Friday Favorites

Hi everyone, it’s Miranda back again with my favorites from the past week! Hope everyone is managing to keep warm during the cold weather. 

Run – Joji 

I absolutely love Joji’s music and witnessing his evolution as an artist. This song is melancholy and perfect for the cold week we’ve been through. I’m a sucker for songs about lost loves and this one is no exception. It’s quite similar to melodies and content of his first album. Regardless, it’s a great song and the music video is well-made. I am definitely eagerly awaiting Joji’s sophomore album based on the singles he’s released so far. 

Hot Tub Time Machine – tobi lou 

Tobi Lou is consistently creating vibrant, interesting music which mixes the best parts of rap and anime beat-type music. His songs are truly unique and this one is no exception. As a recent release, it caught my attention because the vocals are distorted, use interesting adlibs, and a basic rap beat combined to create something different from most hip-hop/alternative artists. 

One and Only (ft. Ella Mai) – J Hus

British rap is an underrated genre and both J Hus and Ella Mai have such beautiful voices that this song feels completely natural. J Hus is an artist who constantly surprises fans by changing his style and flow with every song, this one is great because it kind of throws back to 90’s British rap, which I adore. Definitely listen. 

BUSSIT (with Ari Lennox) – Dreamville 

I absolutely love Dreamville and Ari Lennox, and together they made such a cool, sensual song. I love the gospel-style harmony Ari Lennox plays with in this track. It’s flirty and the beat is really calming, and I’m a sucker for any kind of love song. 

Stoned Again – King Krule 

This song just came out but I’ve already been listening to it on repeat. It’s a really interesting mix from King Krule’s newest album which is overall more complex and has more sound depth than some of his past music. I really enjoy the album in general, especially this track. 

Thanks for reading.

– Miranda 

By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.