New Album Review

Snippets: Gus Dapperton

Sporting broad-rim glasses and an ever-changing color scheme, Gus Dapperton forgoes convention to bring his audience a truly unique sound. Implicit in his music is the understanding that we all can sometimes struggle to “fit in” and that it’s ok to travel your own path.

Gus’ own path began completely self-produced. He released two EPs on his own (Yellow and Such and You Think You’re A Comic!) that both carry a bedroom-pop yet danceable feel. Gus seems to feel as though the feeling is the most important thing, as he’s gone on record to say that there is no specific interpretation of his lyrics. He works in metaphor and abstraction and states that each track he’s created is like a sounding board, where individuals can project their own meaning.

Check out these tracks:

Ditch (single)

I’m Just Snacking (Yellow and Such)

Miss Glum & The Pursuit of Falling (Yellow and Such)

Prune, You Talk Funny (You Think You’re A Comic!)

I Have Lost My Pearls (You Think You’re A Comic!)

World Class Cinema (Where Polly People Go to Read)

-Decent Icon