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Blush Album Review

Written by Miranda

My favorites: Sistine (Plucks), On Deck, Blush
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Facta, also known as Oscar Henson, is an East London electronic musician, recently releasing his first full-length project, “Blush.” The album is much like its art cover: naturalistic, abstract, and nature-oriented. Facta delves into the first track with a plucky, happy, beat and light piano notes complemented by a background of birds singing. “Sistine (Plucks)” seamlessly flows into the next track, “On Deck,” with effervescent Spring emotions brought onto the listener. Each track brings about a different mood, though all sound like a soundtrack to the listener’s life as they go about their day.

Apparently, Facta worked on this album outdoors while drinking coffee, and the resulting album is exactly what you would expect that to sound like. Generally simplistic, there is an air of grace and looseness that reminds me of wandering in a field of flowers, playing a children’s video game (especially in “Iso Stream”), or painting on the balcony during a sunny day. Playing with varying instruments and distinctive melodies gives the album an artistic experience not many instrumentalists can create. Facta breathes life into every track through drum beats, vibraphone, piano, and delicate background tones.

By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.