Underground Discoveries: 4 Songs to Add to Your Rotation Pt. 3

Never Lose You – Kalan.FrFr (2021)

California artist Kalan.FrFr is an influential and major part of the current sound on the west coast. In this song, Kalan describes his feelings for a special someone over a bouncy and melodic beat. This is a great track for a sunny and relaxed day.

Southside Fade – reggie (2020)

reggie has the wonderful ability to give listeners a taste of the musical culture in Houston, Texas. The song “Southside Fade” is perfect for a day on the porch with friends and a glass of lemonade.

Into the Sun  – Zilo (2019)

Hailing from London, Zilo gives us a groovy track to bop our heads to. With smooth guitars and bouncy drums, “Into the Sun” is a great track for a laid-back day. It is also a great song to be introduced into Zilo’s other great works.

Fight!!! – AG Club (2020)

AG Club is a music group from The Bay Area in California with a very versatile discography. The song “Fight!!!” is one of many sounds the group is great at crafting and provides a very heroic feel. This track is great for a pump-up or mood boost.