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JEOPARDY: But Make it Metal

What’s going on Butcher Crew? It’s ya girl, The Saw, and I have a very fun game for us to play! I never liked Jeopardy because I could never get the questions right for the answer that was given. But, this one I WILL be successful at, not only because I am formulating the questions and answers, but because it is about metal!!

Let me first explain how the game will be played:

·      First, I will make a statement and your response will be something along the lines of “Who is _______?”  

·      Second, the correct answers will not be listed below (because I know y’all will be looking for an answer key. The Saw knows all of your moves, because I am, in fact, The Master Butcher. Hehehe). Next week, I will give out the answers to the questions in another blog post.

Let the games begin!!

1.    This band, is originally from Buffalo, New York, but moved to Tampa, Florida to be enveloped in the emerging Death Metal scene.

2.    This band (could it be said) is the RUSH of death metal? (Hint: RUSH is a three-man band).

3.    This band influenced The Saw’s DJ name. (This is easy, if you get this wrong… well… I am disappointed).

4.    This Canadian Death Metal band won a Juno (equivalent to the U.S. Grammy) for best album of the year in the “heavy metal” category in 2015.

5.    This legendary guitarist lost the tips of two fingers in a factory accident.

6.    This band, played one of their final shows at the Carolina Rebellion in 2017.

7.     This band, told you to “Steal This Album!”

8.    This band, created a publicity stunt for their upcoming record back in 2014, where they made it appear that their lead singer was kidnapped and held hostage.

9.    After the death of their original singer, this band got a new singer and released a self-titled album which was not popular amongst fans.

10. This band’s original name was Naked Toddler before they changed it to the name that they currently have now.

How do you think you did on these questions? Would you want more Jeopardy questions?

Stay Metal,