Weekly Charts

Underground Charts 2/16

2KOKOROKO“Baba Ayoola” [Single]Brownswood
3JAMES TILLMANModern DesiresMusella Creative
4BABYXSOSA“GTG (ft. POLO PERKS <3 <3 <3)” [Single]1602599
5MASEGOStudying Abroad [EP]Capitol
6KARI FAUXLowkey SuperstarChange Minds
8FAT TONYExoticaCarpark
Weekly Charts

Daytime Charts 2/16

1ARLO PARKSCollapsed In SunbeamsTransgressive/PIAS
2GOAT GIRLOn All FoursRough Trade/Beggars
3VIAGRA BOYSWelfare JazzYear0001
4JORDANASomething To Say To YouGrand Jury
5KIWI JRCooler ReturnsSub Pop
6LANDSHAPESContactBella Union/PIAS
7MISS GRITImpostor [EP]Self-Released
8NAVY BLUESong Of Sage: Post Panic! Freedom Sounds
9POM POKOCheaterBella Union/PIAS
10STEVE LACYN Side3qtr
11BABE CLUBRemember This Feeling [EP]Self-Released
12CASHINOVABig DragonStophouse
13MARKEE STEELEVet & A Rook [EP]Thee Marquee
14OKEY DOKEYOnce Upon One TimePark The Van
15SHAMEDrunk Tank PinkDead Oceans
18MASEGOStudying Abroad [EP]Capitol
19NATIVESON 91Come Back DownInner Tribe
23BURKHARTS, THEWho Are The Burkharts [EP]Admirable Traits
24TOBIElements Vol. 1Same Plate/RCA
25AVALANCHES, THEWe Will Always Love YouAstralwerks
26VAUGHNS, THERom Coms And Take Out [EP]Equal Vision
27TOM MISCH AND YUSSEF DAYESWhat Kinda MusicBeyond The Groove/Blue Note/Caroline
28MAMALARKYMamalarkyFire Talk
29NANCYThe Seven Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good BluesB3SCI
30CHERRY GLAZERR“Rabbit Hole” [Single]Secretly Canadian


1TOLEDOJockeys Of Love [EP]Telefono
2BLACK COUNTRY NEW ROADFor The First TimeNinja Tune
3JAKE ELIJAHLittle ErrandsEarth Libraries
4BLESSEDiii [EP]Flemish Eye
5DRY CLEANINGNew Long Leg [Advance Tracks]4AD/Beggars Group
6MAJOR MURPHY“In The Meantime” [Single]Winspear
7ANTONIONI“Malcomer” [Single]Lauren
8HANNAH JADAGU“Think Too Much” [Single]Sub Pop
9MELTING MALLOWS Something SweetTonzofia
10MACHINE IDLE“Rotate” [Single]Self-Released
Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 2/16

1CANNIBAL CORPSE“Inhumane Harvest” [Single]Metal Blade
2ASPHYXNecrocerosCentury Media
3THERIONLeviathanNuclear Blast
5TERRORSink to The Hell [EP]Good Fight
6GATECREEPERAn Unexpected RealityClosed Casket Activities
7OF MICE AND MEN“Obsolete” [Single]Sharptone
8WAGE WAR“Surrounded” [Single]Fearless
9UPON A BURNING BODY Built From War [EP]Seek & Strike 
10BOUNDARIES Your Receding WarmthUnbeaten 

Shower Playlist

What’s going on Butcher Crew?! It’s ya girl, The Saw, and today I am sharing with you my playlist that I listen to while I’m in the shower. I take my showers very seriously and I like to set a vibe while I’m showering. It is one of the only places where I can self-reflect and relax. It’s also a place where I have my one-woman concerts. I have the worst singing voice, but in the shower, you best believe that I sound like Ariana Grande. 

These songs are some fun sing along songs that I like to dance around to while showering, this is probably the favorite part of my day because it’s just straight vibes. 

  • Olivia Newton John – Hopelessly Devoted To You 
  • Mac Miller – Self Care 
  • Frank Ocean – In My Room 
  • Tyler, The Creator – 2SEATER 
  • The Internet – Special Affair 
  • Smino – Amphetamine 
  • $not – GO$HA 
  • $uicideBoy$ – O Pana! 
  • Isaiah Rashaad – Tity and Dolla
  • Saweetie & Doja Cat – Best Friend 
  • Megan Thee Stallion – Body 
  • Drake – Hotline Bling 
  • TLC – No Scrubs 
  • Seether – Careless Whisper 
  • Staind – Outside 
  • Ariana Grande – Positions 
  • Lady Gaga – LoveGame 

These have been my go-to songs while I’m jamming out in the shower. I like to keep it light and playful while I’m showering. Gotta get the right vibes. (:

What songs are in your shower playlist? 

Stay Metal, 


Band/Artist Profile

Sound & Color: ​Rüfüs Du Sol

Sound and color. Color and sound. The euphoric group from Australia called Rüfüs​ Du Sol​ has dominated and influenced the music scene since 2010. They recently blew up in 2019 and started their expedition of touring around the globe. The meaning of “​Rüfüs Du Sol”​ is “the sun”. Each and every one of their songs create an emotion that I have yet to experience anywhere else. One that simply cannot be put into words. Only experienced. The trio’s creativity and passion can especially be noted in their 2018 Joshua Tree National Park set. The crowd of this secret set.. you may ask? Absolutely no one. Just the Earth, their sounds, and inner-beings. This set took place at 5 AM with an indescribable sunrise that rose among the trio. They compared this experience to an exploration of an ‘alien-like world’. I highly suggest checking it out on Youtube.

I had the absolute honor to see the group at Okeechobee Music Festival. It was Day 1. I hadn’t slept in over a day (due to traveling), was extremely sunburnt, blisters covered my shoeless feet, and was definitely severely dehydrated. It was a 12:35 AM-2 AM set. After my group decided to hit the hay, I knew that I would live the rest of my life with extreme regret if I did not stay. I met two people (one of which is still one of my close friends to this day) and danced the night away. I forgot about the severe pain that I was in. I forgot about everything. I was there, in that moment. Hands down, one of the best live sets I have ever experienced. From beginning to end; the crowd was filled with love, acceptance, and passion.

I am going to quickly touch on some of my favorite tracks by ​Rüfüs Du Sol​. I definitely suggest going on a hike, or just sitting in the grass, and listening to every single song they have ever created. I could write an entire novel to express my love for this group. Their nine minute and 38 second, “Innerbloom” is one of their most popular songs. In their interviews that I have watched via Youtube, they discuss how this song was one of the most instinctive and natural masterpieces that they have ever created. Throughout the entirety of their liveset, it was evident the impact that this song has had on people’s lives. People were kissing, people were crying, people were finally being their authentic selves. I will never forget that feeling. I have never felt so true and refreshed in my entire existence. A song that I have always felt a strong drawing to is called, “Talk To Me”. This track was released in 2013 and has navigated me through extreme times of pain and isolation. Now, I look back and only feel an overwhelming feeling of contentment.

Join me in this fantasy realm and give them a listen. I hope you have the same journey that leads to a never-ending state of sound, color, and inspiration.

XOXO. -Caitlyn <3

New Album Review

New Single Review: Cannibal Corpse – Inhumane Harvest (2021)


Okay, now that I got that out of my system, let’s talk about this new Cannibal Corpse single, “Inhumane Harvest.” This song was released on February 2nd and this was honestly the best way to start the month. This song embodies everything that I love about Cannibal Corpse; crunchy riffs, deep growls, and technical drumming paired along with it. 

Bassist Alex Weber says that Cannibal Corpse’s new album, “Violence Unimagined” was approached in the same writing style similar to their previous records. The band tries to make each song they write, the heaviest, most memorable songs that they can come up with. He also says that the band wants each song to have its own character. In other words, the band wants the listeners to be able to listen to the song, easily recognizing what song it is. This rings true because out of all the Cannibal Corpse songs that I know, I can name the song just by the opening riff. I think this talent is credited to Cannibal Corpse and how they create their songs, but also because I am a metal freak. 

Cannibal Corpse’s new album, “Violence Unimagined” is set to release on April 16th via Metal Blade Records. Do you see how brutal their album cover is for this album (see above)? That just means the album is going to be even more brutal and I cannot wait to hear what this album sounds like. 

Track List: 

01: “Murderous Rampage”

02: “Necrogenic Resurrection” 

03: “Inhumane Harvest”

04: “Condemnation Contagion”

05: “Surrounded, Kill, Devour” 

06: “Ritual Annihilation”

07: “Follow The Blood”

08: “Bound And Burned”

09: “Slowly Sawn”

10: “Overtorture” 

11: “Cerements Of The Flayed” 

Stay Metal, 


Band/Artist Profile

Artist Profile: Amaarae

Written by Miranda

Description of Amaarae

Amaarae is an artist who fully expresses herself through her music. Amaarae is an artist who is never afraid to meld different genres and try new things. Not only is she a singer with a talented voice, she writes her own music and often produces it. She is vocal about many issues and uses her platform to further causes she believes in. Her music often focuses on equal representation and freedom of expression. She often uses social media to advocate for important causes such as gender issues and police brutality. She is also expressive using her clothing: she has been featured in Vogue Magazine online and received an award from the Glitz Style Awards in Ghana. 

Amaarae’s newest single release, “Leave Me Alone – A Colors Show” (stylized in all caps), is an older single by Amaarae performed on the COLORS studio platform. COLORS is a social media platform that focuses on minimalism, showcasing artists all over the world for their talents without distraction. This version of Amaarae’s single is stripped, allowing complete attention on her vocal talents; she also raises awareness of ending SARS and police brutality in Nigeria at the end of the song. You can watch the COLORS show video here. And, if you’re interested in hearing my review of Amaarae’s most recent album, The Angel You Don’t Know, check it out on the WKNC blog here

Band/Artist Profile

An Interview With Fresh Squeeze

Did someone say they wanted some fresh-pressed juice? I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nashville-based rock group, Fresh Squeeze, whose mission is to give rock a “breath of fresh air.” Made up of Leo Faillace (bass), Max Marotta (drums), and Victor Arruda (guitar), the trio and I sat down to talk about musical inspirations, upcoming albums, and record collections!

How did Fresh Squeeze get started?

Victor: It started out in college when we all went to App State. I was in music doing the recording program. Max came in and started doing the marketing program, and then Leo was always hanging around the studio. It’s funny because everybody would be like “Dude, there’s this guy that looks just like you.”

Leo: We were both like, “Who the f*** is this guy?” And then, sure enough, I finally met him. And we’re both Brazilian too.

Victor: So, we met in college and became friends. We started jamming and playing a couple shows here and there. Eventually it just evolved into the band when we started writing music.

Leo: Technically, they had another group. I was just friends with them for a couple of years because they had a group called The Daze.

Max: I’ve known Victor for a while. We were friends with Leo when we were with The Daze because our bands would play shows together. I remember I didn’t like him at first and I thought, “This guy’s an a**hole.” But one time we played a show together at Deep South when it was still open and it was really cool. Then Leo started coming around the house when we first moved to Boone and we just became really good friends, watched anime together, and, you know, played lots of music. It wasn’t until The Daze fell apart and Leo stuck around until we said, “F*** it. Let’s just make a band.” We officially started at the beginning of 2020 and it’s really grown in just a year. We were actually called “Tres Leches” at first and we would play little frat parties. We kept saying to ourselves, “This is hitting hard. Like we could definitely do something.”

How did you guys get into music? Where does that passion come from?

Max: I was in the car coming home from hockey practice in seventh or eighth grade and I heard Cream’s “White Room” and it was like a lightning bolt hit me. And I was like “Yeah, this is what I want to do.” I wasn’t really very specific on what I wanted to do, but I had a guitar at home so I just started playing and taking lessons at this place called the Clayton Music Academy. That’s where I met Victor. From there we just started playing a lot and we would jam, but there was never a drummer, so I said, “I’ll play drums.” Ten years later, we’ve toured and had lots of practice and here we are.

Victor: My story is a little weird. I started young playing piano. I was in band playing clarinet. I was just like, “What is music? What do I like? I don’t even know. 50 Cent? Heck yeah.” It wasn’t until I was in middle school I got into Green Day and I was like, “Wow, there’s this instrument called the guitar and it makes you look really cool.” Much better than clarinet, you know? I got a guitar for my birthday and I started listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers. And then I was just like “Wow, this is real guitar now.” And then, you know, from there it spiraled into Led Zeppelin, and I started going back to all the good s*** and just obsessing over guitar. I’m constantly learning Van Halen, Slash, Led Zeppelin, all that stuff. Then I was like, “I hate everything but guitar now and that’s all I want do with my life.”

Leo: For me, it was playing violin in fourth grade. It was purely out of the fact that my parents told me I had to learn an instrument, and I didn’t like it that much. I would try to learn these folk songs, but I couldn’t get sheet music because I didn’t have money because, I was like, in fourth grade. One day my dad got my mom The Beatles “Love” CD and I took it into my room and just started listening to it constantly. I would just be singing and my sister would be there too. We would try to figure out the harmony. We didn’t even know what harmonies were. We were just like, “I’m just gonna sing this high part and you’re gonna sing the low part.” Then that developed into me saying, “I just need to get a guitar now.” So, I got a classical guitar and I learned all the Beatles songs on that.

Who do you find yourselves listening to the most? What kind of artists inspire you?

All: Jimi Hendrix!

Max: Jimi Hendrix. Huge one. You know, Zeppelin, the major guys from like the late ‘60s early ‘70s. But lately I’ve been really into the hip-hop broken beat stuff like Knowledge, J Dilla, lots of Thundercat too. Really just a lot of the modern, jazz-funk stuff.

Victor: We listen to a lot of Hendrix and we collect a lot of vinyl. Our music tastes are scattered from Miles Davis jazz to Mahavishnu. We just search for new sounds, new albums that we like. We’re not really molded to one style. You know? It’s all over the place and we love everything. Even Mozart.

Favorites from your vinyl collection?

Victor (left) showing his favorite record, “Land of the Midnight Sun” by Al Di Meola.
Max (right) displaying “Reggae Dub,” his favorite vinyl.
Leo (left) showing one of his favorites, Fol Chen’s “Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made.”

What’s your music-making process like?

Max: It’s very equal. Usually, one of us will have an idea and then we all do our thing with it. It’s always different because sometimes we might be jamming all together and play something that’s sick. Other times, Leo and Victor will have an idea together and I’ll come in and tweak some of the arrangements and stuff.

Victor: We like to put songs together right there on the spot. Even if it’s like Leo’s idea or Max’s idea, we want it to be all of us coming together and making something cool. We can all make music on our own, but it’s like, it’s whatever you know. But this really put everyone’s brains together and we come out with something really creative.

Leo: The thing that’s special about how we write is that we never decide we’re gonna write something. It just happens, it’s never planned. It’s spontaneous. It’s comes out of whatever’s in our head at the time. We’re not thinking about it, we’re just doing it.

Victor: Now, sometimes we’ll be straight up jammin’. Those are the best ones when we just start playing and then we’ll hear an idea. One of us will grab an iPhone and turn on voice memos to record it. Voice memos saves our a*****. It really lets us go back and be like, “Oh that sounds cool, let’s go with that.”

Max: There’s a lot of methods, but it’s usually jamming, you know, improvising together. We’ll formulate an idea and grow it like a plant. It’s very harmonious process. It’s really fun. I mean, we just wrote one yesterday and it’s the most complex song we ever written. We’re lucky that it’s really easy. This has been the easiest group to write with that I’ve ever been a part of. We just click.

Victor: As long as we’re having fun, having a good time, that’s all that matters.

Leo: We’ll get into some little arguments, but they’re pretty much irrelevant. It’s always the little things and they never last more than five minutes.

Max: We have a system. Since there’s three, if it’s two against one, we’ll just use the winning idea, which actually works really nicely. Because four people, you got two and two. There’s too much division. There’s something magical about just the trio.

Where would you like to see the band go in the future?

Victor: We definitely want to tour the U.S. and I feel like that’s our nearest goal to achieve short-term. We’re releasing music and putting out our album. We’re doing a couple live bids too and we just did one with a studio here, which is really cool. But short-term goal is just to try to tour the U.S. as soon as possible.

Max: But ultimately, we’re going to be one of the best rock bands in the world. That’s no bull****. We’ve dedicated our lives to it for a long time and that’s definitely what we’re trying to do. Every band wants to be that. We want to revitalize the rock genre because I feel like it’s very kind of like neutral black-and-white, very dark.

Victor: It’s become this weird thing nowadays, especially here in Nashville. Like what the f*** happened to rock n’ roll? Rock has been boxed nowadays, and we just want to break that box.

Leo: You listen to music from the ‘60s and ‘70s and it’s so much more creative. It goes different places. We want to break that box, but not be a nostalgia act.

Max: We’re not trying to be what was, like Greta Van Fleet, or like a lot of other bands who are trying to be “vintage.” We love that stuff, but we’re trying to really reinvent it. We want give rock a breath of fresh air. We love every type of music. All these great rock bands that we love, they loved every type of music, so they tried to incorporate it. That’s kind of what we try to do. Music is so vast nowadays, there’s so many sub-genres, so we really try and pull from everything and just make it one thing. But ultimately, it’ll always be rock and how that’s we feel the spirit and essence of it.

Any new music on the way?

Victor: Yeah, we got some juicy stuff coming.

Max: The album comes out February 14. We did a live session at this place called Castle Recording Studios in Nashville and we filmed seven choice songs from the album. We’re working on just putting out really nice content videos. We set up microphones here in our living room and we do these weekly jam things where we’ll improvise and we post it on our social media.

Leo: We have basically most of the next album written and planned out. We’re just finalizing those and we’re going to record them probably in the next couple months.

Max: And then hopefully a tour in late May. We’re planning like maybe a week or two long tour and around Athens, Nashville, North Carolina, kind of just in the South East.

Victor: Our main thing is really just getting this album out there. We’re in the middle of mixing up this Castle [Recording Studio] live session so that’ll kind of coincide with the album release. We’re thriving over here. We’re also able to, you know, not spend a bunch of money on these things just because we have connections in these recording studios.

Leo: They believe in the music too. They want people to see it so they’re just trying to give us what they can.

Victor: And everybody needs help now, you know, even Castle Recording Studio. We’re helping them by giving them our services and our money while they’re helping us. So, there’s just this symbiotic growth of beauty and jam goodness.

Max: Jammy goodness always.

It’s hard to capture how awesome this trio’s spirits are with words, so that’s why you should check out the full interview coming shortly to our WKNC podcast, “Off the Record,” which can be found here! Tune in to hear us talk more about spirit animals, our shared Brazilian heritage, and terrible band names.

If you want to check out Fresh Squeeze for yourself, you can follow them on Instagram and listen to them on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. As they said, their new album, “Not From Concentrate,” comes out on February 14, so make sure to give it a listen!

“Not From Concentrate” Album Cover (Artist: Leo Faillace)

Happy listening!

DJ Butter

Non-Music News

Student Positions Open on Student Media Board of Directors

Student Media is seeking candidates for three at-large student positions on its Board of Directors for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The Student Media Board of Directors, which also includes appointed students, professional and academic representatives, and the top student leader of each Student Media outlet, meets monthly during the academic year to help shape the vision and direction of the Student Media, including hiring top editors/managers and overseeing the budget.

Interested students must file an intent to run form with Student Government and follow all rules set forth by Student Government to be included on the spring ballot. The one-year term runs from May 1 to April 30. Books are open Feb. 12-21 with the election scheduled for March 15-16.

Positions are open to all students not currently involved with Student Media who meet eligibility requirements set forth for student leaders in University Regulation 11.55.6. Those requirements include being a full-time NC State student, having a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of election and having no active disciplinary sanctions.

The Student Media Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. and will meet virtually until further notice.

NC State Student Media includes Agromeck yearbook, a business and marketing office, Nubian Message biweekly Black newspaper, Roundabout quarterly magazine, Technician weekly newspaper, Windhover literary and visual arts magazine, and radio station WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1/HD-2.


Instagram Artists Worth Taking A Look At

Instagram can be a truly soul-sucking place, but there is one reason why I’m still on it: the artists. There are so many incredible illustrators, designers, and painters that constantly give me inspiration. Here’s a list of some of my absolute favorites to hopefully inspire you too!

1. @kid_kura

Source: @kid_kura on Instagram.

Kid Kura does these amazing psychedelic illustrations that I can never get enough of. Most of their work is digital, but they also do a lot of zines too! The artwork shown above was from their campaign for Vice’s astrology signs instagram higlight.

2. @flesh_png

Source: @flesh.png on Instagram.

@Flesh.png is an anonymous artist that I’ve been following for a while. Though their work is mostly done on Procreate, I love the texture and collage-like quality they add. It’s been awesome to see them grow as an artist over the past few years!

3. @a.creature

Source: @a.creature on Instagram.

Ines J., the artist behind @a.creature, has created an entire cult following with her woozy and surreal illustrations. Her style is so unique, yet her skills are obviously very diverse. She is probably one of my biggest artistic inspirations. The way that she manages to breathe life into even the simplest doodles is amazing.

4. @mariamedem

Source: @mariamedem on Instagram

You can’t help but feel relaxed when viewing María Medem’s work. Using muted yet vibrant colors and images of nature, her illustrations seem to speak directly to your soul. Based in Spain, María specializes in “silent comics” and has published several books.

5. @birdofclaydesigns

Source: @birdofclaydesigns on Instagram.

Who knew that Sculpey could be so breathtaking? Luna Fae, the sculptor who runs @birdofclaydesigns, uses oven-bake clay to make incredibly intricate jewelry, knick-knacks, and other oddities. Her attention to detail is astounding, especially when it comes to all those little mushrooms!

6. @alisonzai

Source: @alisonzai on Instagram.

You could spend hours going through Alison Zai’s drawings and never get bored. Her hand-drawn comics are humorous and honest, perfectly depicting the pitfalls of human nature and relationships. Though they look simple, her style and way with words is incredibly endearing.

7. @pantspants

Source: @pantspants on Instagram.

I would be a fool if I didn’t mention Josh Mecouch, more commonly referred to as just “pants.” His simple cartoons are both creepy and hilarious. He somehow manages to create these charming little drawings with simple, messy lines and one main character, a silly balding fella with a mustache and glasses.

– DJ Butter