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Artist to Watch: reggie

There is a special feeling to hearing a song that stops you directly in your tracks. I was simply scrolling through music on Youtube when I came across the track “I Don’t Wanna Feel No More.” by reggie. The harmonies and guitar at the beginning of the song were warm and nostalgic. Yet it was once reggie began singing, that this song rocked me to my core. I knew at that moment, that this artist was something special.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, reggie delivers soulful and beautifully crafted music that is hard to ignore. With three singles available on streaming platforms, I can with absolute faith tell you he is going to be a very successful artist. Each one of the tracks he has put out has been unique in its own way while still capturing the reggie’s style and sound. The even better part? Each song is phenomenal. And this is not even exaggerating. As previously mentioned, the song “I Don’t Wanna Feel No More” separated my mind from reality for nearly three and a half minutes where all I could do is feel. It made me think about memories of youth, hard times, and in many ways hit very close to home.

Yet it doesn’t stop there. reggie’s other two tracks, “Southside Fade,” and “AINT GON STOP ME,” are also incredibly high quality. “AINT GON STOP ME,” is his more recent release, and creates a positive feel with lyrics that build up determination. On top of this, reggie has consistently quality visuals to accompany his songs. I especially love how the beauty of Black people and Southern Black culture are highlighted in them as well.

In conclusion, I am very excited to see what reggie does next and am very confident that he will exceed expectations for his fans. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear his music yet, I highly recommend taking some time from today to check it out.


Underground Discoveries: 4 Songs to Add to Your Rotation Pt. 2

Zoom – Leikeli47 (2020)

If you need a pump-up song that is also catchy, this is the track for you. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Leikeli demonstrates her ability to create bounce and deliver hard-hitting bars on “Zoom.” Great for an energy boost throughout the day.

PITFALL – Bino Rideaux (2020)

A smooth track for another windows-down car ride on a sunny day. The outro track to LA rapper, Bino Rideaux’s, album “Outside” provides a mood booster for the day and is one of my personal favorites this year.

Nothin 2 Me  – Jazz Cartier ft. Cousin Stizz (2021)

Canadian rapper Jazz Cartier and Boston rapper Cousin Stizz team up to provide us a gritty and bounce-filled song. The flow that both artists carry on this track is especially note-worthy and worth listening to.

Lineman – 10kdunkin, Atl Smook (2020)

10kdunkin is part of a set of artists pioneering a powerful sound out of Atlanta, GA. The track “Lineman” is a song a great song for new listeners to hear his style and ease into his discography.

New Album Review

The Latest and Greatest: Joyce Wrice Album Review

Album: “Overgrown” by Joyce Wrice

Release Year: 2021

Label: Joyce Wrice Music

Rating: 8.5/10

Best Tracks: “Chandler,” “Falling in Love” and “On One”

FCC: 3, 6

If there was ever a way to bring the flavor of R&B from the early 2000’s to today’s realm of music, Joyce Wrice has the recipe. The Los Angeles artist recently dropped “Overgrown,” a journey through growth in love and searching for the perfect person. After a listen from top to bottom, this album is easily deserving of high remarks. The first track, “Chandler,” displays Joyce Wrice’s ability to share her feelings through her incredible vocals over smooth and bouncy beats. She does a great job of creating a feeling that allows the listener to escape from their reality and enter her world. In fact the first three songs are so good at this that I had to make them my favorites (even though the rest of the album is equally great).

The album also boasts features from other highly talented artists such as Lucky Daye, Freddie Gibbs, Westside Gunn, Kaytranada, and many others. Interludes throughout the album offer great transitions through the different emotions, themes, and aspects of relationships. Finally, one thing I greatly appreciated was the transition out at the end of the album. Joyce Wrice did an amazing job at bringing the listener in at the beginning of the album, and was consistent with ensuring the end was just as captivating. This made the album feel much like an experience I was sharing with the artist.

I highly recommend checking out “Overgrown” for anyone who is new to Joyce Wrice’s music. This album set a strong tone and I anticipate more amazing works from her in the future.


Underground Discoveries: 4 Songs to Add to Your Rotation

Hey Slim – Stro Elliot

A soulful single from musician and producer Stro Elliot that gives a late-evening drive feel. This song is a great listen for sunsets and warm skies. This song is also great for daydreamers who love a good instrumental.

Roaches Don’t Die – BbyMutha

The energy that is brought on this track packs a punch that made me stand up from my seat. Chattanooga, Tennessee artist, BbyMutha, will most definitely catch the attention of any new listener and is a great way to start her amazing album, “Muthaland.”

Sainte – Champagne Shots

Sainte brings his own personal touch from the U.K. to a track that will turns heads all over the world. This song is a wonderful soundtrack to a night in the city with some friends. The smooth basslines and dancing hats provide a feeling that can add a little bounce to your step.

Vet – Tony Shhnow

Tony Shhnow is bringing back a classic aspect of the trap sound with his own personal twist to it. Each of his songs are consistent and “Vet” is a perfect example of this sound. This song is great for a sunny day and getting active outside.

Classic Album Review

Classic Album Review: Sixtape

ALBUM: “Sixtape” by Bino Rideaux and Blxst


LABEL: Evgle/Out The Blue Records

RATING: 9/10

BEST TRACKS: “Bacc Home,” “Selfish” and “Savage”

FCC: Explicit Album

Imagine this scenario. You are driving down the street with your windows rolled down. The sun is out but a cool breeze creates the perfect temperature for outside. You cut the radio on and you are looking for an album that fits this feeling. Sixtape is the album that does just that.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Bino Rideaux and Blxst are two quickly emerging artists that are gaining a buzz for their alluring sound. Sixtape was an opportunity for these two seemingly different artists to come together and show how well their styles mix with ease. With all six songs from the project produced by Blxst himself, each song offers smooth rhodes chords coupled with hard hitting drums that create a euphoria similar to the first day of Summer. Stacked on top of this includes witty bars from Blxst and Bino’s butter smooth vocals and hooks. The album tempo even provides high energy and relaxing sonics that make it easy for someone in any mood to begin bobbing their head the moment the radio gets turned up.

This project can easily be considered a classic and is a great starting point for a listener who is trying to get more into either artists’ music. It certainly grows on you the more you listen and has definitely found its way into my daily soundtrack. A potential sequel has also been teased for fans who are watching these two artists grow to stardom. What is in store? We’ll have to stay tuned.