Friday Favorites

It’s been a rainy couple of days, meaning I’ve been binging on a lot of electronic and indie music to get through the gloomy weather. The following list contains the songs I’ve been listening to on repeat during the past week, and I’ve deemed all of them at least worthy of a listen.

Today (with Tirzah) – Mura Masa 

I love Mura Masa – he creates such gorgeous music that is always surprising me. This comes from his most recent album, R.Y.C., and the entire album has much more of an indie influence compared to previous, more vibrant/pop influenced albums. This song combines soft singing and nostalgic lyricism with gentle guitar strumming. It’s beautiful. 

4ÆM – Grimes

I’m in love with this song, and Grimes in general. She’s been on my mind lately because she’s having a baby with Elon Musk (!!!) and my Twitter feed is all over that. This song is so interesting because it’s influenced by both cyberpunk and Bollywood. I’m fascinated that she put these two themes together and made something that I listen to on repeat, especially in my headphones as I stomp around in the rain on these gloomy days. 

Talamak – Toro y Moi

This song fits right in to all the electronic songs I’ve been obsessing over. This is an old song of Toro y Moi that’s groovy and chill. I love the snippets of the song where he layers his voice. It’s a straight up bop. 

Shampoo Bottles – Peach Pit 

This song is a recent release and the vocals on it are captivating paired with the mellow instrumentals. This single was released last week and describes the loss of a relationship and the longing that comes with it. Definitely an interesting look at how Peach Pit’s second album will be, since this is the second single they’ve released from it.

Borderline (An Ode to Self Care) – Solange

Solange put so much love into A Seat at the Table, which is probably why I’m still listening to the whole album, but this song specifically for so long. The vocals are so pretty and the beat is simple, and Q-Tip featuring on it just adds to the greatness. 

Thanks for reading my Friday Favorites, hopefully you’ve found some new songs to check out. 

– Miranda 


cellar door’s recent obsession: 90s/00s hip hop

Here’s a playlist that you can play in a variety of settings. These songs are chill, lyrical, funky, jazzy, introspective and nostalgic. Rap deals with a lot of heavy subject matter and a lot of the songs below talks about serious stuff. While I love rap and I love to have fun while I listen to it, it’s important to recognize the black stories being told here. With that being said, I’ve provided a bunch of things to do while listening to each song for a maximized listening experience. 

Gangsta Bitches (ft. Da Brat & Trina) – Eve

  • Play this when you’re getting ready for a party or a date and you wanna feel badass.

Nas Is Like – Nas

  • Play this when you’re walking to and from class.

What They Do – The Roots

  • Play this while you look out of the window of a car riding passenger.

Blast – Reflection Eternal

  • Play this when your friends come over on Friday.

Verses from the Abstract – A Tribe Called Quest

  • Play this in the car at night and bob your head the whole way.

Mr. Me Too – Clipse

  • Play this while you’re cooking dinner it helps you concentrate.

Shook Ones, Pt. II – Mobb Deep

  • Play this when it’s raining out and you feel a little emo.

Tonz ‘O’ Gunz – Gang Starr

  • Play this to speed-walk to class.

Big Momma Thang – Lil’ Kim

  • Play this while you get ready with a bunch of your friends (no boys allowed sorry).

Superthug – N.O.R.E.

  • Another song to play in the car. Volume up.

When I B On Tha Mic – Rakim

  • Another amazing song to play on the walk to class. I also think it’s great in the shower.

Liquid Swords – GZA

  • Night driving song. Chill, but hardcore.

Beware – Big Pun

  • Angry? Play this.

Grindin’ – Clipse

  • If you wanna dance, this Neptunes beat will do it for you.

MHB’s – Quasimoto

  • If you wanna chill and laugh at a clever bar, listen to this.

Southern Hospitality – Ludacris

  • Another futuristic and funky Neptunes beat. Dance to this.

Hip 2 Da Game – Lord Finesse

  • This catchy chorus will have you hooked and bobbing your head.

Blow the Whistle – Too $hort

  • High speed chase with the police? Play this to get away with it.

Hate It Or Love It (ft. 50 Cent) – The Game

  • A catchy chorus and infectious beat. This is a summer song.

Song Cry – Jay Z

  • If you’re sad, Jay Z will rap you to sleep with this amazing sampled beat.

She’s A Bitch – Missy Elliot

  • Get you and your krump dance crew together for some new choreo with this one.

-cellar door xxx


Top 20 songs by The Replacements

My parents are big fans of Paul Westerberg and the Replacements. My mom and her friends would go to any concert of theirs they could when the band was touring in the 1980s. Naturally, I grew up hearing about them, but it was not until about a year ago that I really began listening to the Replacements for myself. “Swingin’ Party”, their most popular song, was the first one I listened to. I played it on repeat for nearly a month. The Replacements quickly became one of my favorite bands. They were the sound I always needed. I began to wonder how this perfect band never made it big. 

The Replacements were a self-destructive band. They were one the first punk bands that had the ability to bring punk to more mainstream audiences. However, their behavior on and off stage hindered them from blowing up. They made it on SNL in 1986, but after some heavy drinking throughout the show, the performance was a catastrophe. Westerberg dropped the f-bomb on air, and Bob Stinson could barely stand. Lorne Michaels banned them from the show. In addition, they never made it big on MTV, which was a huge platform for propelling artist’s careers during the time. Bob Stinson had substance abuse problems that forced the other members to kick him out of the band.

Despite their downfalls, The Replacements were trailblazers for indie rock. They didn’t follow the mainstream path, and are legends because of it. 

Here are my top 20 songs by The Replacements:

  1. Androgynous

  2. Here Comes a Regular

  3. Unsatisfied

  4. Swingin’ Party

  5. Sixteen Blue

  6. Bastards of Young

  7. Answering Machine

  8. Talent Show

  9. Achin’ to Be

  10. Sadly Beautiful

  11. Can’t Hardly Wait

  12. Never Mind

  13. Nightclub Jitters

  14. Alex Chilton

  15. Waitress in the Sky

  16. Kiss Me on the Bus

  17. Little Mascara

  18. Left of the Dial

  19. Rock ‘N’ Roll Ghost

  20. One Wink at a Time

-DJ Lizzo 


Everything is Bigger in Texas

Chuck Norris isn’t the only reason you don’t mess with Texas. Some of the best metal bands have came from Texas and holy shit… they all go hard. The scene here is very unique because these bands have a distinct Texan sound that no other bands have. The riffs go hard and the breakdowns go even harder. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite bands from Texas.

Upon A Burning Body

I have already covered this band before, but these boys embody their Texas pride in songs such as Texas Blood Money. They are heavily influenced by Pantera because in that same song mentioned previously, they chant “respect, walk” which is a very popular chant in the Pantera song, Walk. These San Antonio natives put on a killer live show and I definitely recommend seeing them if you get the chance. Their songs are some killer riffs and catchy chants that you will be singing all day.

Favorite song: Sin City

I Am

Okay, this band has some of the best riffs that I have ever heard. They combine heavy ass riffs with killers grooves that will make you move your feet. These Dallas natives show their “Texas Death” attitude with pride. I have gotten to see this band once and all I can say is, WOW. They came out with so much energy and really captivated the crowd with their intensity. Everyone went crazy and I hope that they come back soon.

Favorite song: In Lust We Trust

Kublai Khan

Okay, this band is one of my absolute favorites. These Sherman locals take hardcore punk to the next level with some ass beating riffs and powerful barking vocals. I reviewed their newest record, Absolute, and if you haven’t listened to this album or band, you are really missing out. They bring the beatings like no one else. The riffs are simple but the intensity and weight of their sound makes them powerful. Have some pent-up anger? Release that shit with some Kublai Khan.

Favorite song: High Hopes

Creeping Death

No, I am not talking about the Metallica song Creeping Death, but the band from Dallas. I just got to see them for the first time and interviewed them on their tour with High on Fire and Power Trip. THEY ARE SO NICE!!!!!! They incorporate different mixes of genres from death metal, thrash metal, and a hint of hardcore. They have been influenced by other bands from Texas and their singer is really good friends with Riley Gale, the lead singer for another Texas band, Power Trip. Their riffs go hard and Reese’s vocals are amazing. They sound exactly the same live as they do on record. GO SEE THIS BAND!!! THEY ARE SICK!!

Favorite song: Peeled from Reality


Does this band even need to be explained? From Arlington, I would argue that Pantera has influenced almost every band that is around today. Before Dimebag (RIP), there weren’t riffs like this; he opened the door for bands to experience with different riffs and opened the door for heavier music. I wish I could have seen this band live, but my parents have seen them tons of times. My mom was in a Domination pit and has met them. I’m hella jealous.

Favorite song: Drag the Waters

What are some of your favorite bands from Texas?

Stay Metal,



Songs to fit the vibe


Music really hits differently based on your mood, so I’d talk about some songs to fit an uplifting vibe. I’ve made about a hundred different playlists for pick-me-up songs, from ‘Hype Music’ to ‘I love these songs with everything in me’. It’s like one of those youtube compilation videos you watch that have oddly specific titles but somehow fit your mood just right, anyhow without further or do here are some of my favorite pick-me-up tunes

  • Natural Supersoul by Superfood

    • If any song could make me feel like the coolest thing it would be this song, the vibe is so mellow it makes you kinda grove along, but the lyrics really always get me feelin like a Nat-ur-al Sup-er-soul

  • Younger by A Great Big World

    • Nothing quite like a throwback song to make you remember the good old times of childhood life

  • Hanna’s Theme by The Chemical Brothers

    • This song has no lyrics, it’s just really nice humming, call me crazy but I find this song so peaceful and relaxing I used to listen to it every night while falling asleep

  • One Day by Matisyahu

    • This song is just beautiful, and I think the message is really powerful

  • Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club

    • I’ve never made a good vibes playlist without this one, it’s a must to me, if you ever feel like things never workout this is the song to put on, because it’s a nice reminder that something good can work

What are some of your top good vibes songs?

– DJ Psyched


October Tunes

Another month is over and again some more real good music was released. This month I want to highlight three albums that I really enjoyed. In no particular order… 

Networker by Omni

Networker is the third full length album by the band and it’s sound is very classical older-school indie rock. The thing that really made this album stand out to me was the guitar and bass work, the riffs are incredibly ear catching and the vocals just match so well that it feels like it was made for the genre. I would recommend Sincerely Yours, Courtesy Call and Skeleton Key first. These anthems have been on repeat since I first heard them.

Friends by Future Crib

Another album that really caught my attention for its guitar work. I think this album is exactly what I think when I hear ‘indie’ and I absolutely love it. I feel like this music would be so nice to listen to live. There isn’t much more to say then you should start with Astronaut, Pocket and Alone.

Heavy Lifter by Hovvdy

I was instantly hooked when I first heard the song Mr. Lee. I am a sucker for catchy intros, and the higher pitched vocals really fit the vibe this song has. I feel like I could sit outside and listen during the day or chilling in my bed at 3am and it would hit so different but so right both times. It’s hard to describe the sound this album has but it’s very indie and kind of dreamy feeling to me. I would also recommend So Brite and Cathedral.

– DJ Psyched


Metal Songs to Study to

It’s almost that time of the year… exam season!! I know exams can be stressful, but metal makes everything better. It is hard for me to study without music (because I am a sleepy girl), and it’s hard to study with music sometimes because I just wanna dance and headbang.

I have a handful of metal songs that I listen to while I study. Even though I have to fight the urge to headbang and do my weird dances in the library, these songs are very helpful when trying to get work done. The majority of these songs are instrumental, which is very helpful for me while studying. Having songs without vocals seems to help me concentrate better. I hope these songs bring you good luck on whatever you are studying for. You got this, Butcher Crew!!!

Study Vibes Playlist

·      Obituary – Redneck Stomp

·      Death – Voice of the Soul

·      Wretched – The Stellar Sunset of Evolution Pt. 2 (The Rise)

·      Sylosis – Where The Sky Ends

·      Rings of Saturn – The Heavens Have Fallen

·      The Faceless – (Instru)mental Illness

·      Rivers of Nihil – Terrestria II: Thrive

·      Decrepit Birth – Sea of Memories

·      Obscura – A Transcendental Serenade

·      Revocation – Enter the Hall

·      Fallujah – Chemical Cave

·      Dark Matter Secret – Emergence of Time

·      Cannibal Corpse – From Skin to Liquid

·      Currents – My Disguise

·      Polyphia – G.O.A.T.

Happy Stu(dying)!!!

Stay Metal,



College Explained through music

You know that feeling when you hear a song you relate to and you’re just like YES. Well, I’ve had a lot of those moments with songs that remind me of college.  I’ve talked about my playlists that I make every semester, but my favorite thing about them is that I now have a few anthems that really define my college experience. You can judge them for yourself from the playlist linked below, but this is my college experience explained through music…

  1. Sober by FIDLAR

  2. Art School Wannabe by Sorority Noise

  3. Hollow Life by Coast Modern

  4. I’m Just A Kid by Simple Plan

  5. Fine, Great by Modern Baseball

  6. Laugh Til I Cry by The Front Bottoms

  7. Sweet Disaster by DREAMERS

  8. Life’s To Short by Wild Party

  9. Something Good Can Work by Two Doors Cinema Club

  10. My Good Grades by Cecil Frena

  11. This Is Home by Cavetown

What would your list look like? 

– DJ Psyched


Hallow-Rap playlist

Rap music is littered with lyrics about death, violence and bloodshed. A lot of people think this is one of the worst things about rap music. I think those people lack perspective. Whether you’re rapping about carrying the weight of death in your own community or if you’re rapping about perpetuating violence yourself; rap music’s subject matter is sometimes scary, especially because it is often sourced from real life experiences. Here are some creepy sounding songs that talk about some terrifying aspects of the black experience.

  1. Casket Pretty – Noname

  2. Pet Cemetery – Tierra Whack

  3. Thieves in the Night – Black Star

  4. The Devil’s Shoestring – MF DOOM

  5. Rage – Rico Nasty

  6. Heaven’s Little Bastard – Bbymutha

  7. Suicidal Thoughts – Notorious B.I.G.

  8. Flowers and Rope – Princess Nokia

  9. The Art of Peer Pressure – Kendrick Lamar

  10. Goth Kid – Princess Nokia

  11. Sandwitches – Tyler The Creator

  12. Freestyle 4 – Kanye West

  13. Deathwish – Comethazine

  14. Dark Night Dummo – Trippie Redd

  15. Elm Street – Jimmy Wopo

  16. Bad Guy – 21 Savage

  17. Faucet – Earl Sweatshirt

  18. Bobby Bitch – Bobby Shmurda

  19. Nuketown – SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD

  20. FlatBed Freestyle – Playboi Carti

  21. Paranoia – Chance The Rapper

-cellardoor xx


Spooky Season Playlist

Okay, so Halloween is every day for me, but I get hella extra when October hits. October is the only time of the year where almost everyone is getting their spooky vibes on and it makes my heart happy. Horror movies 24/7, going to haunted houses with the homies, and eating candy are only some of the activities that go on during this time. What’s not to love???

You want to know what else is spooky? Metal. Why do you think I love it so much? Below is a playlist that I created for all of your spooky season endeavors! So, sit back, relax, and blast this playlist throughout your haunted house or in your car!! You already know your Master Butcher has your back  (literally, your spine) for all things scary (: welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop y’all!

The Saw’s Spooky Season Playlist (link to Spotify below, sorry my Apple Music Butcher Crew).

·      Halloween Theme Song

·      Heads on the Wall – King Diamond

·      Halloween – King Diamond

·      This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson

·      Rotting in Vain – KoRn

·      Twist – KoRn

·      No Place to Hide – KoRn

·      Black No.1 -Type O Negative

·      My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend – Type O Negative

·      Summer Breeze – Type O Negative

·      Dragula – Rob Zombie

·      Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie

·      Superbeast – Rob Zombie

·      Demonoid Phenomenom – Rob Zombie

·      Meet the Creeper – Rob Zombie

·      Feed My Frankenstein – Alice Cooper

·      All Hallows Eve – Type O Negative

·      Hallowed Be Thy Name – Iron Maiden

·      The Number of the Beast – Iron Maiden

·      Bark at the Moon – Ozzy Osbourne

·      Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

·      Dead Skin Mask – Slayer

·      Raining Blood – Slayer

·      Seasons in the Abyss – Slayer

·      South of Heaven – Slayer

·      A Touch of Evil – Judas Priest

·       Creeping Death – Metallica

·      Enter Sandman – Metallica

·      Shout at the Devil – Motley Crue

·      Psychosocial – Slipknot

·      Duality – Slipknot

·      The Devil in I – Slipknot

·      Wait and Bleed – Slipknot

·      Kill or Be Killed – Spite

·      Kill or Become – Cannibal Corpse

·      Bloodstained Cement – Cannibal Corpse

·      Evisceration Plague – Cannibal Corpse

·      Hammer Smashed Face – Cannibal Corpse

·      Code of Slashers – Cannibal Corpse

·      Chopped in Half – Obituary

·      Slowly We Rot – Obituary

·      Ten Thousand Ways to Die – Obituary

·      Straight to Hell – Obituary

·      Turned Inside Out – Obituary

·      Inked in Blood – Obituary

·      Back from the Dead – Obituary

·      Lycanthropy – Six Feet Under

·      My Hatred – Six Feet Under

·      Murdered In The Basement – Six Feet Under

·      Insect – Six Feet Under

·      The Poison Hand – Six Feet Under

·      Where the Slime Live – Morbid Angel

·      Let The Knife Do The Talking – Hypocrisy

·      Symbolic – Death

·      Low Life – Death

You can find the Spotify playlist that includes all these songs here

What are some of your favorite spooky traditions? What songs are in your spooky playlist?

Stay Metal,