New Album Review

Smerz- “Believer”

ALBUM: “Believer” by Smerz


LABEL: XL Recordings

RATING: 10/10

BEST TRACKS: “I don’t talk that much,” “Flashing” and “The favourite”


The new Smerz album, “Believer,” dropped this February and with it came many music videos! This is very exciting and made me want to switch things up from our typical album review format. The videos perfectly visualize the album and truly expand the listening (and now viewing) experience. So, why just stick to reviewing the songs, when I could rate my favorites in order?

With that being said, here are my favorite music videos from the “Believer” album (from least favorite to favorite). Enjoy 🙂 

“Hva hvis”  

Technically, this belongs to the “I don’t talk that much” video, but it feels very separate to me. It’s so calm and serene. I wish I was there right about now. 


This video is very ethereal and reminds me of a childhood fairytale. It’s very classical and very beautiful. I especially love the emphasis on nature that seems to continue throughout the entire album’s videos. 

“Grand Piano”

I LOVE this video. It perfectly encompasses their Copenhagen background and style. It’s simple and very natural, just a bunch of people running around in the grass and their sweet little white puppy dog chasing them around aimlessly. I love it.

“I don’t talk that much”

This is my favorite song on the album. It’s so fast and I love how they juxtaposed this with the classical dancing and all white dress. Catharina Stoltenberg wears the same white dress in the Believer video, so there’s some continuity here too. This was super close to being my number 1 and I’m still torn!!

“Flashing”  (WARNING- There are flashing lights in this video)

Number 1 on my list! “Flashing” is so fun. The entire video is set in the driver’s seat of a car as Henriette Motzfeldt, one of the two in the duo that is Smerz, sits and sings. There are so many cool, small details such as the light from the cigarette she smokes when the light flashes to dark. I also love, love, love this song so much. 

I hope you check out the album and its videos and enjoy as much as I did.