New Album Review

Album Review: “TURN OFF THE LIGHT” by Kim Petras




RATING: 9/10

BEST TRACKS: “Wrong Turn,” “Death by Sex” and “Tell Me It’s A Nightmare,” “Close Your Eyes”


Although this album came out almost exactly a year ago, I felt like it was perfect to review this month. Kim Petras’ Halloween album, “TURN OFF THE LIGHT” is one of my absolute favorites. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so when Kim dropped a continuation of “TURN OFF THE LIGHT VOL. 1,” I simply could not stop listening to it all of October and even more throughout the year :p

This year, I’ve found myself listening to it again. It’s so spooky and fun and perfectly narrates all of October, especially now that there are fewer Halloween festivities 🙁 Every song on the 17-song long album is soooo good. “Death By Sex”… just WOW. This song is spooky and sexy and just really makes you want to dance. It reminds me a lot of the typical Kim Petras sound we’re used to. The driving beat almost reminds me of “Icy” from her album “Clarity” but with a Halloween twist. “TRANSylvania” reminds me a bit of Daft Punk with its bass and spooky and electronic sound effects.

I was hoping there would be a volume 3 this year, but unfortunately it looks like there might not be (I’m guessing due to COVID-19) 🙁 BUT, we still have VOL. 1 and 2 to listen to this October and November and December and all the months 🙂

Hope you listen and enjoy as much as I do–



Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 6/9

Artist Record Label
1 CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS La Vita Nuova [EP] Because/Capitol
2 YEULE Serotonin II Bayonet
4 OURI We Share Our Blood Remixes Ghostly International
5 HOT CHIPA Bath Full Of Ecstasy Domino
7 COWGIRL CLUE Icebreaker Vada Vada
8 DANCE SYSTEM Wind ‘Em Up (Radio Version) [EP ]Monkeytown
9. SONNIKU, LIZ, SOPHIE"Sweat (Sophie Remix)“ [Single] Bella Union
10 GRIMES Miss Anthropocene 4AD/Beggars Group

New Album Review

ALBUM REVIEW: Down Under EP – Moglii & Novaa


ALBUM: Down Under – EP

BEST TRACKS: Mother, Same, Her and High


Moglii and Novaa’s EP, Down Under, has a chill, downtempo style that still carries energy throughout its six tracks. Most of that energy comes from the fact that it was Moglii and Novaa’s debut in the music industry. Down Under was released in 2016 and has a total track time of around 22 minutes, which makes it great to listen in a casual sitting. As young producers, Moglii and Novaa wanted to focus on creating dimension in their tracks with the use of organic electronic sounds. Many of the tracks such as Same use an acoustic guitar and nature sounds to create this organic feeling. I was listening to Same and the intro to the track has a washboard-esque sound that was both bubbly and grainy and really capsulated the overall sound of the track and I think the nature of the EP.

Other elements in Down Under include saxophones (Her), “wooden” sounding snares, synths that give the track its electronic roots and amazing vocal edits on Novaa, Antonia Rug’s, vocals. She blends her own lyrics with vocal chops to layer the vocal sound and add extra depth to each track. I particularly love Her because of the chorus-y saxophone solo in the middle to make you feel chill while the percussion adds energy. It’s like the yin and yang of a song which I think is pretty neat. Even though the songs make me feel relaxed, the lyrics are somber and talk about the loss of self, identity and possibly a loved one. Songs like Mother, Her, and Golden Lights have sad lyrics about loss. I recommend this EP for fans of artists such as Phantogram, Whethan and pluko. Headphones recommended for full transporting effect.


Festival Coverage

vitamin e’s electronic music roundup baby!!

 its that time of year again folks! Here is the WKNC Afterhours approved lineup for the top 6 best electronic shows for the hopscotch weekend

  1. Channel Tres-  my #1 electronic show of the weekend, def going to be a good, super funky house music set: Friday, Imurj at 12:30am

  2. Spelling- Oakland, CA based artist, makes dreamy soul music with some electronic undertones: Saturday, Neptunes at 11pm

  3. Zah- Brooklyn, NY DJ and artist: Saturday, Wicked Witch at 11:30pm

  4. Shormey- Chesapeake, VA based artist,  makes light and sunny electronic music: Saturday, Imurj at 9pm

  5. Oak city slums-  Raleigh based DJ: Friday, Imurj at 11:30pm

  6. Gudiya- Raleigh based artist: Saturday, Wicked Witch at 8:30pm

stay dry out there n dance a lot everybody :0)
vitamin e 

Weekly Charts

Afterhours 8/16

# Artist Record Label


2 18 CARAT AFFAIR “Spent Passions 2” Self-Released

3 DEATON CHRIS ANTHONY “1999 She” [Single] Self-Released

4 DEVATA DAUN P"ye Luis" [EP] Pytch

5 TOURIST Everyday Monday

6 APHEX TWIN “Collapse” [EP] Warp

7 YVES TUMOR Safe In The Hands Of Love Warp

8 LAURENCE GUY “Making Music Is Bad For Your Self Esteeem” [EP ]Studio Barnhus

9 BLOOD ORANGE Angel’s Pulse Domino

10 THE SAMPS Breakfast Gloriette

Weekly Charts

Afterhours charts 8/7

# Artist Record Label
1 WHAT SO NOT, KLP “Goh” [Single] Counter
2 RE-ARNA “You & Me” [Single] crash valley
3 AAL (AGAINST ALL LOGIC) 2012-2017 Other People
4 JOHNY DAR “Gigi” [Single] Self-Released
5 GLENCOE “Is This Home” [Single] The A&R Department
6 CHROME SPARKS Chrome Sparks Counter
7 DJ TAYE Truu [feat. DJ Paypal] Hyperdub
8 CIMO FRANKEL “Never Give Up Chevrae Remix ” [Single] Self-Released
9 ROSS FROM FRIENDS Family Portrait Brainfeeder
10 READY SET, THE V1 [EP] Self-Released

Weekly Charts

Afterhours Chart 7/31

# Artist Record Label
1 READY SET, THE V1 [EP] Self-Released
2 AAL (AGAINST ALL LOGIC) 2012-2017 Other People
3 32STICHES “Remember This” [Single] Self-Released
4 DJ TAYE Truu [feat. DJ Paypal] Hyperdub
5 PEGGY GOU “It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)” [Single] Ninja Tune
6 NHOAH West Berlin R.O.T – RespectOrTolerate
7 NEGATIVE GEMINI Bad Baby [EP] 100% Electronica
8 WHAT SO NOT Not All The Beautiful Things Counter
9 BOERD “Blind” [Single] Anjunadeep
10 ANATOLE Only One (feat Ida) [Single] Decca

Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 7/24

# Artist Record Label
1 NHOAH What Happened In Berlin R.O.T
2 JOHNY DAR “Gigi” [Single] Self-Released
3 TOKIMONSTA Lune Rouge Remixed Young Art
4 NEGATIVE GEMINI Bad Baby [EP] 100% Electronica
5 ALISON WONDERLAND Awake Astralwerks
6 WHAT SO NOT, TOTO We Keep On Running Counter
7 MACHINEDRUM “Hype Up” [Single] Ninja Tune
8 BONOBO The North Borders Beat
9 PEGGY GOU Once [EP] Ninja Tune
10 A.A.L. 2012 – 2017 Other People

Weekly Charts

Afterhours charts 6/26

# Artist Record Label
1 ALISON WONDERLAND Awake Astralwerks
2 DJ TAYE Still Trippin Hyperdub
3 NHOAH 120 Red Skies [EP] R.O.T
4 KONGSTEAD, TEMMPO “Boomerang” [Single] universal
5 PEGGY GOU Once [EP] Ninja Tune
6 TESHA Dreams Vol. 1 Self-Released
7 WHAT SO NOT Not All The Beautiful Things Counter
8 DRUGZZ “Someone Other Than Me” [Single] Super Serious
9 CUSTARD SQUARE “We Live They Sleep” [Single] Self-Released
10 TELEPORT X In Dreams [EP] Polyptych

Weekly Charts

WKNC 88.1 FM Afterhours Charts 10/20

1. GHOST DATA, The Occulus Occult
2. Toro Y Moi, Boo Boo
3. Washed Out, Mister Mellow
4. Noga Erez, Off The Radar
5. Actress, AZD
6. Hippie Sabotage, Drifter
7. Forest Swords, Raw Language
9. KOROstyle, Project: KOROkat
10. Little Dragon, Season High