Underground Discoveries: 4 Songs to Add to Your Rotation

Hey Slim – Stro Elliot

A soulful single from musician and producer Stro Elliot that gives a late-evening drive feel. This song is a great listen for sunsets and warm skies. This song is also great for daydreamers who love a good instrumental.

Roaches Don’t Die – BbyMutha

The energy that is brought on this track packs a punch that made me stand up from my seat. Chattanooga, Tennessee artist, BbyMutha, will most definitely catch the attention of any new listener and is a great way to start her amazing album, “Muthaland.”

Sainte – Champagne Shots

Sainte brings his own personal touch from the U.K. to a track that will turns heads all over the world. This song is a wonderful soundtrack to a night in the city with some friends. The smooth basslines and dancing hats provide a feeling that can add a little bounce to your step.

Vet – Tony Shhnow

Tony Shhnow is bringing back a classic aspect of the trap sound with his own personal twist to it. Each of his songs are consistent and “Vet” is a perfect example of this sound. This song is great for a sunny day and getting active outside.