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Album Review: Goodbye, Nowhere! by Double Grave

Goodbye, Nowhere! album art

This week in WKNC we received a new album by Double Grave called Goodbye, Nowhere! As their first full album since 2017, you can really tell how their time away has allowed for the band to grow into themselves and find the perfect melodies to emulate the feeling that this album gives. Starting off with the first song, Out Here sets the scene for the album as it leads us in with a background of soft wind chimes and sparse guitar riffs. It paints a picture that matches the album art, giving the listener the feeling of being stuck in a place called nowhere. 

Following the intro, The Farm starts a momentum that carries a pretty steady pace through the first half of the album. The flow is broken only momentarily by the song Actor. However, it is made up for by the emotion in Jeremy Warden’s voice when he reminisces on his past life choices and how, as the song progresses, he realizes everything would still be the same in the end. The second half of Goodbye, Nowhere! takes a more introspective turn when Warden says that if you can’t run from your problems, cover them up, or make them disappear, then “learn how to love.” 

My only criticism of this album is that Double Grave is still in that middle ground of finding their own, unique sound. However, Goodbye, Nowhere! is a progression of Double Grave finding their feet, slowly making their way out of that grave of ubiquitous, empty feeling, almost-emo rock. 

As a whole, the album gives a mixed feeling of leaving things behind yet continuing to love after you leave. As Warden said on the song The Farm, you can “walk a thousand miles,” but “take care of the ones you love.” 

Favorite Songs: 
The Farm 

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