The Victorious Soundtrack: A Hidden Gem

Everyone born in Gen Z remembers and loves Victorious which aired on Nickelodeon between 2010 and 2013. This show was a favorite of mine and all of my friends during middle school, and I remember it fondly. The show has complex characters and some great scenes, but most notably the soundtrack is sung by the cast and many of the songs are total bops. It’s unsurprising that these actors make great songs, as many of them got their start young on Broadway, and actresses like Ariana Grande who performed on Victorious are now well-known for their musical talent. 

1. Take A Hint 

This is the best song hands down. Not only are the vocals amazing and memorable, the scene itself is really empowering as two of the female characters shut down two annoying guys that are hitting on them. This song pops into my mind constantly and it’s definitely worth a listen if you want to reminisce about the show. 

2. It’s Not Christmas Without You 

I love a good holiday song and this is no exception! The scene itself has some of the cutest costumes and narrative of all the episodes, and the song itself is great to put you into a Christmas mood. 

3. Best Friend’s Brother 

10/10 always a bop. I definitely can’t relate to the subject matter, but despite that I think Victoria Justice did a great job with this one and the background vocals are also amazing. The music video is cute as well. 

4. Give It Up 

I love the vocals by Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande, so this R&B style song from the main soundtrack is also one of my favorites. The harmony between the two girls is beautiful throughout. 

5. I Want You Back 

A classic cover song with talented vocalists can’t go wrong. I love the energy the cast brings to this track. Though Victoria Justice dominates the track, we get snippets of vocals from members of all of the cast. 

I love listening to all of these songs when I feel nostalgic for this period of my life, and it’s always entertaining to listen to these amazing straight up bops. Let me know your favorite songs from the show, and if you agree with my ranking. Hope you enjoyed. 

– Miranda  

By Miranda

I am a senior in Political Science at NC State and lover of R&B, rap, international, and electronic.