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New Music: The Magnolias

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The Magnolias are a band based in Chapel Hill/Mooresville composed of members Sam Gatlin, Bryton Shoffner, and Danny Knutelsky. They began writing and playing together as The Magnolias last year. With the help of UNC’s Grammy-nominated music production professor, Jason Richmond, the band was able to begin recording in a professional studio in late 2019; thus allowing them to put out their most recent tracks, on An Invitation

An Invitation features the songs Goodnight, I’m going to sleep and Blood in the Sink. The Magnolias show a clear talent in the multiple instruments they play. The melody of the songs is intricate and their sound is incredibly developed, especially for a band so new. I adore the lyricism in both of the singles, and especially enjoy the layered vocals in both songs. I definitely recommend giving this up-and-coming band a try, you won’t be disappointed. 

I was able to interview band member Sam Gatlin about the band and their recent releases, which are available on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms. Gatlin told me that some of the main sources of their music come from personal topics like depression and self-harm; and musical inspiration from artists like Moses Sumney and Jeff Buckley. The band is passionate about these recent additions to their discography and they are ready to make more. According to Gatlin, The Magnolias plan to release more singles in the upcoming months. 

The best way to find out about upcoming music and shows is their Instagram, @magnoliasband. 

– Miranda 

By Miranda

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