cellar door’s recent obsession: 90s/00s hip hop

Here’s a playlist that you can play in a variety of settings. These songs are chill, lyrical, funky, jazzy, introspective and nostalgic. Rap deals with a lot of heavy subject matter and a lot of the songs below talks about serious stuff. While I love rap and I love to have fun while I listen to it, it’s important to recognize the black stories being told here. With that being said, I’ve provided a bunch of things to do while listening to each song for a maximized listening experience. 

Gangsta Bitches (ft. Da Brat & Trina) – Eve

  • Play this when you’re getting ready for a party or a date and you wanna feel badass.

Nas Is Like – Nas

  • Play this when you’re walking to and from class.

What They Do – The Roots

  • Play this while you look out of the window of a car riding passenger.

Blast – Reflection Eternal

  • Play this when your friends come over on Friday.

Verses from the Abstract – A Tribe Called Quest

  • Play this in the car at night and bob your head the whole way.

Mr. Me Too – Clipse

  • Play this while you’re cooking dinner it helps you concentrate.

Shook Ones, Pt. II – Mobb Deep

  • Play this when it’s raining out and you feel a little emo.

Tonz ‘O’ Gunz – Gang Starr

  • Play this to speed-walk to class.

Big Momma Thang – Lil’ Kim

  • Play this while you get ready with a bunch of your friends (no boys allowed sorry).

Superthug – N.O.R.E.

  • Another song to play in the car. Volume up.

When I B On Tha Mic – Rakim

  • Another amazing song to play on the walk to class. I also think it’s great in the shower.

Liquid Swords – GZA

  • Night driving song. Chill, but hardcore.

Beware – Big Pun

  • Angry? Play this.

Grindin’ – Clipse

  • If you wanna dance, this Neptunes beat will do it for you.

MHB’s – Quasimoto

  • If you wanna chill and laugh at a clever bar, listen to this.

Southern Hospitality – Ludacris

  • Another futuristic and funky Neptunes beat. Dance to this.

Hip 2 Da Game – Lord Finesse

  • This catchy chorus will have you hooked and bobbing your head.

Blow the Whistle – Too $hort

  • High speed chase with the police? Play this to get away with it.

Hate It Or Love It (ft. 50 Cent) – The Game

  • A catchy chorus and infectious beat. This is a summer song.

Song Cry – Jay Z

  • If you’re sad, Jay Z will rap you to sleep with this amazing sampled beat.

She’s A Bitch – Missy Elliot

  • Get you and your krump dance crew together for some new choreo with this one.

-cellar door xxx