Classic Album Review

Classic Album Review: Sixtape

ALBUM: “Sixtape” by Bino Rideaux and Blxst


LABEL: Evgle/Out The Blue Records

RATING: 9/10

BEST TRACKS: “Bacc Home,” “Selfish” and “Savage”

FCC: Explicit Album

Imagine this scenario. You are driving down the street with your windows rolled down. The sun is out but a cool breeze creates the perfect temperature for outside. You cut the radio on and you are looking for an album that fits this feeling. Sixtape is the album that does just that.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Bino Rideaux and Blxst are two quickly emerging artists that are gaining a buzz for their alluring sound. Sixtape was an opportunity for these two seemingly different artists to come together and show how well their styles mix with ease. With all six songs from the project produced by Blxst himself, each song offers smooth rhodes chords coupled with hard hitting drums that create a euphoria similar to the first day of Summer. Stacked on top of this includes witty bars from Blxst and Bino’s butter smooth vocals and hooks. The album tempo even provides high energy and relaxing sonics that make it easy for someone in any mood to begin bobbing their head the moment the radio gets turned up.

This project can easily be considered a classic and is a great starting point for a listener who is trying to get more into either artists’ music. It certainly grows on you the more you listen and has definitely found its way into my daily soundtrack. A potential sequel has also been teased for fans who are watching these two artists grow to stardom. What is in store? We’ll have to stay tuned.