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WKNC Named Finalist for Multiple National Awards

WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1/HD-2 has earned three nominations in College Broadcasters, Inc.’s National Student Production Awards, which were announced Aug. 22.

Rosie Rose, who graduated in August 2022 with a degree in communication media, is a finalist for Best DJ. Rose hosted “The Riot Hours” as Rainbow Riot. Rose was previously honored in the DJ personality category of the College Media Association Film and Audio Festival, earning first place in 2021 and second place in 2022.

Rose Kelley, a third-year student studying political science and the station’s content manager, is a finalist for Best Podcast for the “Lincoln and Liberty Too!” episode of the U.S. political history podcast “In the West Wing.” The episode explores the chaotic presidential election of 1860 in which Republican Abraham Lincoln defeated Southern Democrat John C. Breckinridge, Democrat Stephen A. Douglas and Constitutional Union candidate John Bell.

The third nomination is for Video Promo for Katie Quesinberry, a third-year student studying chemical engineering who worked as one of WKNC’s video content creators. The “WKNC Presents Double Barrel Benefit 19” promo was filmed using stop-monition animation, a package of cut-out stars from Target and a Scrabble tile set.

Winners will be announced at College Broadcasters, Inc.’s National Student Electronic Media Convention in Orlando on Oct. 21.

WKNC is also a finalist in the video/audio category of College Media Association’s Pinnacle awards, announced Sept. 6.

Carter Norfleet, a third-year student studying English-creative writing and one of WKNC’s video content creators, is a finalist for Best Short (sub-3 minute) Video for Entertainment, for “A Day with Art.” All finalists are in the Division I category for schools with an undergraduate enrollment of 10,000 or more.

KONDE Brown, a fourth-year student studying communication and the station’s 2022-2023 production manager, is a finalist for Best Audio Promo/PSA with Maddy Moore, a fourth-year student in textile technology. The promo is for Moore’s “The Doghouse” DJ shift, which currently airs Fridays at 11 a.m. on WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1.

The third Pinnacle nomination is for Best Audio Talk/Entertainment Program for the “On Island.” episode of “On Black.” The program, which airs every other Saturday at 11 a.m. on WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1 and is available as a podcast, is hosted by Alexis Grant, a third-year student studying material science engineering, Jeanine Ikekhua, a fourth-year student studying communication and international studies, and Hamsata Mazou, a third-year student studying business administration. In the “On Island” episode the hosts discuss how they would structure their own island, including who would be allowed in and what rules would be established.

WKNC was previously named a finalist for best radio station by College Media Association in this year’s Pinnacle awards.

Student newspaper Technician was also named a finalist for best editorial in the reporting category, for the Oct. 22 editorial “NC State’s lack of transparency surrounding campus tragedies harms us all.”

Winners will be announced at the College Media Association’s National College Media Convention in Atlanta on Oct. 31.

Along with the National Student Production Awards and Pinnacle Awards, NC State is a finalist for at least one award in the College Media Business and Advertising Managers annual contest. While no specifics were given, the award(s) will be presented Oct. 14 at the organization’s annual convention in Minneapolis.

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Underground Charts 9/26/23

Underground Charts

3DJ UNKNOWNPrisoners Of GravityUrbnet
4FLY ANAKINSkinemaxxx (Side B)Lex
6TOMMY RICHMANThe Rush [EP]Pulse/Concord
7MOKA ONLYIn And Of ItselfUrbnet
8K-RIZOne Way TicketBirthday Cake
9MCKINLEY DIXONBeloved! Paradise! Jazz!?City Slang
10EARL HONDOSouthernplayalistic [EP]Self-Released

Underground Adds

1K-RIZOne Way TicketBirthday Cake
2KIPP STONE66689 BLVDClosed Sessions
3ILLA JNo TrafficBBE
4MOKA ONLYIn And Of Itself (Instrumentals)Urbnet
5AESOP ROCK“Mindful Solutionism” [Single]Rhymesayers
7THE STRANGERSThe StrangersCo-Sign
Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 9/26/23

Chainsaw Charts

1CRYPTOPSYAs Gomorrah BurnsNuclear Blast
2RINGWORMSeeing Through FireNuclear Blast
3XORCIST“Coterie Of The Depraved” [Single]Prosthetic
4CREAKDepth PerceptionProsthetic
5TILL THE DIRTOutside The SprialNuclear Blast
6ENTIERROThe Gates Of HellSelf-Released
7OWDWYR“Lagos” [Single]Self-Released
8ASTRALBORNEAcross The AeonsProsthetic
9SUBSUN“Doomsday Clock” [Single]Self-Released
10TERROR GARDEN“The Party’s Over” [Single]Self-Released

Chainsaw Adds

1OUTERGODSThe Kingdom Built Upon The Wreckage Of HeavenProsthetic
2WAYFARER“To Enter My House Justified” [Single]Century Media
3VITRIOLIC RESPONSEThe Dissidents/Vitriolic Response [EP]Self-Released
4BARONESSStoneAbraxan Hymns
Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 9/26/23

Afterhours Charts

1GALACTIC HOLEPiracies MenuSelf-Released
4TRSHCKDBLEve’s DelightSelf-Released
6APOLLO BITRATEyou in amethyst spheresRetrac
8THE BOBFATHERDance Into The RevolutionX3: CIA Galaxy Raid OperationsSelf-Released
10BLANK BANSHEE4DSelf-Released

Afterhours Charts

1TRSHCKDBLEve’s DelightSelf-Released
Concert Review

Sunny Day Real Estate Concert Review

Out  of all the days of Hopscotch, Day Three was shaping up to be my personal favorite. As a huge emo fan, I couldn’t believe that I was about to see one of my favorite emo bands of all time, Sunny Day Real Estate.

Sunny Day, for those who aren’t in the know, is one of the 90’s premier midwest emo – post hardcore – indie rock acts, and they’re absolutely incredible. Records such as “Diary”, “The Rising Tide”, “LP2”, and my personal favorite, “How To Be Something On”, have been etched into my subconscious, an inevitable result of years and years of enjoyment.

I was ready to see this band I loved so dearly, fully prepared to be shouting the lyrics of every song you know and love dearly right at the faces of the band. As I walked down to Moore Square, only one thing soured me – the dour weather. 

The grey skies loomed over the stage, and I was worried. Would the band I was so ecstatic to see delay, or even worse, cancel their set over this inclement weather? Luckily, as the band took the stage amid a slight drizzle, my fears were assuaged. Come rain or shine, they would play.

Eventually, the light drizzle developed into a full blown downpour, but I didn’t mind one bit. The band, to my surprise, chose not to open with a track from their most popular album, “Diary”, but instead chose to open with the opening track from “How To Be Something On”, which made me beyond overjoyed. The fact that raindrops were constantly obscuring my vision meant nothing to me, as I was in the throes of geeking out over the songs they played, like “48” and “Song About an Angel”.

The apex point for me, however, was in the middle of the set. The downpour was now almost like a monsoon, and every inch of my body was soaked. However, every part of me wasn’t focused on this, and was focused on the music. When the band announced that they were to play my favorite song of theirs, and one of my favorite emo songs of all time, “Guitar and Video Games”, I jumped up and down in pure joy. Nothing could take this moment away from me.

This year’s Hopscotch was my first large-scale outdoor concert experience, and I think it was probably one of the best experiences I could have had. Even though these types of concerts are exposed, and as such vulnerable to the elements, it really doesn’t matter at all when you get to see bands you love so much live. This was just one show out of a myriad of many, but it’s safe to say it was my favorite of the three days.

– Written By DJ Fives

Blog Music Education

Short Dip into Japanese Hardcore Punk

Okay, hello, hi. How are we doin’? I’ve been doing a little digging around in my free time this past week to find some cool bands and sounds for my future DJ sets here at WKNC, and I stumbled upon a little bit of treasure for myself. 

I’ve taken a dive into the Japanese Hardcore punk scene. With a little bit of background research “sponsored” by Google translate, Wikipedia and Discogs, we can explore some of the limited (on my end) originations of this genre and see some of the directions it has spread until today’s time.

History Time:

Wikipedia says Japanese Hardcore started in the 1980’s to protest social reforms that were occuring at the time in Japan. With these musical protests came what is regarded as the first band on the Japanese Hardcore scene: SS.

Unfortunately, SS does not have any of their music released onto streaming services like Spotify or Bandcamp, but you can take a listen to this YouTube recording to get a taste of their sound. They have a similar style to renowned punk bands like Bad Brains and Black Flag’s earlier vibes.

SS’s sound was a perfect platform for the explosion of noises that have taken off from this point on in Japan. 

Recent Times:

One of my favorite websites I like to use for exploring genres is Every Noise at Once (shoutout to the previous GM of WKNC for teaching me about it). I was able to find tons of new, classic and stale sounds from Japanese Hardcore music here.

One of the drawbacks is that it only lists artists and bands that can be found on Spotify, so I had to do a little more research through Bandcamp (great article covering neat bands from this genre) and YouTube to discover the unique sounds that I knew were out there. 

Here a few of my favorites and links to their work:

Sicilian Blood – I loved their flashy play style, the quick vocals, rapid-fire drums and the noise level. They’ve got a mix of English curse words and Japanese lyrics, so anyone listening can have a fun time thrashing.

Sekiri – This band’s name translated to English is “dysentery”; they’re an all female group who formed in 1983 and disbanded in 1995 by 14 to 15 year olds according to Discogs. Who has more punk spirit than the youth? Sekiri’s got mellow, husky vocals, loud drums and a quiet but efficient guitar. I love listening to their track “4649, but I’m excited to explore their limited discography in depth. 

One more band I got for y’all is THE CONTINENTAL KIDS. I’ve really only listened to a few of their tracks (because I haven’t been able to find more of their content) and it’s got the energy that I was looking for. In “BANZAI ATTACK” the band unleashes a barrage of noise with some classic metal influenced guitar riffs, throaty and evil vocals and some fast paced drums which add to the nostalgic feel THE CONTINENTAL KIDS produces. 


I really enjoyed perusing this genre of music and I can’t wait to create a future set out of the artists and bands I’ve taken a liking to. I hope some of this has been informative or even an interesting perspective on this genre. There’s tons more of these sounds and variations out there.

As a treat, if you made it this far, here’s a cool “Holy Diver” cover of Dio’s legendary track.

Music Education

What is Ska? A Genre Field Guide

When I finally sat down to watch the 2023 Universal Pictures film “Renfield,” I did so with an open mind.

It may not be surprising, but I tend to be the kind of person who takes films too seriously.

I think the fact that I refer to movies as “films” is evidence enough that I need to spend more time outdoors and less time analyzing the microexpressions of dewy-eyed male actors.

So going into “Renfield,” I tried to manage my expectations. I’d already heard that the film wasn’t anything groundbreaking — I mean, how could it be? — but that it was, at face value, an extremely fun watch.

And it was.

The shlocky cartoon violence and Mortal Kombat-style body horror was beautifully camp when paired with the MCR-sad-kitten-guyliner realness of Nicholas Hoult.

But what I couldn’t have possibly prepared myself for was the integration of ska — a genre I barely understood — into the film’s plotline.

So, What’s Ska?

Ska’s origins can be traced back to the 1950s in Jamaica, born of an early form of American-inspired rhythm and blues.

Jamaica’s first indigenous urban pop style, ska developed from the “shuffling rhythm” of American blues singer Rosco Gordon and different aspects of Caribbean folk music.

Due to Jamaica’s largely orally-transferred musical history, the identity of the so-called “author” of the ska genre remains contested.

Photo by Juan Di Nella on Unsplash

However, Jamaican guitarist and composer Ernest Ranglin is often named as the “godfather of ska” and a major player in the development of reggae.

The Skatalites

Following Jamaica’s 1962 indepencence from British rule, ska enjoyed a sort of renaissance.

Photo by Bill Fairs on Unsplash

Don Drummond, Roland Alphonso, Dizzy Johnny Moore, Tommy McCook, Lester Sterling, Jackie Mittoo, Lloyd Brevette, Jah Jerry and Lloyd Knibbs joined together to become the Skatalites in 1963, strengthening the foundation of the genre by making several seminal recordings for leading producers and offering support to prominent singers.

Among these individuals, Don Drummond distinguished himself as a prominent pioneer of the genre until his confinement in 1966.

What Does it Sound Like?

Unlike other genres, ska’s sound comes from very specific characteristics.

Ska music typically has a fast tempo, a 4/4 timescale, prominent horns and strongly accented offbeat guitar chords (also known as a “skank”).

Photo by Ana Grave on Unsplash

Typical ska bands feature guitars, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and vocals with melodic tradeoffs between singers and the horn section.

As ska developed further as a genre and pervaded into the musical conciousnesses of other worldly regions, it underwent several “waves” and branched off into fusion genres, such as ska punk.

Final Thoughts

Though often the subject of comedic derision (and normal derision), ska is a deeply influential and important genre, especially in relation to the punk subculture.

However, its influence remains largely obfuscated in discourse. While this article specifically offers a (very brief) overview of the ska genre’s origins and aspects of its style, I encourage anyone interested to delve deeper into the complex relationship between ska and its ethos and the punk rock subculture.

Understanding the intersectionality of these two spheres (which, perhaps, are not as distinct from one another as one may think) adds important context to the racial, social and cultural dynamics that shape, and have shaped, music subculture as we understand it today.

Additional Reading

  • Kauppila, Paul. “‘FROM MEMPHIS TO KINGSTON’: AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE ORIGIN OF JAMAICAN SKA.” Social and Economic Studies, vol. 55, no. 1/2, 2006, pp. 75–91. JSTOR, Accessed 22 Sept. 2023.
  • Hutton, Clinton, and Garth White. “The Social and Aesthetic Roots and Identity Of Ska.” Caribbean Quarterly, vol. 53, no. 4, 2007, pp. 81–95. JSTOR, Accessed 22 Sept. 2023.
Local Music

NC Hardcore Delights – Mutant Strain and Scarecrow

Today it will be my pleasure to introduce and talk about a few North Carolina native hardcore bands. We’ll be exploring debilitating sounds from Mutant Strain and Scarecrow.

These two bands have very few or only one EP/ LP released into the wilds of internet land that I could get my hands on. So, without any experience from seeing them live and in action, I’ll be judging their sounds from headphones that only play music out of one side. 

Mutant Strain:

Ah, my hometown heroes, Mutant Strain. These guys hail from my neck of the woods, Charlotte, NC, and they offer up some grisly, sharp sounds. Mutant Strain has one EP on which they’ve released their tracks in sets of three. 

This self-titled EP was released on November 13th, 2020 under Sorry State Records, a Raleigh based recording company.

My favorite set of tracks is “Pt. 2 The Evil Hand” with “Gross” and “Hogtied” being the two songs that stand out the most to me. They flow into each other seamlessly, while bringing a really cool harsh sound to our ears as we delight in the headbanging and thrash-indicing noises.It really makes me want to punch a wall and hug someone with ferocious steroid bear strength all at once. 

Mutant Strain released a full length album just last month called, “Murder of Crows”. I still haven’t listened to the full thing, but of the tracks I’ve heard, “Carolinian Jawbreaker” is my favorite. It’s got the face-smashing, nose-breaking drums and sick, throaty and evil vocals, which combine and form unparalleled pleasantries in my head. 


This Raleigh, NC based has released two EPs and a demo tape on the recording label, Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes, which is also based in Raleigh. We love local musicians. Scarecrow’s first release was in 2018 with their demo and their most recent release is called “Crisis EP”, released in 2022. 

Scarecrow’s band members consist of Daniel Lupton, Jeff Young and Usman Khan. All of these guys are part of other bands too, so their experiences come filtering in to make some crazy good, fast punk.

To describe their sound you’re going to need to imagine a combination of high voltage electricity and bricks slamming down on your body all at once. Take a listen to “Rationalization” from their “Crisis EP” released last year. It opens with static-y guitar and then drums and guitar jolt through your ears with jumpy vocals to make me feel on edge and antsy. It’s primal emotions spewing forth from raw emotion and great lyrics.

Wrapped Up:

Both of these bands will be playing at a Sorry State Records 10th anniversary concert on the weekend of October 20 in Raleigh (of course). Luckily the tickets seem mighty affordable and the multiple other bands will produce some glorious tunes to mosh, headbang, scream and enjoy.


Dreamcore: An Ethereal Wave Playlist

What is Ethereal Wave?

Ethereal wave is best understood as “dark fairy music.”

A subgenre of darkwave, ethereal wave is characterized by an atmospheric arrangement of guitar, synths and typically female vocals.

“Atmosphere” means something very specific here; the vibe of ethereal wave is dreamy and psychic like the ash-tinged smoke rippling from the burning end of an incense stick.

The Playlist

  • “In the Presence of the Frost” – Virgine Dramatica
  • “In Dreaming” – Diva Destruction
  • “Green Velvet” – The Shroud

The Shroud projects a paganistic interpretation of the ethereal wave genre.

Calling to mind images of Ophelia, The Shroud embodies the concept of the darkly beautiful feminine.

  • “For A Day” – This Ascension
  • “Drown” – Strange Boutique
  • “Invisible” – Switchblade Symphony

Switchblade Symphony is an iconic band that blends gothic rock with classical music.

Tinged with a cigarette-smoke grunginess, Switchblade Symphony exist as pioneers of female voices in a largely male-centric space.

  • “how it came to be this way” – Autumn
  • “Witches” – Faith & Disease
  • “Alle In Asche” – Mephisto Walz
“The First Release” by Mephisto Walz
  • “The Unshakable Demon” – Autumn’s Grey Solace
  • “City Moon” – Love Spirals Downwards
  • “Hitherto” – Cocteau Twins

Cocteau Twins is a classic ethereal wave band, probably among the first names to come up in association with the genre.

I feel like, for this reason, it’s integral that they be included in this playlist. However, in the name of exploring perhaps lesser-known artists, I’ve relegated them to the latter half of this playlist.

  • “Naturally Cruel” – Mors Syphilitica
  • “Slide” – Cranes
  • “Bare” – Lycia

Lycia demonstrates a multiplicity of styles within the realm of darkwave, electronic rock and ethereal wave.

I first encountered the band through their cold, echoing track “Failure,” which, while not ethereal in the genre-related sense, is unequivocally impactful.

“Bare” illustrates another side of Lycia’s sound, taking their abilities to another level.

Final Thoughts

Ethereal wave is a beautiful genre.

The kind of music best enjoyed on gloomy autumnal evenings, the genre’s lack of mainstream acclaim only serves to hide the massive breadth of artistry within.

For individuals who may not enjoy traditional darkwave, ethereal wave is a great way to break into the genre.

Weekly Charts

Top Charts 9/19/23

Top Charts

212 RODSIf We Stayed AliveAmerican Dreams/Husky Pants
3MAN ON MANProvincetownPolyvinyl
4MCKINLEY DIXONBeloved! Paradise! Jazz!?City Slang
5MY SISTER MAURASo LongMy Brother Marco
6WEDNESDAYRat Saw GodDead Oceans/Secretly Group
7ALTERNATE LIFE FORCEA.L.F. – The Initial Transmissions [EP]Self-Released
8HOME IS WHEREthe whalerWax Bodega
10MOKA ONLYIn And Of ItselfUrbnet
11RATBOYSThe WindowTopshelf
12SLY5THAVE AND JSWISSSomebody’s Gotta Do ItTru Thoughts
13YVES TUMORPraise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds)Warp
14ALLEGRA KRIEGERI Keep My Feet On The Fragile PlaneDouble Double Whammy
15BEN FOLDSWhat Matters MostNew West
16BLACK MILKEverybody Good?Mass Appeal
18KARA JACKSONWhy Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?September
19MAUVEYBefore The Album 2: A Brief Overview604
21MOURAINEIn Search Of GoldBirthday Cake
22PARDONERPeace Loving PeopleBar/None
23PARIS TEXASMid AirParis Texas/The Orchard
24PARTY DOZENThe Real WorkTemporary Residence Limited
26SQUIDO MonolithWarp
27SUDAN ARCHIVES“Selfish Soul” (ODESZA Remix) [Single]Stones Throw/Foreign Family Collective/Ninja Tune
28WAX TAILORFishing For AccidentsLab’oratoire
29YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YESSupertinyinfinitedansReally Rad
30ARIESMARICAEverything After The Debut Is Gay [EP]Self-Released

Top Adds

1RATBOYSThe WindowTopshelf
3DAIISTARGood TimeFuzz Club
4HOT FREAKSHot Freaks ForeverDiamond City
5ANGEL DUSTBrand New SoulPop Wig
6HAILS, THEWhat’s Your MotiveONErpm
7CITIZEN“When I Let You Down” [Single]Run For Cover
8SNAIL MAIL“Easy Thing” [Single]Matador
9CHERRY GLAZERR“Sugar” [Single]Secretly Canadian
10UCHE YARA“www she hot” [Single]Goldendays FM