Friday Favorites 8/14/20

Happy Friday Everyone! As many of us are adjusting to a new schedule, whether it be classes, work or both, I hope you all are finding time to do things you enjoy. For me, that means music! This is a playlist  of songs I’ve had in heavy rotation recently that I think others will enjoy too. What follows is a short rundown of the tracks in the playlist:

  1. “PB Jam” by Tkay Maidza: one of my favorites off of her new release, Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2. I love the mood the funk bass and g-funk whistle create on this track. If you like this song, check out my review of the album!

  2. “Agüita” by Gabriel Garzón Montano: GGM is a man who wears many hats. However, “Agüita” is his first time wearing the hat known as hip-hop. With a relentless flow, this one is catchy even if you don’t speak Spanish. Check out my review of his 2014 release, Bishouné: Alma del Huila!

  3. “The City” by Jockstrap: This is one that you really have to experience for yourself. It begins as a heartfelt ballad backed by only a piano. Halfway into the song, however, things get… should I say… chaotic. Stuart Holmes on Youtube aptly describes it as “Regina Spektor meets Aphex Twin.”

  4. “Rollin’ (feat. Society of Soul)” by Dungeon Family: I would be hard pressed to recall the last time I heard a funk/hip hop song in 6/8 time. If one of the vocalists on this track sounds familiar, it’s because of Dungeon’s Family’s ties to Outkast.

  5. “Oh Shit!” by Black Haus: Greensboro’s Black Haus describe themselves as “Four unapologetic black men making music together in a time when bands are dead.” This attitude is on full display on “Oh Shit!”, which is a two-minute flash of blistering punk fury.

  6. “Green and Gold” by Takuya Kuroda: Ya like jazz? On this track, Japanese trumpeter Takuya Kuroda builds a solid foundation on a simple motif. From there, he lets his instrument do the talking.

  7. “Mirage” by Chris Keys, Quelle Chris, Earl Sweatshirt, Denmark Vessey, Merrill Garbus and Big Sen: This one is a posse cut for the abstract hip hop fan, complete with a lofi piano loop and emotional group vocals. If bittersweet is your thing, you’ll love this one.

  8. “Really Love – Live from Spotify NYC” by D’Angelo and the Vanguard: This is a live extended version of one of my favorite songs on Black Messiah. It features extra soloing on the Spanish guitar, check it out!

  9. “walking in the snow” by Run the Jewels: Killer Mike and El-P team up for some scathing commentary on the state of America in 2020, touching on topics of police brutality and the school to prison pipeline.

– DJ Mango