Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 9/6

1ORTHODOXLearning To DissolveCentury Media
2GOD AWFUL TRUTH, THEThe God Awful Truth/Under The Pier Split [EP]Darktrail
3UNDER THE PIERThe God Awful Truth/Under The Pier Split [EP]Darktrail
4ALGEBRA“Kleptomaniac” [Single]Unspeakable Axe
5MISCREANCE“Incubo” [Single]Unspeakable Axe
6PHOBOPHILIC“Survive In Obscurity” [Single]Blood Harvest
7FRAGMENTUM“Quirigua Successors” [Single]Zoorka
8SUBLATIONThe Path to BedlamSelf-Released
9ROTOrganicTo Live A Lie
10SCARS OF ATROPHYNations Divide [EP]Self-Released

Heavy Adds

1SILURIANEnd of Ordovicia [EP]Ordovician
3LANGUISH“Comply or Die” [Single]Prosthetic
4BLACKBRAIDBlackbraid ISelf-Released
5VENTED“The End Game” [Single]Self-Released