Top Ukulele Tracks


When I first started playing guitar I struggled badly with barre chords until one day I had the brilliant idea of practicing them on a ukulele. It did help but I quickly ran out of songs to learn and that’s when I started looking out for more ukulele based songs and these are my current top 5. So if you’re looking for some good ukulele tunes make sure to check these out.

U Could Find by Smoothiboi Ezra: This stripped back track is one of my absolute favorite heartbreak songs. The lyrics are just adorable and Ezra’s voice is so smooth it feels as if it was meant to be accompanied by a ukulele. I can’t help but feel happy when I listen to this song, anyone who’s ever been heartbroken will connect with her and the fact that it’s not too sad or bitter, just expressive, is perfect. 

Kalmia Kid by chloe moriondo: Again one of my favorite things about a lot of ukulele based tracks is how adorable and and uplifting this song is. The lyrics are reflective of nature but said in a very childlike way. It makes me feel like a young kid just enjoying life and all its aspects, and i’m swept away by Chloe’s voice. Her live version on YouTube is definitely worth checking out if you enjoy it.

Stolen Heart by Tyto Grey: This song is much less happy than the last two. Once again we have another heart break track but with the slow chord progression, light double strums and static over the vocals this song feel more like someone still in that sad phase of a post break-up. The chorus gets me singing along every time (the pic above is from my short cover of this) and it’s perfect for anyone starting to sing, the vocals are easy to follow but the emotion makes this track one I come back to often.

Spooky Ghosts by SNCKPCk: Now we have more of that classic ukulele vibe in this track. This song is a bit silly and cute, like a lot of SNCKPCK’s songs. It also has a childlike theme to it that makes it the perfect song for someone who makes you feel pure joy. The way he says ‘I’ll love you forever, forever, forever’ really makes this tracks.

You’re my world by Atlas: This track definitely stands out and I absolutely love it. The ukulele progression is so catchy and the artist starts out with rapping. There is also sung hook in the song that really pulls it together. However, the rapping is just perfect, his lyrics are very earthy and poetic and it’s so easy to vibe to this track and sing along.

– DJ Psyched