Best of 2k Indie (So Far)


As of September 1, 2019 my radio show, 2k Indie, will be a 1 year old show. To commemorate the special occasion I thought I’d look back at what has been played on the show and share some of my favorite tracks, some of the ones that really stood out most to me. My music library has grown immensely since I started DJing at WKNC so without dragging this out too much here is The Best of 2k Indie (So Far)…

  1. Natural Supersoul by Superfood

  • This song has been one of my absolute favorites since I first heard it. The chorus ‘You’re a natural supersoul, find yourself and lose control’ is so uplifting and followed by ‘Someday you’ll see there’s nothing to be but you’, this song really leaves the listener feeling confident, uplifted and in good spirits. The music is so smooth it makes you just want to lay out in the grass as you focus on the lyrics. As often as I go back to this track it still hasn’t lost its spark. Especially at the end when the lady’s voice chimes in, adding in that extra something that makes the song flow even more smoothly.

  1. Art School Wannabe by Sorority Noise

  • This song has a lot more ‘classic indie’ vibe and really takes me back in time, since it was my anthem freshman year. The chorus really makes me feel like my young more grunge and emo self again, but the music is more indie rock themed. The guitars really hold this track together, especially with the guitar solo that comes in perfectly near the end. It makes it just upbeat enough to put a little bop in your head as you’re walking to class.

  1. My Good Grades by Cecil Frena 

  • This track holds a very special meaning to me since Cecil Frena’s album ‘The Gridlock’ was the first album I ever reviewed for WKNC. The album quickly became a favorite of mine, but this track in particular has always stood out to me. There’s a story here that is told so well it has always stuck with me. The music is also insanely catchy and the guitars here really stand out. I absolutely love how the music in the intro mimics the lyrics and makes you start to sing along before the vocals even come in. The chorus starts with ‘so watch me now, I’m not ashamed, look what I did with my good grades…’ and when he starts to repeat ‘you will know who I am’ you really start to get a sense of how badly the artist wants to get his message across. We’re all told going to school, doing your work and being a good student will take us far but the artist disagrees. He mocks this ‘ideal scenario’ that people claim to be the reason some people don’t end up the same way in life economically, and he does it in such an elegant way.

The rest of the songs I picked for my ‘best of’ set are in the playlist below. But before I end this I want to give some special shouts (although every song on that playlist is definitely worth a listen, in my opinion, and I do love everything I play on air). These songs have just really stuck with me through time. it rains in nyc by dalynn // Echo Parade by Modern Diet // Disappear Daily by Ollie MN // Get to You by The Honeysticks // Not the Noise by J.P. Plains

– DJ Psyched

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