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COVID-19 and Musical Experiences

The current situation revolving around the Coronavirus global pandemic has led to many societal changes including operational changes for school and work, recreation, and entertainment. This has, of course, translated into the world of music as well. With most states including North Carolina still under stay-at-home orders, musical experiences like concerts are obviously no longer possible. Many artists have used this time to find creative solutions to reach their fans, and music lovers across the world have found ways to continue sharing and enjoying music together, even while under self-quarantine. 

Concerts and Livestreams 

So many musicians and groups have hosted concerts through broadcasts. This time of uncertainty has bred so much creativity and expression, like the unlikely combination which led to Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert. Groups like 88Rising have hosted global livestreams with performers sharing a concert experience from their homes or studios. This is such a good way to bond with others. My friends and I hosted a Zoom viewing of the 88Rising livestream and watched it together. The best part of these online experiences is that they can not only be shared with friends, they are also free! There is so much more accessibility – anyone with internet access can join these online livestreams and see musicians they love performing. Definitely check your favorite artists’ pages for updates, as I have seen a lot attempting to reach their supporters in this way. 

Listening Parties 

Listening parties are a great way for fans to connect based on their shared love of an artist, or for friends to come together and talk about new releases or old favorites. Music is something that allows us to beautifully connect together even from across the world. I have attended a few listening parties since quarantine, and it’s amazing to share the experience of a first-time listen or discuss an old classic with strangers or friends. For example, I joined a listening party for Lorde’s album Melodrama with members of a music-related Facebook group I’m a part of. We were all able to join a Discord server and share an experience, reliving the album and having an emotional rollercoaster in the presence of others. I have also listened to a few new releases with groups of my friends using Zoom or FaceTime. I highly recommend seeking these types of opportunities if possible, and organizing them if you can. It is such a unique way to get connected to the people around you especially because we all need a little extra connection during quarantine. 

And More… 

There are other ways of having shared musical experiences. You can check out my blog post about Spotify’s new Listening Together feature, which is a great way to find new music curated by musicians you like. A lot of artists have released singles or small projects on their platforms in response to being stuck at home. I’m also curious to hear about any other ways you all are staying connected musically, so feel free to comment! 

– Miranda

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I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.