Songs to fit the vibe


Music really hits differently based on your mood, so I’d talk about some songs to fit an uplifting vibe. I’ve made about a hundred different playlists for pick-me-up songs, from ‘Hype Music’ to ‘I love these songs with everything in me’. It’s like one of those youtube compilation videos you watch that have oddly specific titles but somehow fit your mood just right, anyhow without further or do here are some of my favorite pick-me-up tunes

  • Natural Supersoul by Superfood

    • If any song could make me feel like the coolest thing it would be this song, the vibe is so mellow it makes you kinda grove along, but the lyrics really always get me feelin like a Nat-ur-al Sup-er-soul

  • Younger by A Great Big World

    • Nothing quite like a throwback song to make you remember the good old times of childhood life

  • Hanna’s Theme by The Chemical Brothers

    • This song has no lyrics, it’s just really nice humming, call me crazy but I find this song so peaceful and relaxing I used to listen to it every night while falling asleep

  • One Day by Matisyahu

    • This song is just beautiful, and I think the message is really powerful

  • Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club

    • I’ve never made a good vibes playlist without this one, it’s a must to me, if you ever feel like things never workout this is the song to put on, because it’s a nice reminder that something good can work

What are some of your top good vibes songs?

– DJ Psyched