Miranda’s Must Reads

Written by Miranda

I never imagined my last day at WKNC would be working from my couch across the country from North Carolina. COVID-19 changed a lot about my senior year of undergraduate. Reflecting on all of this has me reminiscing about all the things I’ve created during my time and WKNC and what I’d most like for anyone who hasn’t seen my work to read. Hope you enjoy.

  1. Friday Favorites Series – I created the Friday Favorites series in order to openly share all the new music I’ve enjoyed each week. I love being able to listen to a years’ worth of music from the playlist I created while making these posts.
  2. Review of Scott Avett’s Exhibition at NCMA – This was my first post for WKNC and still one of my favorites. It was a great exhibit of a cool local artist and musician.
  3. Album Review: Which Way Is Forward? – A beautiful album that I only discovered through my job at WKNC. I still listen to this artist frequently even over a year later.
  4. COVID-19 and Musical Experiences – Something that really interested me was shared experiences in music when people are separated. Researching for this was fun and eye-opening.
  5. A Greater Understanding: Educational Resources Relating to #BlackLivesMatter – The ability to actively participate in important social movements is one of the best features of working at WKNC. These still-relevant resources helped me increase my understanding of the BLM movement and the systemic racism in our country that must be dismantled.
  6. Black Contributions to Music Series – Doing the research for these posts not only helped me appreciate how much the Black community has done for popular culture, but also how much of these accomplishments are glossed over by mainstream media.

By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.