Metal Songs to Study to

It’s almost that time of the year… exam season!! I know exams can be stressful, but metal makes everything better. It is hard for me to study without music (because I am a sleepy girl), and it’s hard to study with music sometimes because I just wanna dance and headbang.

I have a handful of metal songs that I listen to while I study. Even though I have to fight the urge to headbang and do my weird dances in the library, these songs are very helpful when trying to get work done. The majority of these songs are instrumental, which is very helpful for me while studying. Having songs without vocals seems to help me concentrate better. I hope these songs bring you good luck on whatever you are studying for. You got this, Butcher Crew!!!

Study Vibes Playlist

·      Obituary – Redneck Stomp

·      Death – Voice of the Soul

·      Wretched – The Stellar Sunset of Evolution Pt. 2 (The Rise)

·      Sylosis – Where The Sky Ends

·      Rings of Saturn – The Heavens Have Fallen

·      The Faceless – (Instru)mental Illness

·      Rivers of Nihil – Terrestria II: Thrive

·      Decrepit Birth – Sea of Memories

·      Obscura – A Transcendental Serenade

·      Revocation – Enter the Hall

·      Fallujah – Chemical Cave

·      Dark Matter Secret – Emergence of Time

·      Cannibal Corpse – From Skin to Liquid

·      Currents – My Disguise

·      Polyphia – G.O.A.T.

Happy Stu(dying)!!!

Stay Metal,