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EP Review: “Various Artists 2” by POSSESSION

A candid shot of two DJs serving as the cover for EP 5 of "V/A 2" by Possession.
One of five covers for Possession’s newest EP bundle release

The innovative French underground rave organizer turned record label Possession is back with their first release of 2022, headed by an all-star lineup of various veteran artists and newcomers alike in a bundle of five different EPs. “Various Artists 2” is the second installment of Possession’s “V/A” series that gives a platform for artists across the world to bring their sound of Techno to a wider audience. With the immediate success of “Various Artists 1” back in September 2020, this new bundle of five EPs is even more abrasive, fast, and fun, with tracks from personal favorite’s LSDXOXO, AnD, and Parfait, to rising artists Fractions, Somniac One, and TRANCEMAN2000.

EP1” sets the tone for the bundle with the first track “Posh & Scary” by Shlømo and Parfait. The thumping bassline coupled with rolling hi-hats and Parfait’s vocals comes together to produce a signature Possession-style track that you would hear at any party of their parties across Europe. TRANCEMAN2000 closes out “EP1” with “Lasserbie”, an early 2000s-esc trance track that sounds like it came straight out of an early DJ Tiësto set.

Anetha’s masterclass set from Possession’s most recent Boiler Room in London. Her track “Gedo Senki” is on “EP3” of “Various Artists 1” released in 2020.

EPs 2, 3, and 4 cuts between all styles of Techno, with tracks like “Disturbed” by Cassie Raptor and “7AM Burning” by AnD keeping the high BPM and heavy basslines but with more elaborate melodies and even an acid breakdown. On the lighter side is “Almost There” by UFO95 and “Dream” by Vizionn, more conventional sounding techno tracks that still, however, would get me to the dance floor at any club or rave.

EP5” closes out the bundle, featuring my two favorite tracks off of all the EPs, “Green Inferno” by LSDXOXO and “What Doesn’t Kill Me?” by Fractions. Before anyone asks, yes I will admit that I am an LSDXOXO fanboy, he made it into my top tracks of 2021 and I play any track off “Dedicated 2 Disrespect” in my sets whenever I can, but his track production is immaculate with catchy vocals and trance-inducing melodies. Fractions was a nice surprise on this EP, his track reflecting the solid production work with killer hi-hats and an overall mind-melting vibe.

Overall, this EP bundle has featured the best techno tracks of 2022 so far. I have not been playing much techno recently both on and off air because I have had trouble finding interesting tracks. This release is a much needed breath of fresh air and I look forward to playing many of the tracks in my upcoming sets.

Speaking of Possession, I was recently fortunate enough to see Parfait at a club in NYC, but I think that is a story for another blog…..

Stay dancin’,


Concert Preview

Function / Newa @ Basement

The dark dancefloor of Basement
Photo Credit: Paper Magazine

Over a year and a half later, Basement is back open.

Facing financial uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was unclear whether the newly established Basement would ever reopen their doors. Until this past August Basement made a total of 6 social media posts, most of which centered around fundraising and live streamed DJ sets with proceeds going towards the NYC club scene. However, on July 27 they posted a simple image onto their Instagram reading “WE ARE BACK” followed by a lineup for the month of August.

The August lineup was stacked with some of my favorite DJs including LSDXOXO, DJ Stingray 313, and DVS1. The monthly lineups have only gotten better and October is shaping up to be the best month yet. Opening the October lineup this Saturday is none other than Function and Newa. Function is a New York City native and has been a part of the techno scene for over 25 years. His move to Berlin in 2007 alongside the formation of the duo-turned cult classic label “Sandwell District” solidified his influence in the underground techno scene, producing various EPs and singles which Octopus Agents described as “decentralizing the artist ego, blurring the lines between the artist, label and DJ; rearranging the DNA of modern dance music.” Playing alongside Function will be Bassiani resident Newa. Newa started out as a DJ in 2012 in her hometown of Tbilisi, Georgia, quickly making a name for herself through her deep basslines and intense melodies. Since 2016 she has co-ran the diverse Icontrax imprint, presenting undiscovered local talent from the flourishing Georgian techno scene.

I am extremely excited to be attending this show, not only to see the artists but also to experience the venue. Basement is the only one of its kind in the US, and soon enough I will find out why.

Band/Artist Profile

Unmasked: How Locked Club is Redefining Techno and the Club Experience

This past week I was browsing YouTube like I usually do, watching cooking videos that make me hungry and then distracting myself with old Boiler Room sets. However, in the sidebar of one of these sets was a thumbnail that caught my attention, a pair of DJs under the alias “Locked Club” wearing chainmail coifs and ski masks with shirtless men dancing behind them. Little did I know that this video would put me on a deep dive into the emerging underground Russian techno scene that is shaping up to be one of the most interesting and unique in the world. 

Locked Club’s set from STVOL.TV on YouTube

What immediately struck me when watching this set was the overall sound and track selection. Locked Club are not constrained by the conventions of genre, playing everything from hard-hitting electro and punk-inspired techno to their own take on traditional Russian folk music off of their new EP “Sadism”. All the vocals are sampled from viral Russian social media videos and other Russian memes, unfortunately none of which I understand. This unconventionality brings a breath of fresh air and energy into the set, all of which is hilariously put on display in the last 10 minutes of the video with a mosh pit and essentially the destruction of the set. 

The next noticeable feature of this set is Locked Club’s appearance. Everyone including the main duo are dawning ski masks and chainmail, bulky jewelry, and a plethora of tattoos, most notably of their black ski mask logo. Doing some digging on their Instagram, I found many posts with people sharing the same tattoo. Two weekends ago they played a sold out show in Moscow’s Mutabor club, some highlights including a religious opening ceremony, more mosh pits, and someone getting a live tattoo of that same ski mask logo.

Cover for the "Sadism" single. A large group of half-naked men with tattoos in ski masks piling on top of each other
Cover for “Sadism” single

Locked Club is creating more than just music, they are creating a lifestyle, one that is nearly impossible to compare to in Western techno and club culture. Rather than writing it off as Russian cultural craziness, I think Locked Club is a glimpse into the potential future of techno and the clubbing experience. The days of 128-133bpm sets that have you shuffling your feet back and forth all night are seemingly dwindling as people, including myself, do not find it that interesting. The younger generation of club goers are searching for something truly unique and energizing that you can indulge in all night. While impossible to predict, Locked Club is in the right direction, and I am excited to see where the next couple of years brings them. 

If you enjoy the sound of Locked Club, I highly recommend you check out their new EP “Sadism” and their complete discography on their Bandcamp, as well as other artists on the Private Persons label.

Stay dancin’,


Band/Artist Profile New Album Review

“SYS03” by FJAAK (EP Review)

EP: “SYS03” by FJAAK



RATING: 8.5/10

BEST TRACKS: “Fabric” and “Blitz”

Berlin based duo FJAAK is back with their new EP “SYS03”, the third installment in the “SYS” series. It’s no secret that clubs all over the world have struggled to stay financially afloat amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing an opportunity to give back, FJAAK created the “SYS” series, a charity project where four club-titled tracks are released with all revenue generated going directly to the four clubs. The clubs featured in “SYS03” are London based Fabric, Munich based Blitz, Brussels based Fuse, and Cologne based Gewölbe. 

The idea behind the whole project makes each individual track and EP installment a unique listening experience. Before playing the opening track “Fabric”, I decided to search for a couple images of the dancefloor. Hearing the heavy and slightly reverberated bassline as the track played, I envisioned the bass vibrating and reverbing off the brick walls, the subtle melody kick-in drawing oohs and ahs from the crowd.  For a club that looks like a residential brick house, it perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere. I followed my same process for the second track “Blitz”. While maintaining the similar heavy bassline form “Fabric”, the melody is much more pronounced with vocal echoes and hi-hats alongside an almost euphoric synth breakdown. Located in a former museum hall with two dancefloors, two bars, and a vegetarian restaurant, Blitz is a world away from the underground basement setting of Fabric and FJAAK’s ability to portray this juxtaposition throughout the EP is why I gave “SYS03” an 8.5 out of 10.

I have proudly done my part in supporting these clubs and many others by purchasing all three installments, and I hope you will all do the same.