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Album Review: “TURN OFF THE LIGHT” by Kim Petras




RATING: 9/10

BEST TRACKS: “Wrong Turn,” “Death by Sex” and “Tell Me It’s A Nightmare,” “Close Your Eyes”


Although this album came out almost exactly a year ago, I felt like it was perfect to review this month. Kim Petras’ Halloween album, “TURN OFF THE LIGHT” is one of my absolute favorites. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so when Kim dropped a continuation of “TURN OFF THE LIGHT VOL. 1,” I simply could not stop listening to it all of October and even more throughout the year :p

This year, I’ve found myself listening to it again. It’s so spooky and fun and perfectly narrates all of October, especially now that there are fewer Halloween festivities 🙁 Every song on the 17-song long album is soooo good. “Death By Sex”… just WOW. This song is spooky and sexy and just really makes you want to dance. It reminds me a lot of the typical Kim Petras sound we’re used to. The driving beat almost reminds me of “Icy” from her album “Clarity” but with a Halloween twist. “TRANSylvania” reminds me a bit of Daft Punk with its bass and spooky and electronic sound effects.

I was hoping there would be a volume 3 this year, but unfortunately it looks like there might not be (I’m guessing due to COVID-19) 🙁 BUT, we still have VOL. 1 and 2 to listen to this October and November and December and all the months 🙂

Hope you listen and enjoy as much as I do–



New Album Review

EP Review: “Made in Heaven” Cecile Believe

Best Tracks: Living My Life Over, Pick Up The Phone, 7PM, Already Come

FCC Clean 

Cecile Believe dropped the 9 song-long EP, “Made in Heaven,” this May as her debut EP under the name “Cecile Believe.” Caila Thompson-Hannant– AKA Cecile Believe– previously released music under the name Mozart’s Sister, where she released 2 full length albums “Field of Love” and “Being” both with a strong dance-pop sound. “Made in Heaven” is SO different from Mozart’s Sister’s previous work. 

“Made in Heaven” has a much deeper, more morose and sophisticated production and sound. There are clear dream pop and PC music influences, but also something kind of slow and haunted. Her vocals and sound remind me a bit of Hannah Diamond and Caroline Polachek. Both her and Caroline share the wide range of vocals and both love to showcase their talent in their songs. Cecile Believe definitely does that here. The song “Made in Heaven” reminds me a lot of Caroline’s “Ocean of Tears” with their vocals and similar driving synth and beat.  

The EP ranges from all different genres and sounds. “Living My Life Over,” “Pick up the Phone,” and “7PM” ~all my favorites :-)~ have a strong dance pop beat along with Cecile’s ethereal vocals. On the other hand, the EP features BEAUTIFUL instrumentals like “Yellowjacket” and “7PM (Accretion Disk Edit)” that sound almost like ASMR and remind me a bit of SOPHIE’s bubble popping sounds. The last song on the EP, “Already Come” is completely acoustic, really showcasing her vocals along with her beautiful and simple lyrics. 

Overall, I’m really excited to see what’s coming next for Cecile Believe. Her newest remix to TOPS’ “Colder and Closer” is one of my favorites right now and also something I’d recommend. I hope there’s more to come soon and that maybe we’ll see a Caroline Polachek x Cecile Believe collab somewhere in the future ~fingers crossed~ !!!

Hope you guys listen and enjoy,


Gab <3

New Album Review

EP Review: “Devotion”- Planet 1999

Best Tracks: Spell, Party, Replay, Devotion 

FCC Clean 

I first found Planet 1999 on Caroline Polachek’s “IF U PLZ” Spotify playlist (also highly recommend this) with their single “Spell” in 2019. Planet 1999 is the first band to sign with PC Music and is often known for their ‘90s dream-pop sound. You may have also heard of them through Charli XCX– the band co-wrote and co-produced “February 2017” on album “Charli” with artists Yaeji and Clairo. This year, they finally came out with a full EP of their own- “Devotion.” 

“Devotion” is seven songs long and goes between melancholy and shoegaze-y songs like “Spell” and “Haze,” to upbeat, party songs like “Party” and “Replay.” This EP is SO pretty. The ethereal vocals and tonality remind me a lot of the Cocteau Twins, with their difficult-to-understand lyrics and ‘90s shoegaze sound. You can’t help but hum along and pretend you know the words :p

This EP is clearly very different from the typical Hannah Diamond, A. G. Cook, Charli XCX sound that PC Music is known for. It’s a lot more indie and dream-pop. I love this EP and am very curious to see more of the clear changes happening within PC Music. Even A.G. Cook just put out acoustic songs on his new 49 song album “7G”– who would have thought! Some of my personal favorites from the EP are “Spell,” “Party,” “Replay,” and “Devotion.” 

I highly recommend you check out the EP as well as their new singles– one of my favorites being “This Is For Me [baby blue] – Planet 1999 remix.” 



New Album Review

Album Review: All the Time- Jessy Lanza

Best Tracks: All the Time, Alexander, Badly, Like Fire 

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If you’re a big fan of Jessy Lanza like I am, you’ve been anticipating her newest and 3rd full length album, All the Time, since she dropped her newest singles- “Lick in Heaven,” “Face,” and “Anyone Around” around the beginning of quarantine. Before the singles dropped, Canadian “clup-pop” artist, Jessy Lanza hadn’t put out an album since 2016’s Oh no

I first fell in love with Jessy Lanza’s sound with her first album- Pull My Hair Back. Songs like “Giddy” and “F*** Diamond” got me hooked with her etherial voice and siren-esque synth. Similarly, her second album, Oh no, became one of my favorites. Songs like “VV Violence” and “Never Enough” are reminiscent of the 80s with similarities to Janet Jackson- which I love. As well as a techno and club influence with songs like “It means I love you.” All the Time, Oh no, and Pull My Hair Back are similar yet very different– All the Time feels a lot more pop and electro-pop. 

The album is so cohesive in its consistency of sound throughout each song. Songs like “Face,” “Badly,” and “Like Fire” are very PC music, whilst still contributing her repetitive and ethereal vocals. They make you want to dance!!! Her lyrics are short and sweet- repeating phrases like “would you rather be lonely” and “over and over” on songs “Alexander” and “Over and Over.” Songs like “Baby Love” and “Over and Over” are slower, more drawn out and remind me a lot of Pull My Hair Back and even Robyn’s- “Baby Forgive Me.”

If it isn’t clear enough that I love this album, let it be known that I accidentally sent my therapist a text meant for a friend telling her to listen. Turns out my therapist listened anyways and loved it too :p I’ve also been playing the album a lot on my balcony and have gotten sweet responses from my neighbors- some even telling me to “turn it up.” SO, it really is a universally good album. 

If you’re in the mood for a fun, summer to fall album- I highly recommend. Tell your friends, neighbors, & even your therapist if you have one 😉