Top Ukulele Tracks


When I first started playing guitar I struggled badly with barre chords until one day I had the brilliant idea of practicing them on a ukulele. It did help but I quickly ran out of songs to learn and that’s when I started looking out for more ukulele based songs and these are my current top 5. So if you’re looking for some good ukulele tunes make sure to check these out.

U Could Find by Smoothiboi Ezra: This stripped back track is one of my absolute favorite heartbreak songs. The lyrics are just adorable and Ezra’s voice is so smooth it feels as if it was meant to be accompanied by a ukulele. I can’t help but feel happy when I listen to this song, anyone who’s ever been heartbroken will connect with her and the fact that it’s not too sad or bitter, just expressive, is perfect. 

Kalmia Kid by chloe moriondo: Again one of my favorite things about a lot of ukulele based tracks is how adorable and and uplifting this song is. The lyrics are reflective of nature but said in a very childlike way. It makes me feel like a young kid just enjoying life and all its aspects, and i’m swept away by Chloe’s voice. Her live version on YouTube is definitely worth checking out if you enjoy it.

Stolen Heart by Tyto Grey: This song is much less happy than the last two. Once again we have another heart break track but with the slow chord progression, light double strums and static over the vocals this song feel more like someone still in that sad phase of a post break-up. The chorus gets me singing along every time (the pic above is from my short cover of this) and it’s perfect for anyone starting to sing, the vocals are easy to follow but the emotion makes this track one I come back to often.

Spooky Ghosts by SNCKPCk: Now we have more of that classic ukulele vibe in this track. This song is a bit silly and cute, like a lot of SNCKPCK’s songs. It also has a childlike theme to it that makes it the perfect song for someone who makes you feel pure joy. The way he says ‘I’ll love you forever, forever, forever’ really makes this tracks.

You’re my world by Atlas: This track definitely stands out and I absolutely love it. The ukulele progression is so catchy and the artist starts out with rapping. There is also sung hook in the song that really pulls it together. However, the rapping is just perfect, his lyrics are very earthy and poetic and it’s so easy to vibe to this track and sing along.

– DJ Psyched


Jazz Rap: a history lesson and playlist


If you’ve ever heard any of A Tribe Called Quest, Anderson .Paak, Digable Planets, Quasimoto or Noname then you’ve heard of Jazz Rap. Jazz Rap emerged in the 80s and 90s, right along with the rap genre’s own beginnings. Jazz had been used to sample and reconstruct new soundscapes for lyricists to rap over. It was mellow, it was jazzy and it was paying homage to black music. While the music itself was historically aware, the artists who participated seemed to be as well by adopting lyrics about the intricacies of black people in America and throughout. Gang Starr was among the very first to popularize the genre with songs like “Talkin’ All That Jazz” which sampled famous jazz musician, Lonnie Liston Smith. 

In 1993, Digable Planets released a hit jazz rap record called “Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space)” which sampled many a jazz artist including Herbie Hancock. After a time, jazz rap’s popularity began to dwindle in the mainstream sphere, but jazz still holds strong roots in the back beats of any rap song then and today. Jazz rap gave room for other experimental and unconventional forms of rap and hip hop as can be seen with MF Doom and Noname. 

Jazz Rap: a playlist

Award Tour: A Tribe Called Quest

Where I’m From: Digable Planets

Self: Noname

Blah Loops: Like ft. Kali Uchis

Running Shoes: Ivan Ave

Bluffin: Quasimoto

Me of the Papes: Jeru The Damaja

Dancing in the Rain: Blu and Exile

Mass Appeal: Gang Starr

They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y): Pete Rock & CL Smooth

93 ‘Til Infinity: Souls of Mischief

Poe Man’s Dreams (His Vice): Kendrick Lamar ft. GLC

The Strip: MED, MAdlib, Anderson .Paak

Next Levels: King Geedorah

4r Da Squaw: Isaiah Rashad

– cellar door 


Best of 2k Indie (So Far)


As of September 1, 2019 my radio show, 2k Indie, will be a 1 year old show. To commemorate the special occasion I thought I’d look back at what has been played on the show and share some of my favorite tracks, some of the ones that really stood out most to me. My music library has grown immensely since I started DJing at WKNC so without dragging this out too much here is The Best of 2k Indie (So Far)…

  1. Natural Supersoul by Superfood

  • This song has been one of my absolute favorites since I first heard it. The chorus ‘You’re a natural supersoul, find yourself and lose control’ is so uplifting and followed by ‘Someday you’ll see there’s nothing to be but you’, this song really leaves the listener feeling confident, uplifted and in good spirits. The music is so smooth it makes you just want to lay out in the grass as you focus on the lyrics. As often as I go back to this track it still hasn’t lost its spark. Especially at the end when the lady’s voice chimes in, adding in that extra something that makes the song flow even more smoothly.

  1. Art School Wannabe by Sorority Noise

  • This song has a lot more ‘classic indie’ vibe and really takes me back in time, since it was my anthem freshman year. The chorus really makes me feel like my young more grunge and emo self again, but the music is more indie rock themed. The guitars really hold this track together, especially with the guitar solo that comes in perfectly near the end. It makes it just upbeat enough to put a little bop in your head as you’re walking to class.

  1. My Good Grades by Cecil Frena 

  • This track holds a very special meaning to me since Cecil Frena’s album ‘The Gridlock’ was the first album I ever reviewed for WKNC. The album quickly became a favorite of mine, but this track in particular has always stood out to me. There’s a story here that is told so well it has always stuck with me. The music is also insanely catchy and the guitars here really stand out. I absolutely love how the music in the intro mimics the lyrics and makes you start to sing along before the vocals even come in. The chorus starts with ‘so watch me now, I’m not ashamed, look what I did with my good grades…’ and when he starts to repeat ‘you will know who I am’ you really start to get a sense of how badly the artist wants to get his message across. We’re all told going to school, doing your work and being a good student will take us far but the artist disagrees. He mocks this ‘ideal scenario’ that people claim to be the reason some people don’t end up the same way in life economically, and he does it in such an elegant way.

The rest of the songs I picked for my ‘best of’ set are in the playlist below. But before I end this I want to give some special shouts (although every song on that playlist is definitely worth a listen, in my opinion, and I do love everything I play on air). These songs have just really stuck with me through time. it rains in nyc by dalynn // Echo Parade by Modern Diet // Disappear Daily by Ollie MN // Get to You by The Honeysticks // Not the Noise by J.P. Plains

– DJ Psyched

Full Playlist Link //


Songs to Listen to While Walking to Class

When walking around campus, I wonder what people are listening to on their walks to/from class. Do people know that I am blasting metal through my ear drums? Are they blasting metal? The world may never know.

I like to try and see if I can guess people’s musical tastes by trying to guess what they are listening to (I am usually wrong but… ‘A’ for effort).

Now, when I walk around campus, I am almost always listening to metal. And you can tell because I will play air drums and fist pump the air because the breakdowns and riffs are just THAT GOOD! I gotta be careful sometimes… if I get too into it, I will start two-stepping; the next thing you know, I’m crowdkilling trees. A beatdown just goes really hard and you just can’t control it.

The majority of the time when I’m walking to and from my classes, I am finding songs to play for my set (which you should totally listen to). Speaking of my show, I have new set times!!! The Bone Cruncher (your only place to hear some of my Local Butchers) will be on Friday’s starting at 5pm! Stuck in a traffic jam? Have no fear, The Saw will keep you entertained. Immediately following The Bone Cruncher is The House of Horrors (the heaviest metal on the planet) from 6-8pm.

Yep, you got that right: THREE HOURS in a row – pounded into dust! Oh, the beatings! You’re welcome.

Here is a list of some songs to make your trip to class suck a little less:

·      Literally any song off of A Different Shade of Blue by Knocked Loose. I personally like Forget Your Name and Guided by the Moon.

·      Literally any song off of Hartford County Misery by Boundaries. I really like Dog Teeth and No Other Way.

·      Thanks for Nothing by Bent Life

·      Capital Punishment by Detain

·      Pressure by Bloodbather

·      3 Knives by Code Orange

·      The Hammer by Kublai Khan

·      No Love/ No One by Gideon

·      The Hands of Man by Heavens Die

·      You Will Be Done by Next Time Mr. Fox

·      Dreaming In Dog Years by The Red Chord

Here are some other songs that I like to listen to when I want to listen to something other than metal (shocker!).

·      Take a Walk by Tiny Meat Gang

·      Wood Worm by Noel Miller

·      South Beach by Ty Dolla $ign

·      Out for the night by 21 Savage

·      Act Up by City Girls

·      Pissed, ICY GRL, and My Type by Saweetie

·      Bootsy Bellows by Wiz Khalifa

·      Tia Tamera by Doja Cat

·      Artificial by Earthgang

·      Boogie by Brockhampton

·      King’s Dead by Jay Rock

·      Kream by Iggy Azalea

What songs do you listen to while walking campus?

Stay Metal,





Everybody does it.  Though we often don’t openly talk about it, each of us has cumulatively spent days of our lives sitting on the pooper, thinking or listening to God knows what.  With that being said, there is an almost completely untapped market of music made specifically to listen to while their listeners are subjected to regular movements.  We haven’t gotten to a point where highly specific shite tunes are widely available, but we still have your trusty blogger Cliff here to deliver a personalized playlist of my favorite crap tracks.  This is the TOP 10 SONGS TO LISTEN TO WHILE YOU POO.


10. California Dreamin’- The Mamas and the Papas


I don’t know about you, but there is seldom a time where I am squatting down to let loose where I find myself in a particularly clean or aesthetically pleasing environment.  Because of this, it’s hard to resist throwing on this counter-culture folk classic. As I sit trapped in my self-inflicted linoleum prison my head begins to peruse thoughts of a mild-aired utopia.  All the leaves are brown, baby. 


9. Seeing Red- Minor Threat 


Though I must admit that I’m not the most amiable person in the world, my own worst enemy is me, especially when I’m undertaking a nice #2.  And I when I mentally face-off with myself in the toilet bowl-arena, I need the one-two punch of speed and power to slap myself into the correct BM mindset.  Ian MacKaye’s screams provide the perfect burst of energy to accelerate out of those unfortunate ruts. 


8. Dazed and Confused- Led Zeppelin 


Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re being dramatic about your poos (my girlfriend does to me all the time), your expulsion of organic waste is the most natural heroism of all time: an epic written in the dirt beneath our feet.  It’s hard to choose a particular Zeppelin song to snap into my greasy bathroom tape player, but this wailing classic off their debut transforms my bashfully off-white bowl into a golden throne from which I sip from a goblet while straining the blood vessels in my forehead.  This heavily distorted dissent into fiery blues-rock gifts an otherwise banal task with the dignity that it has always deserved. 


7. Informer- Snow


The barrier between the abstract enjoyment of music and material improvements from groovy tracks is much less tangible than you would expect.  What could this possibly mean, Cliff? Well, the undeniably perfect mid 90s classic, Informer, is so funky that it helps me finish my duty. Snow’s beautifully crafted beat massages my colon via soundwaves, and the lyrics are so good that my body completely relaxes whenever I let those golden words into my ears.  Thank you, Snow. 

6. London Dungeon- The Misfits 


You can probably tell that these songs are chosen to reflect something I am feeling in my head and that I view them as reliable extensions of whatever I am feeling. As mentioned in the California Dreamin’ segment (see number 10), I often feel trapped by architecture that is understandably designed to keep the stank from leaking out.  However, more often than not I decide to revel in my discomfort rather than finding release in escapism. For that reason, the Misfit’s London Dungeon, a song literally about being in a dungeon, really resonates with me. If you were to break down my door mid-project and conducted a vibe check, there’s a good chance you would find a wave of brooding anger lingering within me. 


5. Crosseyed and Painless- Talking Heads 


Despite whatever I may be wearing, whatever fad I’m committing myself to, or whatever I may be currently spending the majority of my time doing, at the end of the day I cannot escape the vulnerability of simply being human.  Unsurprisingly, this existential dread of being within a soft body surrounded my hardened testaments to human progress is particularly exacerbated in the necessarily immaculate reality of a bathroom’s interior. So, when I sit there within my mech of pipes and tile questioning why I must inherently remain a pinnacle of weakness while pushing out evidence of my body’s inefficiency, David Byrne’s nervous yelps of modern fear give me at least a partial feeling of solidarity.  The (angular) rattling echoes my anxieties of an alienating society and empowers my disgust with its throbbing isolation. As a result, I have few qualms about dropping my deuce within it. 


4. Honey Bucket- The Melvins 


I won’t lie to you, my trust readers who have made it to number 4 on a listicle about my poo-poo playlist, I don’t like metal.  It’s a pretty deflating predisposition when ruminating on songs to help squeeze out a big one; metal is the perfect engine to keep you regular! By no means do I want to dispute the inescapable law of nature that states heavy music is objectively wonderful for a poor sap whose clenching mechanisms have been exhausted.  But I don’t like metal. I’m sorry, I really can’t stand the stuff. As such, I become incredibly distracted whenever it fills my ears which sit atop my cocoa seat. But Honey Bucket by the Melvins is the perfect compromise for me. It’s heavy without being obsessed with its heaviness and therefore I have effectively eliminated all distractions.  From here, I let the heaviness overtake me as I become significantly lighter. 


3. I Love You- Vanilla Ice 


Of course, how could I complete a list hinging on my relaxation and subsequent internal evacuations without putting in a little R&B?  As I scroll through my library of records, thumb lightly pressed over each of the titles as if to tease every one of them with the privilege of being of my restroom royalty, one record stands out.  You guessed it: 1990’s To the Extreme by Vanilla Ice, specifically the last track: I Love You. The song is the perfect tempo through which I can focus in on internal stasis, a plane of existence which allows unadulterated self-cleansing.  The beat centers around a crisp, reverbed splash which is incredibly reminiscent of a mass entering a toilet bowl’s sea. Ice croons about love in such a down-to-earth manner that I can’t help but turn to myself and say “I love you” in a burst of confidence which is required for a successful trip to the john.  And don’t even get me started on the sax solo. 


2. Day of the Lords- Joy Division 


Time to get real, folks.  I’m not perfect. I know this whole list builds the illusion that I’m perfectly prepared to live an incredibly clean and regular life; a life where surroundings which breed a colonic flow-state have been so ingrained in my head that it’s virtually automatic.  But, as much as I hate to say it, this is the real world. More often than not I don’t have a perfect trip, and I leave feeling incredibly frustrated and confused. What did I do wrong? Do I need to change my diet? I bet the normal people don’t have these issues.  In times like these, I look back to my days of constant discomfort: high school. When embracing these nihilistic anthems of self-hatred as a means of relinquishing the responsibility of my fecal health, I become a martyr. And no band empowers self-pitying more than Joy Division.  When I leave my bathroom in silence and lay down in a pool of my tears after a catastrophic failure, I become Ian Curtis. 


1. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)- Limp Bizkit 


The beauty of a pooping playlist is its utter lack of pretension. Sure, the concept itself is pretty funny on a surface level, but it does provide a legitimate opportunity to judge music on the utmost visceral level.  In most circumstances, there won’t be another soul joining you in your journey to the bottom of the potty, and in most circumstances, you won’t want to associate the experience to closely with any part of your identity. The only reason why you would put something on a playlist like this is that you enjoy it independent of how you think your friends or peers would react.  For this reason, Limp Bizkit will always remain my kings of the chocolate log kingdom. Their music is foul, trashy, offensive. But it’s fun to listen to, and as such makes me feel my most powerful when my jaw and various other muscles clench daily.  

– Cliff Jenkins


January Favorites 2019 // Dj Psyched


When 2019 started I told myself I would listen to a lot more new music this year. And since January has come to an end I wanted to reflect on some of my favorite songs from this month. So I made a playlist of them (linked at the end) and in this article I want to highlight my top three favorites from the playlist. Quick disclaimer they’re not all brand new but they are new to me (and most are relatively recent). It was difficult choosing my top three favorite for this list but with a lot of contemplating and listening I came up with this:


American Anonymous – Demi the Daredevil

This list is starting off strong with one of the most unique tracks I’ve heard so far this year. Demi the Daredevil can best be described as alternative theatrical rock (with dark elements, but not too dark). And that’s exactly the vibe that comes from the track. The track starts with glitchy noises and these eerie bells come in, then the track explodes with the powerful vocals and electronics mixed with bass and steady drum beats. But it’s the lyrics that really make this track stand out to me. Every verse holds its own unique elements and themes, but they’re all held together nicely with the repeating chorus. The track holds a high energy all throughout and there’s enough lyrical and instrumental diversity that it doesn’t get old or worn out, especially when the breakdown comes through near the end of the track. I was a little shocked to see that this track hasn’t gained more traction because it’s incredibly well rounded and the chorus will easily stick with the listener.



Trippy – Mindchatter


This track is a 2019 release and I have to say it’s an amazing one. This song is, just as the title says, trippy. It’s mesmerizingly smooth and catchy. The best way I can describe the sound is that one chill friend that seems to never get fazed by anything. It’s a track I put on when I’m feeling stressed by school work or just want to relax a bit. I couldn’t find much on the band but I’ve really enjoyed the two tracks they’ve released this year and I’m excited to see what else they release.



W€ CHANG£ – Clarence Clarity


According to spotify this was my most played track of the month. W€ CHANG£ caught my ear from the very first listen and I haven’t gone a day without it since. This track has so many elements to it that you simply can’t just listen to it one time, it takes a few listens, focusing on different elements, to truly hear the whole thing. Every time I listen I find myself fixating on a different piece and it keeps the track exciting to go back to. The music and vocals have a very electronic sound with some rock and light guitar elements thrown into the mix. The breakdown reminds me of something you would hear at a carnival and it really adds to the daunting undertones of the track. It’s definitely one of those tracks you really have to just listen to to get the full feel for.


All of these tracks have made me pretty excited to continue this ‘more music 2019’ thing. But lastly, I can’t finish this list without giving some honorable mentions (although it was pretty hard to choose these too):


Death, Thrice Drawn by The Scary Jones


Soft Music/ Juno Portraits Of The Jovian Sky by of Montreal


Wavy Gravy by Okey Dokey


Meteor Shower by Cavetown


Monster by Dodie



DJ Psyched


Enjoy the cold weather with these tunes from Soundcloud!

I was searching for some new music on Soundcloud recently, and I’ve come up with a small list of songs that I think are perfect for listening to in the cold cold weather. Check it out!

1. Brazilian Soul (feat. Sofi Tukker) – The Knocks

Groovy, but has a great flow that keeps you feeling cool.

2. k goodnight feat. Jessie Reyez – Tim Suby

Kind of a sad song, but it’s a unique mix that kept me paying attention for the whole song.

3. snow feat. yungmaple – afternoon

This track is so much fun. It’s lighthearted, but obviously it’s got that winter element, hence the title.

4. Runaway (feat. Mishaal) – Sarcastic Sounds x Beowulf

Slow and steady with low vocals that get you feeling relaxed and cozy.

5. no way back – oatmello

This song is also very relaxing, and it reminds me of looking out my window and seeing snow fall.

If you’re looking for something a bit longer, this track is almost a half hour long and it’s great to listen (or fall asleep) to!

to be alone – lofi hiphop mix pt. 2 – ChilledCow

Written by Angela Fluett


New Releases and Favorites! – Late October/Early November

Hey everyone! I have a fresh batch of New Releases and Favorites for you below! Fall is here, so it’s time to collect some cool finds for walks in the cold weather, curling up indoors with a hot cup of coffee or spending chilly nights out and about with good friends. I hope you enjoy these picks!


1. The Way It Was – Coast Modern

If you’re into alternative beats, this is absolutely the song for you. It starts out pretty soft and collected, but executes a dramatic shift into an electronic breakdown that I find myself replaying all the time. If you like this song and haven’t heard of Coast Modern before, you’re in for a real treat. I suggest checking out their songs Hollow Life, Guru and their awesome cover of MGMT’s Electric Feel.

2. Tranz – Gorillaz

I know, another Gorillaz song. I can’t help it! If the song is good, it must grace my ears with its existence at all times. This is my favorite song off of their newest album, The Now Now, and according to Damon Albarn himself, it might be their newest album for a while. They came back from a seven year hiatus in 2017, but Albarn has been telling fans and the press that we probably won’t see them on tour for a very long time. So go support Gorillaz! Their tunes must never be forgotten!

3. Late Night – ODESZA

I feel like I’m probably one of the only people who hasn’t been obsessed with this song yet, but it’s definitely been in my queue a lot lately. The title is extremely fitting and sets the mood for a LATE NIGHT drive, or a super relaxed LATE NIGHT hang out with friends, especially in the Fall.

4. The Man – The Killers

I remember being in love with the song Somebody Told Me when I was 14 or 15, so it’s not surprising that The Killers made their way back into my playlist. I’ve actually known about this song since it came out, but when I first heard it I wasn’t crazy about it. I decided to give it another try at the beginning of the month and ended up really loving it. The music video is also really great, so I highly suggest watching it if you’re gonna listen to the song for the first time. Here ya go!

5. still feel. – half•alive

I came across this music video about a month ago when it was trending on YouTube for a bit, and after watching I could totally understand why people thought this video was such a big deal. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you want to watch it, I’m just gonna hand you the link right here. It’s really great, and the song is great too. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised with another style of alternative beats sound that I’ve never heard before. 

New Releases

1. The Beginning of the End – Robert Delong

I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for new music from Robert Delong. It’s finally here, but I’m a little disappointed. I only really enjoyed this song, and the rest of them sounded kind of messy and not produced well. The Beginning of the End has a really great tune and is fun to listen to. His EP is called See You in the Future, if you want to go check it out for yourself. 

2. AGEN WIDA – JOYRYDE, Skrillex

Here’s a pretty standard electronic song, but I found it to be an enjoyable listen. If you’re a dubstep fan, this would be a potential good addition to your playlist. 

3. Train Station – Nymano, Pandrezz

This is an almost four minute lo-fi type song, which is really great because a lot of the time when I hear a really good lo-fi song, I wish it would be a couple minutes longer. It’s super relaxing, so good to listen to before going to sleep.

4. In Time – CASSETTE, Brando

I’ve known of CASSETTE for a very long time and Brando is a really great artist as well, so this collaboration is something I was very excited to listen to. It’s truly a wonderful song, the perfect one to get you through a tough breakup. It has an optimistic angle that really warmed my heart the first time I listened to it. Honestly, if you don’t listen to any of the other songs on this playlist, at least listen to this one.

I hope these songs will get you in the mood for the colder weather, although I admit a couple of them aren’t completely fitting into the Fall playlist vibe. However, I’ll be on the lookout for some more Fall/Winter stuff to make sure our playlists are lookin’ good!

Written by Angela Fluett


Start making your Fall playlist with these songs…

Fall is only a few weeks away, and one of the greatest parts of it (besides the weather) is the music, of course! For me, being a music lover means having different playlists for certain times of the year in order to get myself in the perfect mood and mindset for the season. If you’d like to do this as well, I’m prepared to start you off with _#_ great songs that I’ll definitely be adding to my playlist this Fall. Take a listen!

 1. Wave(s) – Demo Taped Remix by Lewis Del Mar and Demo Taped

The definition of a chill beat, this song is perfect for slowing down and enjoying the changing colors around you. I really enjoy the variety of sounds featured in this track since it keeps you intrigued while listening, which offers a deep music experience.

2. where r u by Kill Paris

This song is my favorite of this article, since it’s made the list of my all-time favorite songs. It is, to put it simply, a beautiful electronic song that embodies how I feel about Fall. It’s dreamy, inspiring and has a really great beat.

3. Passion by AWOLNATION

AWOLNATION has always made really great alternative music, and this is a great song off of Here Come the Runts, their newest full length album from earlier this year. It’s upbeat but also pretty relaxed at the same time and seems to be an appropriate song for the season.

4. Two Bodies by Flight Facilities and Emma Louise

This track is pretty unique, which is obviously why I love it so much. The beginning includes some spoken word that I find really beautiful and the rest of the song is very soft and peaceful. If you’re into meditation, I enjoy closing my eyes and thinking while listening to this song.

5. Trees by Sleepdealer and Smoke Trees

Of course we have to have some good Lo-Fi in our playlist, so here you are. This is basically just a solid choice for any chill playlist you may have.

6. Sleepy Eyes by Elohim and Whethan

I think this song is probably the most upbeat out of all the songs on this list, which is ironic considering the title. I think this would be a great Fall driving song. It’s a really happy and carefree track, so it adds some more variation to the other songs I’ve included.

From writing this article, I’ve realized that chill beats seems to be the overall theme for this year’s Fall. That’s what I’ve been into lately and it honestly seems perfect for the season anyway. I hope you enjoy discovering some new music and Happy Fall!!!

Written by Angela Fluett


New Releases and Favorites of August 2018!

August may be gone, but hearing some August 2018 releases and personal favorites can bring the memories back for months to come! In this article, you’ll find five songs released this August that caught my attention, as well as five more that were songs I listened to religiously throughout the month and highly recommend to everyone. Let’s jump right in!

New Releases

1. Afterlife – TheFatRat

TheFatRat has been a long time favorite of mine in terms of electronic music, so it was great to hear some of his new music and find something I really enjoyed. This song is named perfectly, due to the mixture of strong and dreamy chords and its mysterious sound.

 2. Rivulets – Analogue Dear, Yvette Young

This is another dreamy song that features the beautiful piano talents of Yvette Young. This is definitely an introspective, relaxing song that I make sure to listen to whenever I’m walking around campus. If you like this song, you might want to check out Young’s math rock band called Covet.

 3. Cherries on Top – Jack Cates

The first time I heard this song, I was blown away by how different it was from anything I’ve ever heard. It makes me so happy when I find songs that are the most unique of the unique, and this was an amazing find. It’s a fun song that you can’t help but bob your head to and once again, I have to give mad respect for the perfect song title.

 4. skipping stones – leon chang

This song is true to its name, offering a cutesy, bouncy sound that’s uplifting and optimistic. It’s a good song for sleeping or relaxing.

 5. Burning Bridges – Elѐnne

Enjoyable and interesting, this song was another unique find. Usually, when I find a song I really like, I’ll immediately start dancing, moving my head, tapping my foot, but for some reason this song just made me stop and listen. There’s a lot of layers to listen to, so it makes for a fun listen when you’re just trying to enjoy the music and ignore everything else around you.

Monthly Favorites 

1. Hollywood (feat. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle) – Gorillaz

From the new album, The Now Now, Hollywood is a party song you’ll never want to leave out of any fun get together. It’s electronic, funky and packed with great raps from Snoop Dogg and Jamie Principle and suave vocals from 2D. I can already tell this song will be one of my all-time favorites.

 2. Drama (feat. Big Data) – NoMBe

I’ve really enjoyed Big Data’s music, so when I discovered this collaboration I was thrilled. It’s such a unique song, in a good way, but you can still pick out Big Data’s signature sound. NoMBe has a soft voice that works very well with the lyrics, offering a beautiful contrast to the beats of the music.

 3. Mr. Romantic – French Horn Rebellion, Patawawa

For me, this is the ultimate feel good song, despite the somewhat depressing lyrics. I guess it’s the twisted concept of celebrating your hopelessness. Or you can just ignore the lyrics and enjoy the song’s upbeat nature and catchy vocals. I always feel like I’m in a much better mood after listening to this song.

 4. Hustle – Madison

This is the kind of music you listen to when you just want to get away from your everyday life and pretend you’re rich, famous and in a photoshoot. You’re on the way to your 8:30am class with bags under your eyes and a double shot of espresso in your coffee, but you’re stomping across the Brickyard like it’s your own personal runway. Seriously though, this song is really unique and will allow for a little confidence boost if you’re up for it.

 5. Eyelids – Saro

I’ve listened to Saro’s music before and I really believe he’s an underrated artist. His sound is so specific and beautiful and he has a way of making his voice become a part of the music. It intertwines, instead of complementing, which I know sounds slightly confusing. When you listen, hopefully you’ll get what I mean. Or I could just be crazy and have no idea what I’m talking about. Either way, I strongly encourage that you to take a look at his work.

Written by Angela Fluett