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Album Review: Miss Anthropocene by Grimes

My favorites: New Gods, You’ll miss me when I’m not around, IDORU

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Grimes’ most recent album, Miss Anthropocene was released a few days ago. Grimes is known for her ethereal electronic melodies and otherworldly vocals. This album is no exception, though there is a saturnine quality to the entire album; in complement with the themes of climate change and human destruction Grimes attempted to portray. The last track, IDORU contrasts with all of that – its lyricism is all based on love, and has a softer tone than the other tracks. Some of the other main themes of the album include depression, self-destruction, and the recent experiences Grimes has been through (such as her relationship, pregnancy, and focus on ethical issues). 

I have followed Grimes since I first gained an interest in synth-pop/electronic music in my teens. Her albums Visions and Geidi Primes are among my top favorites of all time. Although nothing will meet the novelty of Visions as an album truly unlike any other, Miss Anthropocene is a delicious complement to Art Angels. Her music is unparalleled by any other electronic or art-pop artist, and since her entrance into the music scene in 2007 has gained prominence and prosperity. Throughout the many years, she has Grimes has evolved alongside her music. Now 31, she is pregnant with the child of the billionaire Elon Musk and has gained much more of a celebrity status. Miss Anthropocene shows the growth of Grimes as an artist as well as a reflection on the changes within her life. Grimes shows a  motivation to break out of her previous more pop-influenced albums and pull from different influences and genres, like the influence of Korean music in We Appreciate Power and Bollywood in 4ÆM. I love to see the progression in sound reflected on this newest album. 

– Miranda

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