New Album Review

The Latest and Greatest: Joyce Wrice Album Review

Album: “Overgrown” by Joyce Wrice

Release Year: 2021

Label: Joyce Wrice Music

Rating: 8.5/10

Best Tracks: “Chandler,” “Falling in Love” and “On One”

FCC: 3, 6

If there was ever a way to bring the flavor of R&B from the early 2000’s to today’s realm of music, Joyce Wrice has the recipe. The Los Angeles artist recently dropped “Overgrown,” a journey through growth in love and searching for the perfect person. After a listen from top to bottom, this album is easily deserving of high remarks. The first track, “Chandler,” displays Joyce Wrice’s ability to share her feelings through her incredible vocals over smooth and bouncy beats. She does a great job of creating a feeling that allows the listener to escape from their reality and enter her world. In fact the first three songs are so good at this that I had to make them my favorites (even though the rest of the album is equally great).

The album also boasts features from other highly talented artists such as Lucky Daye, Freddie Gibbs, Westside Gunn, Kaytranada, and many others. Interludes throughout the album offer great transitions through the different emotions, themes, and aspects of relationships. Finally, one thing I greatly appreciated was the transition out at the end of the album. Joyce Wrice did an amazing job at bringing the listener in at the beginning of the album, and was consistent with ensuring the end was just as captivating. This made the album feel much like an experience I was sharing with the artist.

I highly recommend checking out “Overgrown” for anyone who is new to Joyce Wrice’s music. This album set a strong tone and I anticipate more amazing works from her in the future.