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Lorde is Back and Happier Than Ever

The day that Lorde fans have been waiting for has finally arrived: new Lorde music. After nearly four years without any new music, and with her general absence from the internet, Lorde fans have been aching for any hint of a return. There was even a ruckus when she rebooted her onion rings review Instagram account.

There have been stirrings on the internet for a while that she might come back this summer, and the other day when the album cover was posted by Jack Antonoff (her producer and long-time collaborator) on Instagram, fans knew her return was imminent. With the title “Solar Power,” and Lorde’s connection to nature (see: her trip to Antarctica), there was an assumption that the song would come out on June 21st, the day of the summer solstice.

On Thursday, June 11th there began to be rumors that the song was coming out that day at 6pm EST. This caused a panic, and there were even a few short minutes where the song was available to stream on Amazon Music, Tidal and Apple Music multiple hours before the supposed release. The song was quickly removed, but leaks spread like wildfire because of this error.

With backing vocals from Claire Cottrill (better known as Clairo) and Phoebe Bridgers, Lorde has branched out in a lot of ways. The track is mellow and happy, distinguishing itself from her past work, which is often introspective and moody.

The music video feels a lot like Mamma Mia: full of feminine energy, carefree happiness and a general aura of light and love. I know I’ve said the pressure of having a “song of the summer” can be an overwhelming premise, but this genuinely feels like the pop song of the summer.

In an email to her mailing list, she told fans that “Solar Power” was also the name of the album. She described the upcoming album as a “celebration of the natural world.” She also said that fans should “look to the natural calendar for clues” about when she might drop her album. Immediately, fans began looking up when the next solar and lunar events were, scrambling to figure out when it may come.

If we know one thing, it’s that this Lorde era is going to be unlike anything she’s ever done before. 

By Caitlin

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