Miranda’s Must Reads

Written by Miranda

I never imagined my last day at WKNC would be working from my couch across the country from North Carolina. COVID-19 changed a lot about my senior year of undergraduate. Reflecting on all of this has me reminiscing about all the things I’ve created during my time and WKNC and what I’d most like for anyone who hasn’t seen my work to read. Hope you enjoy.

  1. Friday Favorites Series – I created the Friday Favorites series in order to openly share all the new music I’ve enjoyed each week. I love being able to listen to a years’ worth of music from the playlist I created while making these posts.
  2. Review of Scott Avett’s Exhibition at NCMA – This was my first post for WKNC and still one of my favorites. It was a great exhibit of a cool local artist and musician.
  3. Album Review: Which Way Is Forward? – A beautiful album that I only discovered through my job at WKNC. I still listen to this artist frequently even over a year later.
  4. COVID-19 and Musical Experiences – Something that really interested me was shared experiences in music when people are separated. Researching for this was fun and eye-opening.
  5. A Greater Understanding: Educational Resources Relating to #BlackLivesMatter – The ability to actively participate in important social movements is one of the best features of working at WKNC. These still-relevant resources helped me increase my understanding of the BLM movement and the systemic racism in our country that must be dismantled.
  6. Black Contributions to Music Series – Doing the research for these posts not only helped me appreciate how much the Black community has done for popular culture, but also how much of these accomplishments are glossed over by mainstream media.

Miranda’s Must Listens

Written by Miranda

Today is my last day of college and my last day working at WKNC. Writing that is intense. I’ve made so many great memories throughout the past few years and enjoyed almost every second of it. I’ve learned a lot about myself and changed in many ways. My music taste has evolved and grown especially during my time at WKNC. I decided to compile a playlist of the songs I probably could not have survived college without and the ones I think any person should hear at least once. If you’re not into reading lists, check out the Spotify playlist here. Hope you enjoy.

  1. Hello by Erykah Badu
  2. lovers’ carvings by Bibio
  3. Harold’s by Freddie Gibbs
  4. Dark & Handsome by Blood Orange
  5. Savannah by Flipturn
  6. Chicago (acoustic version) by Sufjan Stevens
  7. Golden Girls by Devendra Banhart
  8. Getting It On by SALES
  9. Cut Your Bangs by Radiator Hospital
  10. Fake I.D. by Joyce Manor
  11. East Harlem by Beirut
  12. Tessellate by alt-J
  13. Compromise. by Phony Ppl
  14. We Don’t Care by Kanye West
  15. Dry Bones by Alvin Band
  16. let’s relate by of Montreal
  17. Francis Forever by Mitski
  18. When Doves Cry by Sarah Jarosz
  19. Good Friday by CocoRosie
  20. Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second by STRFKR
  21. Easy Easy by King Krule
  22. Not In Love by Crystal Castles
  23. LEAVE ME ALONE by Amaarae

Band/Artist Profile

Phantogram Band Profile

Created by Miranda

Phantogram was formed in 2007 by long-time friends Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter. The two met in preschool and remained friends, eventually deciding to pursue record making. Originally the band was called Charlie Everywhere, but in 2009 Carter decided on “Phantogram” as the new band name. A phantogram is an optical illusion in which a two dimensional image appears three dimensions. Though this was not Carter’s intent, it perfectly reflects that the band contains only two members but sound much more powerful together than just two people.

Phantogram released their first album, “Eyelid Movies,” in Europe and Canada in 2009 and in the United States in 2010. The album was met with great reviews, and the band continued to release singles and collaborate with artists like Big Boi and the Flaming Lips. Phantogram’s most well-known track, “When I’m Small,” was featured in numerous television shows and advertisements, another single “K.Y.S.A” was featured in Grand Theft Auto V and “Lights” appeared in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Their most recent album is “Ceremony” (2020) and while it did not chart as highly as previous albums, it is an amazing album that everyone should listen to. Phantogram creates enigmatic electronic pop with gorgeous vocal styles.

I recommend Phantogram to anyone who likes indie, pop, or electronic. Some of my favorites include “Saturday“, “Fall In Love,” and “Glowing.”


Friday Favorites

Written by Miranda

Gravity (ft. Tyler, The Creator, DJ Dahi) – Brent Faiyaz

An anthem about the difficulties of love – who can’t relate to this song? This pairs a beat that sounds straight out of an Odd Future album with a catchy hook and adlibs and verse from Tyler, The Creator that will keep you coming back.

AIN’T GONNA STOP ME (ft. Monte Booker, Kenny Beats) – reggie

We can all use some positivity in these difficult times, and this is the perfect track to get you uplifted and remind you that you’re unstoppable.

UGUDBRU (ft. Sam Truth) – AG Club

Breaking down genre stereotypes and transforming their sound with every new release, AG Club has made another amazing track. Give it a listen and be sure to stick around for the beat change in the second half.

Karma & Friends – Cautious Clay

Cautious Clay’s new EP teases the great things to come from his upcoming debut album “Deadpan Love,” out June 25th. The new song features a great music video, too.

Listen to this week’s Friday Favorites, as well as my favorites from past weeks, on WKNC’s Spotify.

Blog New Album Review

Blush Album Review

Written by Miranda

My favorites: Sistine (Plucks), On Deck, Blush
Listen if you like: K-Lone, Emancipator, Little People, Yoshinori Hayashi

Facta, also known as Oscar Henson, is an East London electronic musician, recently releasing his first full-length project, “Blush.” The album is much like its art cover: naturalistic, abstract, and nature-oriented. Facta delves into the first track with a plucky, happy, beat and light piano notes complemented by a background of birds singing. “Sistine (Plucks)” seamlessly flows into the next track, “On Deck,” with effervescent Spring emotions brought onto the listener. Each track brings about a different mood, though all sound like a soundtrack to the listener’s life as they go about their day.

Apparently, Facta worked on this album outdoors while drinking coffee, and the resulting album is exactly what you would expect that to sound like. Generally simplistic, there is an air of grace and looseness that reminds me of wandering in a field of flowers, playing a children’s video game (especially in “Iso Stream”), or painting on the balcony during a sunny day. Playing with varying instruments and distinctive melodies gives the album an artistic experience not many instrumentalists can create. Facta breathes life into every track through drum beats, vibraphone, piano, and delicate background tones.


Friday Favorites

Written by Miranda

Kiss Me More (ft. SZA) – Doja Cat

I definitely couldn’t let this legendary new single fly under the radar. If it’s been on your “to listen” list, go check it out now. It’s just as good as you’re imagining a collaboration with the two best pop artists of 2021 would be.

Nobody But You (ft. Jorja Smith) – Sonder

A single-track collaboration between Sonder, a project between producers Atu and Dpat with vocals by Brent Faiyaz, and vocalist Jorja Smith. Beautiful and simplistic.

Balloon – Crumb

Soothing vocals with an ethereal synth and drum beat makes for something great on Crumb’s newest single release, along with the track “BNR.”

EYEZNOLIEZ (ft. Burial & Nosaj Thing) – Gooodnight

An endlessly upbeat instrumental collaboration between Gooodnight, Burial, and Nosaj Thing with some truly terrifying album art is exactly what I need to get my workout flowing.

Awake (ft. Mahalia) – Chiiild

A flirty track marking the third release of Chiiild’s single tracks so far this year.

Listen to this week’s Friday Favorites, as well as my favorites from past weeks, on WKNC’s Spotify.

Band/Artist Profile

Band Profile: CHAI

CHAI is one of the best Japanese girl groups. Two of the members, Mana and Kana, are twin sisters; the other members met the sisters during high school and became friends through their school’s light music performance club. After the girls graduated and went to college, they began performing throughout Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture and eventually moved to Tokyo to pursue the band. Since their formation they have released two albums, most recently “Punk.” They’ve also gained a more global following in recent years, and have toured the UK and US and signed onto labels in both the UK and US.

As Japanese musicians, the band has strived to go beyond the J-Pop genre and beyond the geographic boundaries of Japan. CHAI creates music that doesn’t perfectly fit within the pop mold. The women also focus a lot of their music towards empowering themselves and all women. They also take a new approach to “kawaii”, or “cute” culture: promoting that everyone is cute in their own way. CHAI is a wonderfully expressive and dynamic band that everyone should listen to. I recommend their most recent album, “Punk”, especially.



As a senior at NC State in my final months before graduation, I have been reflecting on everything I’ve done the past few years and the times that have been most special to me. WKNC has been a huge part of my life as a student. I hope that I can help encourage any student who’s looking to become a part of a group on campus to consider joining WKNC as a DJ or student worker.


Joining WKNC is a great way to make friends on campus. Especially if you are a younger or transfer student, being new on campus can be difficult. I have made many friends during my time at WKNC that I continue to keep up with and will still even after I graduate. Making connections at WKNC is easy and is a perfect way to broaden your community at NC State.


Whether you’re working as a DJ or a student worker, WKNC provides valuable working experience and important skills. As a content creator, I have honed my writing and graphic design skills, become better with deadlines, and have broadened my music tastes. If you love music, working at WKNC is perfect for you.


Being a DJ or worker at WKNC is perfect for students with busy schedules. DJs have flexible hours to choose from and WKNC workers can typically choose their schedules. The management at WKNC is extremely nice and flexible. Jamie and Laura have been so helpful for me from the start and are amazing to work with, and generally allow flexibility in scheduling and let students choose their hours.

Whether you’d like to work for WKNC, become a WKNC DJ, or simply enjoy WKNC’s radio channel and online content, you will not regret being a part of this great environment.


Friday Favorites (4/2)

Written by Miranda

Jealous (ft. Rico Nasty) [Acoustic] – Mahalia

The acoustic version of Mahalia’s new single perfectly mixes R&B with a Latin-influenced guitar riff. It’s reminiscent of Destiny’s Child with a modern twist.

Selfish (ft. Bas, Wyclef Jean) – PRICE

Get some inspiration to take some time for yourself with this new single, “Selfish,” that’s all about enjoying alone time and loving yourself.

Caught Up (ft. Phony Ppl) – VanJess

VanJess and Phony Ppl together bring a track filled with 90’s-style nostalgia, from the album cover to the song itself. Very groovy and a perfect listen if you’re in the mood to reminisce.

Sinking Feeling – Wavves

I’m still surprised by the new direction Wavves takes on this new single. It’s also their first new release in years.

Intruded (ft. Timbaland) – Justine Skye

A tumultuous love track that’s so catchy, you won’t be able to get it out of your head anytime soon. Skye’s voice is perfect with the addition of a Timbaland feature.

Listen to this week’s Friday Favorites, as well as my favorites from past weeks, on WKNC’s Spotify.


Don’t Sweat It

A rap workout playlist to get you moving.

Written by Miranda

Get motivated with the best high-energy rap songs of modern rap. Listen on Spotify now.

  1. By Yourself (ft. Jhené Aiko, Mustard) – Ty Dolla $ign
  2. Down Bad (ft. JID, Bas, J. Cole, EARTHGANG, Young Nudy) – Dreamville
  3. Post to Be (ft. Chris Brown, Jhené Aiko) – Omarion
  4. Truffle Butter (ft. Drake, Lil Wayne) – Nicki Minaj
  5. Throw Sum Mo (ft. Nicki Minaj, Young Thug) – Rae Sremmurd
  6. Trap Queen – Fetty Wap
  7. Classic Man (ft. Kendrick Lamar) – Jidenna
  8. My Way (ft. Monty) – Fetty Wap
  9. A** Drop – Wiz Khalifa
  10. 679 (ft. Remy Boyz) – Fetty Wap
  11. Back to the Streets (ft. Jhené Aiko) – Saweetie
  12. The Motto (ft. Lil Wayne) – Drake
  13. BIG BANK (ft. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj) – YG
  14. My S*** – A Boogie Wit da Hoodie
  15. Hot Girl Summer (ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Nicki Minaj) – Megan Thee Stallion
  16. King’s Dead (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake) – Jay Rock
  17. Play No Games (ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Chris Brown) – Big Sean
  18. The New Workout Plan – Kanye West
  19. Stir Fry – Migos
  20. Fight Night – Migos