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In addition to Playlist 7, music is always available to stream from ReverbNation, including tracks from several North Carolina artists.


TOP 10: Red Collar

This Top 10 comes from Durham’s Red Collar.

Red Collar has had a fascinating year so far.  Its members decided to grasp their dreams by quitting  their great 9 to 5 jobs, cashing in retirement plans, holding yard sales and almost putting a home on the market in order to follow their dreams of touring. They document their journey on their blog.

Below are the lists of what each member is currently listening to. Red Collar said, “These lists of music reflect not only what we’re listening to now but bands we’ve played with over the past year.  There are local – now national – bands whose lead we admired and followed.  There are local – and soon to be national – bands who we love and trade war stories with.”

Beth: Bass/Vocals

1. Tom Waits – “Going Out West”
2. The Gaslight Anthem “The High and Lonesome Sound”
3. The Love Language – “Stars”
4. Des Ark – "Lord of the Rings and his Fascist Time Keepers”
5. Yo La Tengo – “I feel like going home”
6. Jawbox – “Savory”
7. K’Naan – “Dusty Foot Philosopher”
8. David Dondero – “the Real Tina Turner”
9. CCR – “Long as I Can See the Light”
10. Carole King “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”

Mike: Guitar/Vocals

1.  Megafaun – “Gather, Form and Fly”
2. Spoon – “Everything Hits at Once”
3. Joe Tex “Papa was Too”
4. Sonic Youth – “Teenage Riot”
5. Bon Iver – “Skinny Love”
6. American Aquarium – “Katherine Belle”
7. TV on the Radio – “Shout Me Out”
8. Spider Bags – “Teenage Eyes”
9. Hammer No More the Fingers – “Shutterbug”
10. Modest Mouse – “Broke”

Jason: Lead Vocals/Guitar

1. The Love Language – “Providence”
2. Hammer No More the Fingers – “Some Bad Ass New Song”
3. The Sandwiches –  “And Out Come the (Timber) Wolves”
4. American Aquarium – “Katherine Belle”
5. Dave Dondero – “The Real Tina Turner”
6. I Was Totally Destroying It – “Come Out, Come Out”
7. Look Mexico – “You’re Not Afraid of the Dark, Are You?”
8. Worn in Red – “When People Have Something to Say”
9. Tooth/Claw Split 10"
10. The Mountain Goats – “This Year”


1. The Pogues – “Bottle of Smoke”
2. Ben Nichols – “Last Pale Light in the West”
3. Guided By Voices – “A Good Flying Bird”
4. Modest Mouse – “Dashboard”
5. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Jack the Ripper”
6. Glenn Kotche – “Mobile, Pts. 1 & 2”
7. The Clash “Straight to Hell”
8. Townes Van Zandt – “Lungs”
9. Bela Fleck – “Matitu”
10. Wilco -“One Wing”

And also this video…

Tools, live at the Cats Cradle and the Duke Coffeehouse

Red Collar | MySpace Video[/myspace]

Make sure to check these guys out Saturday November 7 at the Troika Music Festival and November 22 at the Berkeley Cafe.

Top 10: The Beast

This week’s top 10 comes from local hip-hop group The Beast. They are mixing it up a little and giving us their top 10 albums, instead of tracks, they are currently listing to.

From Pierce, emcee

“Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part 2” by Raekwon

“Brazilian Girls” by Brazilian Girls

From Eric, piano

“Infernal Machines” by Darcy James Argue’s Secrety Society

“Bring Me The Workhorse” by My Brightest Diamond

From Stephen, drums

“Such Fun” by Annuals

“Wildnerness” by Josh Mease

From Pete, bass

“Funeral” by The Arcade Fire

“Voodoo” by D’angelo

From the band

“Double Booked” by Robert Glasper

“Leave it all Behind” by The Foreign Exchange

The Beast’s album release party at the Duke Coffeehouse on October 16. Kooley High, Carlitta Durand and Freebass 808 will also be performing. Doors open at 8 p.m. See you there!


Top 10: Schooner’s picks

Schooner band members Maria Albani and Reid Johnson have shared their top 10 track lists this week.

Maria Albani: Bass

1.De Cara a la Pared –  Lhasa

2. Scrap ing Past – Atlas Sound

3. Daily Routine  – Animal Collective

4. Leeora- The Sea and Cake

5. Operation- Deerhunter

6. I’m an Animal- Neko Case

7. When I Laugh- The Glands

8. San Cristobal de las Casas- The Swirlies

9. The Ghost of Old Bill Lee- Arthur & Yu

10. Poor Thing-Wes Phillips

Reid Johnson: Vocals & Guitar

1. Old fool- Magnetic Fields
2.  Brothers and Sisters- Wes Phillips

3. Can’t do Nothing Without You-  Danny White

4. Rainy Night Dub- Lee “Scratch” Perry
5. Clapping Yer Hands (ooh la Yeah)- Waumiss
6. She Cracked – The Modern Lovers

7. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down- Patsy Cline

8. I’m Not Saying- Nico
9. Star of Bethlehem Pt. 1&2- Loren Connors
10. All Set – Welcome

Make sure to check out Schooner on Saturday, November 7, for the night show at Duke Coffeehouse for the Troika Music Festival.

Schooner is also playing on October 30 on  N.C. State’s Harris Field. It’s free, so no excuses!

Top 10 tracks selected by Hammer No More the Fingers

This week we are lucky to have Hammer No More the Fingers sending us their list of what they are currently listening to!
1. CavernsRemasculator
2. Deleted ScenesThe City that Never Wakes Up

3. Pink FlagKing of Scene
4. Birds of AvalonI Never Knew
5. MegafaunThe Fade
6. Embarrassing FruitsDetails
7. DeerhoofSpirit Ditties of no Tone
8. The Bronzed ChorusUnderpass Sunrise
9. Johnny Action FigureYoung Rider
10. My Morning JacketWordless Chorus


    Top 10 tracks selected by Brian Corum of Lonnie Walker

    Brian Corum, front- man for everyone’s favorite Lonnie Walker, has graciously given us his top song list this week.

    Make sure to check out Lonnie Walker September 5 at Local Beer Local Band at Tir Na Nog with Americans in France and Anti Bubbles.

    “I couldn’t put any kind of order to this list so these are just 10 of my favorite jams right now,” Corum writes.

    1. Future Islands Pinnochio

    “I love these guys with my heart deepness. Their new songs keep getting better and better and Sam’s lyrics and his lyrical placements are something I look up to.”

    2. GirlsLust for Life
    “This song is ridiculously catchy and the first line is a guy singing, ‘oh I wish I had a boyfriend’ which I’ve caught myself singing out loud before and in turn have gotten some strange looks from people.”

    3. Fleetwood MacNot that Funny
    “It’s got this weird tone that comes in and out of the mix and I really like the snarl in Buckingham’s vocal delivery.”

    4. The RentalsSweetness and Tenderness
    “I hadn’t really listened to the Rentals much since high school, but I played the album Return of the Rentals the other day while driving and was over-flooded with sweet memories.”

    5. Americans in France Nose Job
    “I really like the snotty nose brat aesthetic that this band does so well – and they are local. I got the album Pretzelvania, and I think it’s great. We’re playing together on Sept. 5 at Tir Na Nog too, along with a new band called AntiBubbles. I’m real excited about this show!”

    6. Gillian Welch – By the Mark
    “The best song about Jesus Christ, ever. So pure, and her voice. I love her voice.”

    7. Talking Heads– Animals
    “Super paranoia – this song is pretty strange even for the Talking Heads. It’s filled with a bunch of jagged rants about how the animals are laughing at the human condition.”

    8. Angelo Badalamenti – The Straight Story Soundtrack
    The Straight Story is one of my favorite David Lynch films. It’s tame compared to a lot of his stuff, but you can still tell Lynch made it. The score fits so great, too.”

    9. Magnetic FieldsKiss Me Like You Mean It
    “The line, ‘come here baby and kiss me like you mean it,’ sounds like it should be an old Humphrey Bogart quote.”

    10. Cluster – Zum Wohl
    “The album Sowiesoso was playing at Schoolkids one day while I was looking around and I ended up buying it instead of everything else. It’s a super warm sounding electronic album, great to work to, and I thank Brad for talking me into buying it.”


    My top 10 tunes for summer road trippin’

    My Chevy Cavalier has truly made the rounds this summer. In the past month alone, I’ve been all over the state – to the mountains, the coast, and everywhere in between, as well as to visit friends in Virginia. You’d be surprised to hear how loud I can bump the bass in that little car. I’ve got a stack of mix CDs I’ve made to make time on the interstate pass by quickly, and of all the songs that have accompanied me on the roads, there are definitely some I will always identify as “summer 2009 road trip songs.”

    Here are my top ten:

    1. Telekinesis All Of A Sudden
      This song is catchy belong belief and perfect for summer!
    2. Kings of LeonTaper Jean Girl
      This song isn’t new or anything, but there’s this “uhhh huhhh” after the opening chords that gets me every time. I could listen to this one on repeat for a whole car trip, I’m pretty sure.
    3. BombadilSad Birthday
      Bombadil created a song with a super upbeat tempo and really depressing lyrics, and the outcome was a great success.
    4. Empire of the SunWalking On A Dream
      This song is for me what MGMT’s Kids was last summer – fantastic.
    5. The Love LanguageLalita
      My steering wheel becomes my drum set every time I hear this song.
    6. Lonnie WalkerPendulum’s Chest
      Bet you thought I was going to choose Summertime…well, I almost did. Am I cheating on this top 10 to say Lonnie Walker’s entire album, “These Times Old Times” is on my summer road trippin’ list?
    7. Bowerbirds – Beneath Your Tree
      I’m sure if Bowerbirds heard my rendition of this song in the car, they’d add me to the band. (That is a total lie, but I can dare to dream!)
    8. Thao With The Get Down Stay DownSwimming Pools
      No explanation necessary; this song is summer in music form.
    9. St. VincentActor Out of Work
      This song is more up-beat than I’m used to hearing from St. Vincent, which is one of the reasons it made this list. The lyrics make me laugh, because I know several people who I would describe as “actors out of work.”
    10. The Avett BrothersDie Die Die
      This just happens to be favorite Avetts song at the moment, and a good one to sing along to on I-40!

    Which songs would you add to the list? I’ve still got miles to cover before school starts, and I’ve always got room for more CDs in my car.


    Dance Dance Revolution playlist – Sunday, June 14

    Here’s my playlist from today. I hope you guys have enjoyed my show. Chuck will be back for his show next weekend.

    1. !!! – A New Name
    2. Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire
    3. Fujiya and Miyagi – Pterodactyls
    4. Chromeo – Bonafide Love (Tough Guys)
    5. Black Ghosts – I Want Nothing
    6. Does it Offend You, Yeah – Battle Royale
    7. LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous!
    8. The Faint – Get Seduced
    9. Junior Boys – The Equalizer
    10. The New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream (Comets Remix)
    11. The Rapture – The Devil
    12. The Services – House of Mirrors
    13. Muscles – Ice Cream
    14. Ghostland Observatory – Club Soda
    15. Goldfrapp – Ooh la La  (Tieschwarz Remix)
    16. Hot Chip – And I Was a Boy from School
    17. Vampire Weekend – Kids Don’t Stand a Chance (Chromeo Remix)
    18. Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows
    19. The Teenagers – Starlett Johanson (Rory Phillips Remix)
    20. The Ting Tings – We Walk
    21. Black Kids – Love Me Already
    22. Ratatat – Mirando
    23. Walter Meego – Wanna Be a Star
    24. Beck – Shake Shake Tambourine (Adrock Remix)
    25. Daft Punk – Revolution 909
    26. Data Rock – Fa-Fa-Fa
    27. Starfucker – Dance Face 2000
    28. Phoenix – 1901

    Top10: Bombadil

    This week a few members from Bombadil are sharing their lists of the tunes that inspire them.

    Bryan Rahija

    Stayin’ Alive – The Bee Gees
    Hymn 101 – Joe Pug
    I Can See the Light – Paleface
    Manteo – The Love Language
    Last Bastion of Worthlessness – Des_Ark
    Red Moon – The Walkmen
    Oh You Pretty Things – David Bowie
    Katoucha – Seydou Boro
    Cut Your Hair – Pavement

    James Phillips

    Get The Fever Out – Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers
    RoboCop- Kanye West
    Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes
    I Pray for You To Die – Schooner
    Clara Clairvoyant – Donovan
    Badlands – Bruce Springsteen
    Fireplace – Lost in the Trees
    It’s a Man’s World – James Brown
    The Sheriff – Wes Phillips
    Hello – Sam Quinn + The Japan Ten

    Fans should know that Bombadil has a new album,  Tarpits and Canyonlands, coming out July 17th!


    Americana Blues & Co. Playlist 5-30-09

    As I am out of town on vacation this weekend (and possibly the next two) all of the songs I played on today’s show will not appear in the normal Playlist so I feel obligated to list the tracks here for all of my fantastic listeners.  Also, if there are tracks you want to hear on next week’s show feel free to pop me an email request at!  I will be sure to get any tunes I can just for you and give you a shout out along the way.  Thanks for listening this morning and be sure to tune in next week from 10am-Noon as well!

    Emmylou Harris: In Rodanthe
    The Duhks: Ships High In Transit
    Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez: Sweet Tequila Blues
    Soggy Bottom Boys: Man Of Constant Sorrow
    Old Crow Medicine Show: Cocaine Habit
    Flatlanders: Im Gonna Strangle You Shorty
    Carolina Chocolate Drops: Dona Got A Ramblin Mind
    Lauren Pritchard: Way Down In North Carolina
    Nanci Griffith: Lookin For The Time
    Codetalkers: Beggin
    Carrie Rodriguez: Infinite Night
    Eliza Lynn: Honey Suckle
    The Waybacks: Nice To Be Alone
    Josh Ritter: Harrisburg
    Robin Ella: Down The Mountain
    Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir: Dark Holler

    Donna The Buffalo: Way Back When
    Ry Cooder: Suitcase In My Hand
    Seth Walker: Miss Ann
    Norah Jones: Crazy (Patsy Cline Cover)
    Jill Barber: When I’m Making Love To You
    Neko Case: Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
    Taj Mahal: Statesboro Blues
    BB King: The Thrill Is Gone (Roy Hawkins Cover)
    Mad Tea Party: Polly Put The Kettle On
    Cave Singers: Dancing On Our Graves
    Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, & Lester Flatts: Pick Along
    Calexico: Corona
    Jolie Holland: Old Fashion Morphine
    Holy Ghost Tent Revival: The End To…