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Seven October Shows in the Triangle

October is in full swing and there are tons of shows going on in the Triangle this month. October is one of the best months to go to a concert, the weather is perfect for it. The best way to celebrate fall is to get out into your community and go to see a show.

The triangle is lucky to see some awesome artists this month from Watchhouse at the North Carolina Museum of Art to Panchiko at Cat’s Cradle. I personally am looking forward to the Mother Mother show at The Ritz later in the month and hope to see some of you there as well.

Here are seven shows in the triangle worth checking out:

  1. Caroline Rose – Sunday, October 9 @ 8 p.m. – Cat’s Cradle
    • Opener: Tōth
  2. Mother Mother – Tuesday, October 18 @ 7 p.m. – The Ritz
    • Opener: Vundabar and Transviolet
  3. Hippo Campus – Friday, October 21 @ 7 p.m. – The Ritz
    • Opener: CHAI
  4. Panchiko – Sunday, October 23 @ 8 p.m. – Cat’s Cradle
    • Opener: Computerwife
  5. Whitney – Tuesday, October 25 @ 7 p.m. – Cat’s Cradle
    • Opener: twen
  6. Watchhouse – Friday, October 28 @ 8 p.m. – North Carolina Museum of Art
    • Opener: Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves
  7. MICHELLE – Monday, October 31 @ 8 p.m. – Motorco Music Hall

If you want to go see a show but can’t decide who to see from this list, here are some recommendations. Whitney is a great artist to see live, speaking from personal experience. They have a calm, nice energy that really matches their music and makes for a great show. If you want to go to a cool, outdoor venue to enjoy the autumn weather, you could go see Watchhouse (previously known as Mandolin Orange) at the NCMA.

Even if it’s not a traditional fall activity, I always try to get out and go see a show during the fall season. There are some great concerts in the triangle this month at some amazing venues. If you have the time, I would definitely go check them out.

By Hüttemeister

Howdy, I'm Hüttemeister. I write blogs and co-host a country, bluegrass, and folk show on Friday mornings from 8 a.m.-10 a.m. called Saloon Tunes.