Five Songs for October

The long-awaited fall season has officially arrived.

As we enter October we enter into a new state of mind, pacing of schoolwork and new music. To celebrate the arrival of the season, I have compiles five new releases that fit the refreshing, crisp atmosphere of fall beautifully.

I find my music feed fills with folk and folk adjacent genres when fall arrives. The five songs I have selected are primarily folk, with a dabble of indie rock and indie folk

“A Lifetime to Find” by Trampled by Turtles

Trampled by Turtles have continued to make a name for themselves in the folk and bluegrass world with each and every release. They have been releases a series of singles throughout the past months, and this track happened to come out Sept. 30.

This track simply has just a pleasant sound. It is clear in discography that these guys are extremely talented on the strings, it’s nice to hear them slow down their complex musical lines and really make the vocals thrive.

There are few things more fitting for fall then a refreshing folk release; I hope you all enjoy their new releases as much as I do.

“Nullify” by MILLY

Milly is an excellent indie rock duo who just released their second album of 2022, “Eternal Ring” Sept 30.

The entire album is just a nice solid indie rock album for the season. This track in particularly stuck out to me due to the revolving theme of routine.

Especially for college students, around this time it is easy to feel like classes and daily routines are our entire life– it’s important to break this routine state of mind every once in a while to reflect on and do the things you love. This song highlights exactly that.

“Me and My Shadow” by The Ghost of Paul Revere

I discovered The Ghost of Paul Revere while hunting down songs for my radio show, Saloon Tunes, last semester. If you are looking for a solid folk and bluegrass band, this is the one for you.

I quickly fell in love with their unity. These gentlemen harmonize beautiful together. It is easy to hear how much they enjoy making music together.

They released a new album, “Goodbye”, Sept. 2. It is by far their most moody collection of songs. I think this album has some really excellent highlights, but it felt a little disheveled compared to their previous releases.

The richness of the vocals in this track is incredible, I honestly wish the background backed off more to let the vocals shine.

Nevertheless, I felt this band fit the fall energy quite well. Fall is often a time of reflection, and this song really embodies self reflection and growth.

“francis” by Origami Angel

I was very excited to see new releases from Origami Angel. Origami Angel is an emo-rock duo from Washington, DC.

They released not one, but two sets of singles Sept. 30. This one is off their more relaxed indie rock set, “re: turn”. Their juxtaposing set, “DEPART” is three screamo tracks. Expect a seperate blog reviewing “DEPART” in the near future.

This track is such a nice change of pace for Origami Angel, who historically have been tapping into emo and emo-adjencent genres. Lead vocalist, Ryland Heagy, transforms his voice into such a gentle sound. The sound he achieves here is very reminiscent of the early releases of Turnover.

The evolution that is embodied within this track and their newest singles truly fits the transformation of fall.

“Hell Time One” by Brittle Brian

I have only recently started listening to Brittle Brian, who just released their first album, “Biodiesel” Sept. 15 of this year.

Her voice is simply enchanting in this track. I selected this one due to it’s melecony undertone and decomposing composition that is very reminiscent of the season. As the song processes it seems to dissolve into a free flowing structure, the vocals fading into the building backtrack.

Her voice really reminded me of one of my favorite singers, Adrianne Lenker. Fans of Big Thief and Adrianne will certainly enjoy this upcoming solo female artist.

By Michelangelo

I'm also a DJ at WKNC and co-host Saloon Tunes every Friday morning 8 to 10am!