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Album of the Week: Upon A Burning Body – The World Is My Enemy Now (2014)

Upon A Burning Body (UABB) is one of my favorite bands of all time. They were one of the first heavier bands I first started listening to and I have been a fan ever since. Their album, The World Is My Enemy Now, is one of my favorite albums by them. The majority of my favorite UABB songs come from this album!

The World Is My Enemy Now is the third studio album from UABB, released in 2014. This album has received backlash and negative attention for a publicity stunt to promote the album. The stunt involved UABB’s lead vocalist, Danny Leal, and reports that he was missing. The band later posted the album cover which showed Leal tied up, revealing the reports of Leal being missing was a joke. Since the stunt, the band has not apologized. Regardless of the negative attention, this is a great album. There are so many smashing hits that come off of this record.

This album is aggressive, with lower-tuned guitars, a combination of the speed and the technicality of metalcore, and death metal style vocals while keeping a musical structure that derived from hardcore. There are some tracks on the album that have deeper and lower vocals that could be classified as more of a death metal style, even though it isn’t the traditional style of death metal vocals. The hooks and anthems that are on this album make it enjoyable to play over and over again; you won’t get tired of. The album is not that repetitive, so it never gets boring!

The opening track, Red Razor Wrists, kicks off the album on a high note, starting off with the screaming of violence and brutality that is yet to come from the album. Pledge Your Allegiance is very anathematic and will be sure to make you move around. The title track,The World Is My Enemy Now, has a more hardcore sound to it due to its riffs. There is a lot of variety on this album and there is a song for everyone to enjoy!

Favorite Songs:


Bring The Rain


The World Is My Enemy Now

Fountain of Wishes

What are some of your favorite songs off of The World Is My Enemy Now?

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Everything is Bigger in Texas

Chuck Norris isn’t the only reason you don’t mess with Texas. Some of the best metal bands have came from Texas and holy shit… they all go hard. The scene here is very unique because these bands have a distinct Texan sound that no other bands have. The riffs go hard and the breakdowns go even harder. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite bands from Texas.

Upon A Burning Body

I have already covered this band before, but these boys embody their Texas pride in songs such as Texas Blood Money. They are heavily influenced by Pantera because in that same song mentioned previously, they chant “respect, walk” which is a very popular chant in the Pantera song, Walk. These San Antonio natives put on a killer live show and I definitely recommend seeing them if you get the chance. Their songs are some killer riffs and catchy chants that you will be singing all day.

Favorite song: Sin City

I Am

Okay, this band has some of the best riffs that I have ever heard. They combine heavy ass riffs with killers grooves that will make you move your feet. These Dallas natives show their “Texas Death” attitude with pride. I have gotten to see this band once and all I can say is, WOW. They came out with so much energy and really captivated the crowd with their intensity. Everyone went crazy and I hope that they come back soon.

Favorite song: In Lust We Trust

Kublai Khan

Okay, this band is one of my absolute favorites. These Sherman locals take hardcore punk to the next level with some ass beating riffs and powerful barking vocals. I reviewed their newest record, Absolute, and if you haven’t listened to this album or band, you are really missing out. They bring the beatings like no one else. The riffs are simple but the intensity and weight of their sound makes them powerful. Have some pent-up anger? Release that shit with some Kublai Khan.

Favorite song: High Hopes

Creeping Death

No, I am not talking about the Metallica song Creeping Death, but the band from Dallas. I just got to see them for the first time and interviewed them on their tour with High on Fire and Power Trip. THEY ARE SO NICE!!!!!! They incorporate different mixes of genres from death metal, thrash metal, and a hint of hardcore. They have been influenced by other bands from Texas and their singer is really good friends with Riley Gale, the lead singer for another Texas band, Power Trip. Their riffs go hard and Reese’s vocals are amazing. They sound exactly the same live as they do on record. GO SEE THIS BAND!!! THEY ARE SICK!!

Favorite song: Peeled from Reality


Does this band even need to be explained? From Arlington, I would argue that Pantera has influenced almost every band that is around today. Before Dimebag (RIP), there weren’t riffs like this; he opened the door for bands to experience with different riffs and opened the door for heavier music. I wish I could have seen this band live, but my parents have seen them tons of times. My mom was in a Domination pit and has met them. I’m hella jealous.

Favorite song: Drag the Waters

What are some of your favorite bands from Texas?

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Band/Artist Profile

Band of the Week: Upon A Burning Body

Ahhh yes, the boys from San Antonio, Texas.  Upon A Burning Body (UABB) is one of my favorite bands, they were one of the first metalcore bands that got me into metal. Me and my cousin (who helped me find the bands that got me into metal) were going to go to a show and he showed me UABB. The first song that I heard was Intermission and I was instantly hooked.

UABB has this charismatic energy to them that immediately makes you want to move around. They also bring that same energy when performing. They are all running around and you can easily tell that they are having a good time.

I have seen UABB tons of times (and it never gets old!!!). I saw them twice back in 2016 at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte, NC, twice in 2017 at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC, and once at Groundzero in Spartanburg, SC.  

When I saw UABB in Greensboro that one year, and I was in the front of the crowd singing the lyrics back to the band. Their bass player, Joe, always gives me a guitar pic when I see them. But their singer, Danny, dedicated Texas Blood Money (one of my favorite songs) to me and thanked me for jamming out during their entire set. After their set, Danny came down and gave me a hug and thanked me again. I went over to their merch booth later after the show and hung out with the entire band! It was a great moment and it honestly made my entire life. Now, when I see UABB, I hang out with the entire band! They are such cool guys!

UABB formed in 2005 in San Antonio, Texas. They have five albums: The World is Ours (2010), Red. White. Green. (2012), The World Is My Enemy Now (2014), Straight From The Barrio (2016), and Southern Hostility (2019).

UABB received some backlash with their publicity stunt in 2014. Danny Leal did a kidnapping hoax. Leal tweeted some weird tweets prior to his “disappearance” and then the UABB Facebook page wrote a post stating that he has gone missing. Come to find out, he was never actually missing and it was all a publicity stunt. It was said that the band did this behind the label’s back and it was not appreciated. This stunt did have some serious backlash that the band would have to deal with in the coming years.

UABB was then dropped from Sumerian Records sometime after they released Straight From The Barrio in 2016. This record was personally, my least favorite. They then got signed by Seek & Strike and released Southern Hostility in 2019 and it is honestly one of my favorite releases! They brought back the aggression and bone cutting riffs that we all know and love.  

Favorite songs: Intermission, Texas Blood Money, Sin City, All Pride No Pain, and The Champ is Coming.

Have you seen Upon A Burning Body? What are some of your favorite songs?

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