New Moon Mix

The new moon is a time to reflect and set intentions for the month to come. This month I found so many new artists and it was an amazing time for new releases. I hope to continue to listen to great new music, but also go back and revisit old favorite artists and find new bangers. 

I made a mix of new releases to refresh your queue. There are some older songs sprinkled in to ground you, but I included a bunch of June releases (including new Lorde that just dropped) to kick start this new moon. 

The New Moon Mix

To highlight just a few on the playlist…

Paprika – Japanese Breakfast

JBrekkies’ new album “Jubilee” has been on my radar for a while with the singles “Be Sweet” and “Posing in Bondage”. The whole album is amazing but “Paprika” might be my favorite right now. Frontwoman Michelle’s vocals shine on this track. The big band instrumental lifts the entire song. This is something I will be listening to for the rest of the summer.

Moon – Bachelor (Jay Som and Palehound)

The brainchild of Jay Som and Palehound AKA Bachelor might be the best musical project to come out of 2021. Their album “Doomin’ Sun” is full of hits, with punk and garage influences. “Moon” is grungy with delicate vocals. This soft rock hit is a great driving song.

Hocus Pocus – Summer Salt

This new single from surf rock legends Summer Salt is giving me witchy energy. I love how tranquil the track is with heavenly vocals and chill guitar. “Hocus Pocus” is a perfect track to calm your mind. I’m looking forward to their whole album, “Sequoia Moon”. 

I hope your new moon is fulfilling and your queue never runs dry. 

Blessed Be, 

DJ lil witch