kind of hard? Plus, there’s an incredible classical music interlude towards the end of the song, that contrasts the rest of the song beautifully. If we could go to the club, this would be playing. 

“Stay Open” on the other hand, is much more calm and more reminiscent of “Made in Heaven.” It reminds me a bit of Magdalena Bay and Caroline Polachek. It’s sooo pretty and just makes you wanna bob your head– the perfect song to drive to. This song has to be my favorite off the album <3 

I hope you give “Plucking a Cherry from the Void” a listen and love it as much as I do.