October Tunes

Another month is over and again some more real good music was released. This month I want to highlight three albums that I really enjoyed. In no particular order… 

Networker by Omni

Networker is the third full length album by the band and it’s sound is very classical older-school indie rock. The thing that really made this album stand out to me was the guitar and bass work, the riffs are incredibly ear catching and the vocals just match so well that it feels like it was made for the genre. I would recommend Sincerely Yours, Courtesy Call and Skeleton Key first. These anthems have been on repeat since I first heard them.

Friends by Future Crib

Another album that really caught my attention for its guitar work. I think this album is exactly what I think when I hear ‘indie’ and I absolutely love it. I feel like this music would be so nice to listen to live. There isn’t much more to say then you should start with Astronaut, Pocket and Alone.

Heavy Lifter by Hovvdy

I was instantly hooked when I first heard the song Mr. Lee. I am a sucker for catchy intros, and the higher pitched vocals really fit the vibe this song has. I feel like I could sit outside and listen during the day or chilling in my bed at 3am and it would hit so different but so right both times. It’s hard to describe the sound this album has but it’s very indie and kind of dreamy feeling to me. I would also recommend So Brite and Cathedral.

– DJ Psyched