Songs of the Summer

Every year, a bunch of artists come out of the woodwork claiming they have “the song of the summer.” This is an overwhelming premise to me, as I just love so much music, so here are my songs (plural) of the summer. Many of these are not current, but it’s never too late to fall in love with a song, no matter how old it is. Without further ado, here are some summer tunes for you.

“Folding Chair” – Regina Spektor

A feel-good song about self-love, and the beach. With Spektor’s melodic and soft voice singing these sincere lyrics, you can’t help but smile.

Favorite Lyric: “I’ve got a perfect body, though sometimes I forget / I’ve got a perfect body ’cause my eyelashes catch my sweat”

“Stop Making This Hurt” – Bleachers

An almost overly-grandiose Bleachers song with melancholic lyrics released right as summers starting? Sign me up.

Favorite Lyric: “But if we take the sadness out of Saturday night / I wonder what we’ll be left with, anything worth the fight?”

“You Don’t Do Laundry” – Dev Lemons and Stevie Powers

A song with lyrics detailing complaints of someone unaware of their own wealth and privilege, it’s also just insanely catchy.

Favorite Lyric: “Just so you know, no matter how rich I get (How rich I get) / I’d never talk to a dog the way you talk to your private chef”

“Goodbye Earl” – The Chicks

A country classic that I believe is the older sister to newer vengeful country songs like “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood and “no body, no crime” by Taylor Swift.

Favorite Lyric: “Well the weeks went by and / Spring turned to summer / And summer faded into fall”

“So Alright, Cool, Whatever” – The Happy Fits

An unapologetic love song (only bashful in the title), this is a track you can’t help but sing along to.

Favorite Lyric: “I wanna be dancing, dreaming, bawling and weeping / Over you all of my life”

“I Am Sunshine” – The Magic Gang

A somewhat kitschy but inevitably happy listening experience, The Magic Gang delivers a bright and happy track that made its way directly onto my summer playlist.

Favorite Lyric: “I am sunshine / In the August / Looking forward to the future”

As always, I’ve compiled these tunes into a playlist just for you. I’ll also give you my more extensive summer playlist, which I’ll be updating through August.

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By Caitlin

Howdy, I'm Caitlin and I'm a senior in Communication Media. My favorite genres of music are pop and indie-rock, though I dabble in most genres. Hope you enjoy my content!